American Idol 2012 Top 9 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 9 performance show

The American Idol 2012 Top 9 are set to take the stage and perform songs from their own musical idols tonight on American Idol. Legendary Stevie Nicks will join Jimmy Iovine for rehearsals this week so get ready for a great show.

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American Idol 2012 Top 9 Performances:

  • Colton Dixon – Everything – 1-866-436-5701
  • Skylar Laine – Gunpowder and Lead – 1-866-436-5702
  • Heejun Han – A Song for You – 1-866-436-5703
  • Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus Take the Wheel – 1-866-436-5704
  • DeAndre Brackensick – Sometimes I Cry – 1-866-436-5705
  • Jessica Sanchez – Sweet Dreams – 1-866-436-5706
  • Phillip Phillips – Still Rainin’ – 1-866-436-5707
  • Joshua Ledet – Without You – 1-866-436-5708
  • Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love – 1-866-436-5709

Download tonight’s American Idol Top 9 performances on iTunes.

In addition to the Top 9’s solo performances the finalists were grouped in to trios to perform medleys. Colton, Phillip, and Elise performed a Fleetwood Mac medley. DeAndre, Heejun, and Joshua performed a Michael Jackson medley. Hollie, Skylar, and Jessica came together as a trio for the Madonna medley.

After the last performance I’ll add a poll so you can vote for your favorite. Share your thoughts below on tonight’s show and who was the best!




  1. I know the colton fans will support him no matter, but i am not sure why.  he seems a little above average to me.  maybe young girls find him sexy…he looks lanky to me..needs to eat.  I am sure he is safe, but it was just ok for me.

    • ITA.  I feel that song needs a more powerful voice.  So, not bad, but I’m not doing cartwheels.

    • Yes he is lanky.  But his face is gorgeous, especially the eyes, although the hair can do with a makeover.  And that’s probably why he’s likely getting a  large chunk of the tween and teen girls’ votes.

    • Right. He’s a little above average, but Hollie, Jessica, Phil(to be fair), and Skylar are all super above average. 

      • I like your posts…. I know you’re rooting for someone, but you still manage to be objective and fair and give honest and sensible criticisms…… 🙂

      • I was with you until you mentioned Skylar. My Dad was in country music back in the day of Hank Williams, Sr. and so, I am familiar with nasal singing. However, I could not stand Kitty Wells because she sang through her nose almost as much as Skylar does.

      • @271a127cfc694d5150a9149f1001ab40:disqus Thank you very much. I try to be objective even though Hollie is my favorite. 🙂

    • Colton is very sexy. He is the best of all the singers. He will win become the American Idol this year

      •  colton is average..his looks, performance..very average. His songs wont sell. Im not sure what it is the judges get so excited about each week. Hes no comparison, to say a Phillip Phillps.

    • Matthew 5:16 — In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

      • whatttt? I don’t understand this language lol…seriously I don’t mean to offend but all this religiousness it’s getting on my nerves..this is a singing competition after all..i don’t want religion force down my throat.

      •  Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. How does pursuit of self-glorification qualify as a  good deed? Last time I checked, the bible taught quite the opposite.

        Try looking up 1 John 5:21, “My little children, be on your guard against idols.”

        Isaiah 42:8, “My name is the LORD, I will not yield my glory to another, nor my honor to idols.”

        An idol can be defined as anything, or anyone, that an individual may view as being more important or more glorious than god. This wave of Christian rock stars in search of stardom is making a mockery on what TRUE Christians believe in.

      •  Seriously???  Are you people so afraid of a God you obviously don’t believe in, that you need to belittle Colton as an artist because he is showing the world the type of artist he wants to be?
        Surely there is enough tolerance left in the USA for a “Christian artist” to display his wares.  You may not like country, but your not bagging Skylar – you may not like R&B, but Deandre is tolerated – yet Colton gets flack for singing “religious” songs because you may prefer to hear perhaps a song in Arabic?  Get real!  Give the guy a chance because of his talent, not because of YOUR prejudices!!!

      • Amen brother man.  Don’t listen to the skeptics.  These contestants can sing whatever they want.  If whiney little moussiegirl doesnt want to listen to a song, she can turn her whiney little tv off.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  2. Skylar is best when she does these energetic country songs…she will be living in Nashville next year my guess.  much better than last week.  back in her zone.

