American Idol Spoilers: Where Are the Top 31 Contestants From?

We’re always curious where the American Idol contestants are from each year. Where a person is from often determines a lot about their personality and their musical style. Plus, when it comes to the American Idol 2014 live voting rounds, a person’s geographic origin can have some influence on how many votes they receive.

American Idol 2014 Auditions Salt Lake City 28

For American Idol season 13, we found it very interesting that the large percentage of Top 31 contestants ended up being from the deep south. While many singers’ hometowns are scattered from the west coast to the east, the highest concentration of semifinalists this year are from the southern United States.

Here are the home states of all the American Idol winners so far, and the home states of the Top 31 contestants this year.

(click the pic for larger version – courtesy of The Idol Pad)

American Idol 2014 Top 31 Contestants

As you can see from the map above, a significant number of the American Idol 2014 Top 31 contestants are spread through the southern states of Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina,  Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Considering how many American Idol winners in the past have originated from the south, which you can also see on the map, it’s obvious we have a hotbed of talent brewing down there!