American Idol Spoilers: Season 11 Top 9 Songs

American Idol spoilers for you here just ahead of tonight’s Top 9 performance show. Nigel Lythgoe leaked out some interesting tidbits on what we can expect tonight and it’s not just about which songs they’ll be doing but how they’ll be doing them! Read on for the spoilers

Nigel revealed earlier on Twitter that we’d be hearing Madonna songs from a few of the ladies:

Okay Madonna fans tonight you’ve got Jessica, Holly and Skylar singing “Like A Prayer” “Borderline” and “Express Yourself”

At a glance that sounds like the ladies will each be doing one of those three songs. Not so! Nigel explains they’ll be doing it as a trio which probably means it’s going to be a medley performance all rolled in to one:

On #IDOL they’re singing Madonna as a trio as well as their solos Hollie-Carrie Underwood, Jessica-Beyonce’ and Skylar-Miranda Lambert

No word yet on what the guys will be performing, but leaked photos from rehearsals showed Phillip Phillips DeAndre Brackensick, Heejun Han, and Joshua Ledet performing a trio as well.

What do you all think of those American Idol spoilers?

Update: Song list revealed. See the picture below.




  1. Jesus take the wheel – Hollie
    Without you – Maybe Joshua
    Whole Lotta Love – Maybe Elise
    Sweet dreams – Jessica
    A Song For You – Maybe phillip
    Gunpowder & Lead – Skylar
    Everything – Colton
    Sometimes I Cry – Deandre
    Still Rainin – Maybe Hee Jun

    That’s the official song list. According to AI facebook site.

  2. I like hearing jessica do sweet dreams but not sure it is the best song choice for jessica (as per jduges feedback). What i’m very sure though is that she won’t be going home yet this week, so its ok if she takes upbeat songs and showcase her versatility! Oh whatever….. This is interesting….. Let’s enjoy it, 🙂

  3. For a young singer Jessica Sanchez Has a very beautiful voice. She’s one of the best I have heard in a long time.

    • Jessica is really very good. She has a golden voice. I like her to be
      the 2012 American Idol winner. God bless Jessica.

  4. I have watch Idol for 6-7 yrs now and this group this year are phenomenal…..I am however so sorry that Erika was voted off. I thought she was wonderful…..Jessica is incredible….aside from Jess, Elise Testone and Skylar are future Stars… and for the boys… for Philip Phillips….he’s hot and so good looking……Colton has got what it takes…..Joshua is great but is a different type of singer…..

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