    • she is pure country.  thats why she was so bad last week.  she will do well in nashville.  i think reba but i think she will still do well.  country fans will really like her.

    • For once I disagree w/ ya.  I thought she was great tonight.  I think she’s been good every week except one.  I think she’s got a lot of moxy.  I think shes’ got a lot of energy.  I feel she’s wayyyyyyy better than any of last years country singers.  I like her performances. 

      • I think Hollie did great with her country song, “Jesus Take The Wheel”!  But (of course) you can’t beat Carrie Underwood for country.

  3. Guys!!! I have a spoiler for ya. Jessica Sanchez is singing Sweet Dreams by Beyonce. Hope she will be the last performing ;))))

      • Coltonfan ur so funny…..hahahahhaaha…..u really stand right away to tel that ur guy did well tonight. Did he?

  4. Jessica sanchez will be singing ‘sweet dreams’ by Beyonce! Hope she’ll perform last ;))))))

    • hahaha what’s funny is if you look closely you are right! There’s Phil’s first acting gig hahaha

    •  its delayed telecast here so im glad he take the stage seriously,trying to check if i can watch in the internet, but not a chance at this excited to see the results of Heejun performance….

    • For all you Hee Jun haters, Yes his english is not that well but you tell me when any Korean, Japens or forigen language person made it this far. He nailed it, and with the language barrer his voice is great as well as the growth that he has made in the weeks of being there, not to menching of the weeks to come. Hee Jun is here to stay.

      Don’ t get me wrong there are some great singers this season but more then half well be offered some kind of deal because they have it vocaule as well as looks.

  5. Jessica will be singing ‘sweet dreams’ by Beyonce. I just knew she will perform this and i think it’ll be acoustic. Haha. Like if ur excited like me. Hahahaha 🙂
    Hope she’ll be the last performin 🙂

  6. lol how very x factor like of them getting involved with hashtags on twitter am I right? hahaha

  7. Hollie did well…but there were times she trailed off and seemed a little pitchy especially at the beginning.

  8. jesus take the wheel -hollie
    without you – joshua
    whole lotta love – elise
    sometimes i cry – deandre
    still rainin – philip

  9. Who’s excited for Jessica’s performance tonight??? Hit like JSan fans! Let’s represent! 🙂

  10. hey guys!! can you just post what did the judges think of Heejun performances plssss??? eager to know…thanks

      •  thanks can’t wait to watch it,its delayed telecast here so i have no idea whats goin on now!!!!

      • undeserving standing O by the way..oh yeah he was better than last week…but really?..and I like heejun’s sense of humor but this is not about that..or is it?

      • lol Moussiegirl honestly standing o’s don’t mean anything anymore with these judges.

  11. I’m a grown man and I almost started crying during Hollie’s performance. She has such an effective voice. Hollie FTW!!! 😀

  12. i really don’t like deandre’s falsetto.  i know he does that in some hawaiian styles he has studied but its not good in soul.  he is much better when he sings in the mid range.  he probably will make it, but i would have sent him home weeks ago.

      • there are actually some youtube videos of falsetto hawaiian music including some with deandre.  i am not sure he has hawaiian blood, but when its done in the hawaiian language it sound better almost a yodel.  someone posted that in here some time ago.  I had never heard of it, but apparently it has a tradition in hawaii of men singing this falsetto.  There are theories of its origin, but i think Deandre almost sounds like he is mocking a girls voice.  I know he isn’t but when he does this in an english song it really sounds bad.

  13. I am soooo guessing Jessica is the last performing! I was waiting for this in weeks now :)))))))))))

  14. Standing ovations for heejun and deandre…are they on drugs!?
    obviously not listening to the same thing i am…

  15. Sorry, but DeAndre needs to just stop trying and let it out. That falsetto is excruciating. 

    • That was the worst thing I have ever heard.. DeAndre has got to go, or change what he is doing.. No one wants to hear a girl’s voice come out of a guy. Sorry…….

      • Amen!!! Can’t stand it when he sings like a girl. If he wants to be a girl so bad go have a sex change already!

      • HEEJEE is the one that needs to go HOME this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. hollie keeps on doing ballads over and over yet fails to nail them!! So boring! She sucks! Boo!!

    • I agree. she needs to show more of her talent and prove that she’s not just a ballad singer.

      • we could say the same thing about jess,yes she did an uptempo,but we all know it wasn’t that great,and hello this is only their 4th performance isn’t it?

      • I know. that is why I would like to see Hollie perform an uptempo songs on the next performance nights. Jessica did an uptempo and its great.

  17. I think DeAndre is aweful. When he sings i cover my ears because of he pitch. I couldnt understand a word on the song he sang

  18. Jessica is like Pia, nice voice, but no soul.  she needs to mature and learn to connect.  she is so young. 

    • But Pia is much older than Jessica when she joined AI. Thats make her different from Jessica. Pia has no soul even despite having a more mature age. Jessica is just 16! She has a lot of passion when she sings. Imagine if she will improve her skills in the next years to come.

      • you are right Eyes…Jessica needs to hang out with some r&b singers…if she ever starts feeling what she is singing and lets us see it, she will sell tons of albums.

      • because there was no enough preparations for her album. she wants to prove that she shouldn’t be out of the competition early. Now her debut album sales is suffering

    • I think if you already have a favorite, you just see Jessica as a threat. That makes you see all the negative in her. She is one of people in this competition who shows a lot, i mean a LOT of personality when singing…. 🙂

      •  Agreed. It does seem as if some of the posters are attacking Jessica in defense of their own favorite performers. I understand why this would be the case, naturally in th beginning the numbers are high enough to be cordial and give nods to the other singers, but as the number gets lower, you start to turn on the other contestants in favor of your chosen idol.

      • you’re right @mrjeddai:disqus!  what they’re doing is called Crab Mentality or Crabs in a Bucket… “if i cant have it, neither can you” mentality.  probably out of envy or competitive feelings…???? AI is a competition. it takes real (and the best) talent, star quality and charisma to win it. just because a contestant might have it all doesn’t make it UNfair for others. 

      • my favorite is Phil…but it doesn’t matter if he wins..Idol winners have not done so well lately…coming in 4 or 5 would be fine.  he would be free to sign any contract he wanted and he would have the if Phil gets voted off, he will still win….and I will stop watching and wait on his first album.  Jessica is a fine singer but not feeling what she sings, so how are we going to feel it?  you can tell Phil gets every word.

      • Normally one would see another as a threat if one were leading and the other is kind of catching up.  In this case, Jessica is on top,  so she should be the one to feel threatened, not the one posing as a threat to anyone.  Maybe others are just frustrated because their bets find it difficult to catch up with her.

    • Mary, you’re the only soulful ever! din’t you hear the Judges’ comments, at age 16, she is musically matured! what’s wrong with young versatile?

    • The fact that she is young doesn’t mean she has no soul.  She has a very youthful soul, so maybe it’s why old souls can not connect with her.  Pia, on the other hand, seemed like an Ice Queen- cold and aloof, until she got booted off.  I think Jessica is connecting just fine to a lot of people.  Time and experience can only make her better as an artist,  but she’s quite fine at this point.

  19. Gheeez, Why can’t I watch them live. I’m still waiting for the show on TV. 🙁

    Oh, btw, How did Jessica perform tonight? 🙂 Can you give me updates, please? 🙂

    • she sang beautifully. she rendered Sweet Dreams by Beyonce and turned it into Ballad. Judges have been so amazed with her. She made her performance like a story telling. Wanting people more from her 🙂

  20. People really think Jessica overdoes most of the songs. That is just her natural voice!

    If you don’t get me, watch her Youtube videos. And Just-S0-You-Know, don’t compare her to Pia. They’re two different artists.

  21. Why can’t Deandre sing like he’s doing on PYT than his falsetto. When he was singing PYT in that raspy kinda voice, it sounded amazing. 

  22. Ok in the beginning of this group song, Deandre actually sounded good.  he should target that kind of performance.  Josh sounds good, but he needs to move his hands more like a man.  his movements are drag queenish.  sorry not trying to hate, but i find that distracting.  he sings better from a chair.

  23. Hollie probably thinks she can get a standing O from the judges by singing a big hit from a popular artist like Carrie, but failed yet again… Boo!! What makes her think she can keep up with the competition by just singing ballads?? SMH

    • Here’s a grand idea… why don’t you stop trashing other people’s favorite and support colton. Because frankly you’re making me even more sure I will never vote for him, even if Hollie goes home.

    • *happily sighs* it’s just not the same without the shannonphiles trashing all the other female artists 🙂

    •  don’t worry, hollie’s standing O will come soon, even if she does not sing great

  24. I think Deandre needs to decide if he wants to sing as a girl or a guy. To me it is just very annoying to see a guy on stage yet hear a girls voice singing. Please! Seriously, if he wants to continue singing like that put him in a dress and some make-up FOR REAL!!!

    • you sound like someone really primitive. There is nothing like a girly ormanly voice. Fasetto is a male type of singing, it’s very hard to do and lets express lots of emotions. Very few artists sang like that. He is amazing

      •  You’re right NVI, it seems like a lot of listeners cannot appreciate the true artistry that goes into that style of singing. Oh well, I hope Deandre hangs in there and keeps proving all the haters wrong.

  25. I am just astounded at the quality and power behind the voice of Jessica Sanchez. I cannot believe that the judges stood for Deandra and not her. In my opinion everyone sounded better than he did tonight. I just can’t get into him.

  26. The first time I saw Philip Phillips I thought of Johnny Lang!  He sang Johnny Lang tonight and rocked it!!  So love them both!!

    • Gotta say, that is going to be my first itunes purchase of this season, I’m going to pick up Holli as well.

  27. Phil has steadily been growing on me… I HATE saying this, but if he wins, I don’t think I would be too upset.

  28.  you must not know what talent sounds like. she knew she was taking a risk, and did it anyways. Colton is mediocre at best compared to the rest of the competition. He can sing, but he does not sound anything like the rest.

  29. So Many great performers, Colton, Hollie, Josh, HeJun,  but there something about Jessica that seems fakey, a perfect copier and not me anyway.

    • copying in singing is not actually all that bad… it takes a great amount of skills, technique, and mad vocals to even come close to what you are, as you said, “copying”… whatever “flavor” some contestants are putting into their performance are still deeply rooted on the original song…

    • hollie tries to imitate the original versions too? and i guess other AI contestants do that too. Jessica’s voice is already her voice. and there’s nothing we can do if her voice sounds like beyonce or jennifer hudson or whitney houston. she hits the notes correctly and gives justice to their songs. i don’t see anything bad in that.

    •  Don’t trashtalk jessica just because your bets don’t measure up to her!

  30. many of you need to sit and close your eyes when you listen to someone sing. Think to yourself, would I see this live….would I buy this album. Would this be something I enjoy on the radio. DeAndre…, Colton, not so much. 30 seconds to mars has been out for years now Colton. PS, Lifehouse is not worship music just because they are Christian. 

  31. Now when Tommy said the girls clothes are on this side and the men’s on this side and you can mix and match, why did josh grab the woman’s jacket?  just kidding…sorry he has a great voice, this was a karoake arrangement though.  he has no sex appeal, and no originality.  always does it like the original artist.

    • LOL no offense mary, but the reason you like phil is BECAUSE of his sex appeal. Personally, I prefer great singers over good looking people.

      • i don’t think sex appeal is everything, but you cannot conclude the “reason” i like Phil is because of sex appeal. that is just your opinion.  you are not me.  I think we like music and musician, artists, singers, we can somehow connect with.  Josh is nothing special, really.  he does karoake very well.  very few of these idol contestants are special, but most will find some level of success.  I rarely connect with anyone..but Phil certainly nice to look at, but he is also doing music that means something to him.  he doesn’t just copy his favorite artists despite the early comparisons to dave matthews which were totally visual but were never similar vocally.. Phil is special.  and its about everything.

      • I’m sorry if you took that as an insult. Let me rephrase it… It is my personal opinion that the way the singer looks shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not they should win… I didn’t mean anything insulting by what I said. Phil certainly is one of the most talented singers on the show. 🙂 

      • i wasn’t offended.  but i was just making the don’t live in my head….lol..which i am sure pleases both of us. : )

      • Mary, Josh is karaoke, really. I take you have never listened to a gospel song in your life! Josh is amazing. Three standing ovations already from the judges, and I think they know just an itty bit more than you. In that area. I take it you don’t appreciate gospel, soul and r&b type music, and the 60’s Motown sound, Josh has the range and talent to fit in any of those genres. Karaoke, that was a joke right? And no originality, he changes up Billy Joel as best he could considering those to artists are worlds appart, and he changes up ‘when a man loves a woman’ and was complimented by the original artist for his version. Cut the guy some slack he’s been more outside his comfortzone Thant any of the contestants have, and is still getting rave reviews from the judges, and deservedly so. Mary Mary Mary come on now

  32. Worst idol performances to date.  I haven’t heard anything but under singing and over singing.  Where are the ringers?  The real singers?  Not faces.  Not cuties.  Where are the real frickin singers with charcter?

  33. WOW. Just…. WOW. Joshua is just AMAZING. He made me really believe the song and SLAYED a Mariah Carey song. Flawless. A++++…+ lol

      • LOL yea he’s got a feminine side, but that doesn’t effect my view of his talent at all. He’s the best gospel singer idol has had since Jennifer Hudson. Just spectacular.

  34. Sometimes getting a standing O gets scary coz it means high expectations. Maybe i will go for what Randy has been saying, the word is: CONSISTENCY. 🙂

      • hooray for that Kate, as long as Jessica’s performance is always good and consistent she will always be safe… 🙂

      • Uhm no way you can leave Josh off that list. He’s had the same amount of standing o’s as Jessica, I think that counts for consistency

    •  I thought it was a bad song choice for Joshua. When ever you hear the intro for Without You you automatically expect to hear Mariah’s sweet melody, and then your smacked with Joshua’s masculine voice. He pulled through the rest of the song, but that impression is always in the back of your mind. Mariah is the queen of that song, and he didn’t change it up enough to make it his own.

    • I guess with a last name like yours and like jessica’s, we know who you are rooting for. So I guess maybe you dog on her biggest competition who had one of, if not the best performance tonight, makes you feel better huh. The places some would stoop to to build up their favorites. Shame shame shame.

      • that anton guys isn’t even a jessica fan… so don’t go concluding as well… it is just him… whatever last name similarities they may have, is just a coincidence… so i guess, shame shame shame on you too… 🙂

  35. what’s his name (that has some real talent) sang still Raining.  He trashed the verses (no dynamics aka J Lang) and almost hit the chorus.  WHAT is UP?

  36. OMG Tonight I think its a toss up between Colton and Joshua. They are both amazing.

  37. i really dont understand why a lot of you like colton, there’s nothing unique about his voice, and he’s really trying hard to be a rocker!!!!  i think phil is just staying because the girls vote for her, honestly it’s jessica and deandre for me! they both have very dynamic range, deandre can go very high and could end up with a big chest note at the end, now that’s amazing!!!

  38. Great. They gave Elise the pimp spot, so now a more deserving person is going home. And then the next week, and the next, and the next… UGH… *cough Haley Reinhart cough*

    • Haley had bad weeks but she pulled herself towards the end and she ended up being one of the better ones. Like when she did Bennie and the Jets. Ever since then she was just on a mad roll.

      • In my opinion the only really really good performance of hers was house of the rising sun. Other than that, I couldn’t stand her.

      •  She did great with Rolling in the Deep, and especially I Who Have Nothing. That was an insane performance. I think she was under appreciated on so many levels.

      • @3750f4246adafde2f7aa0388726f619e:disqus The judges gave her standing o’s 3 weeks in a row. Over appreciated is more what you’re looking for.

  39. For a 16y/o voice like Jessica’s she will give other artists a run for their money. I couldn’t wait till she reaches her 20’s, oh gosh. She really was upfront when God gave good pipes hahaha 🙂

    •  He did so good tonight. I think his voice is the most dynamic, I got chills! I hope he can stay in it for the long haul. He just has to get over his nerves and step on that stage every week like he owns it!

      • I certainly don’t hear what you’re hearing.  He sings like a girl most of the time and it comes across as screetching to my ears.  He’s ok when he sings like a guy, but he can’t seem to decide which way he wants it. Switching back and forth between guy voice/girl voice is confusing and awful. 

    • hahaha! i bet you’re not an artist and does not know what a real artist means, do you?

      •  I think you’re right DreDreamer. Deandre has a style that is hard to sing and even harder for those lacking in musical experience to appreciate.

  40. they are all so great, it’s unbelievable!!!! However, Joshua had me crying my eyes and heart out. Where was he all along. God bless him tremendously.

  41. Another example of karoake..done well, but elise just copied that arrangement exactly.  if she recorded that why would you buy it?  you can buy the original.  but it proved its in her…now she needs to find her own songs or take some other song in that direction.  but copying well is still copying.  thats why Phil is so special…he never copies.

    • Then why didn’t she get a standing O?   She’s slipping in popularity, as predicted.

      • Duh, just because she wasn’t given the standing ovation, it doesn’t mean she’s slipping. Sometimes, the judges give her the hands to note that she is consistent to be a contender. 

      • sometimes, their scripts tell them no to do so. but you can see that all three of them are smiling, happy and satisfied

  42. Based  on tonight, if DeAndre doesn’t go… I don’t know what’s going on with Idol. 

  43. Ok, Elise is good but i still think she’s the one who deserves to leave. She’s a snob and can’t take criticisms. 

  44. Overall I am not sure who should go home or given some people’s support groups i am not sure who will not get the votes.  I am guessing elise, hollie, heejun, and deeandre will be the bottom of them will go home…not necessarily the worst…but the others have major support out there.  if i had to pick i would send deandre home, though until tonight i would have heejun home.   but i never get this right. 

    • I thought she was fantastic, but there were some incredible performances tonight.
      Elise blew my mind, Led Zepplin? Holy crap that was awesome.

    •  hollie sang Jesus take the wheel. It was a lot better than her last week’s performance. I didn’t notice any wrong notes, so I guess that’s okay. But I agree, there were other great performances tonight and if you compare hers to others, she’s not at the top.

    • I know this judges are on something and it’s not a good something…and they were all for the guys except the almost no,but yeah lets stand up for elise..incredible…and kc don’t you get the feeling that they are trying to throw hollie under the bus??? what’s up with them only criticizing her and not the other that obviously did worst than her tonight?

      • Amen!!! I noticed that too! They gave DEANDRE a standing o for crying out loud! Are you kidding me?!

  45. WOW!!!  Up til now I had thought this was a so/so season.  DOUBLE WOW!!! This was the  best show, from top to bottom, that I’ve ever seen on American Idol. 

    I hope all 9 of these kids come back next week.   I hope they use the save.  I’m disappointed there’s “only” been 5 standing ovations.  I’d thought all 9 deserved one. 

    Again, thanx to these kids for the best American Idol ever.

  46. Wow! I was asleep from the time Phil was done and until Elise took the stage. I’m voting for Elise tonight. Finally a performance I can be excited about!!!

  47. Omg. Josh was phenomenal! They all actually performed well this week. Jessica was good as usual, just found the song a bit boring. Don’t therm me Jess fans ;). Heejun actually sounded ok this week, and I have not cared for singing at all. Deandre, sorry still do not like his sound at all. Did it seem like the judges were gonna give those two positive comments and a standing o no matter what after the backlash of last week? Come on judges, show some realness now.

    • She has been great the last two weeks. Loved her performance tonight, particularly. However, a girl singing, “Gonna give you every inch of my love?” Really?

  48. Elise is an American Idol!  Elise is what the world needs.  So wowed by her Zepplin performance, had to watch it again online.  Voting for Elise all the way!

    • Yup. The world needs elise testone. Forget world peace, or food for the hungry hahaha just kidding. She did OK. Not quite up to par in talent to Hollie, Jess, Phil, Skylar, and Joshua. 

    • I agree!!! Those are my 3 faves, followed closely by Jessica and Phil!!! Vote til ya drop for Hollie holliepops!!!

  49. I love Jessica Sanchez performance she shine like the star she already is.

  50. Love phillip his so amazing n that jessica she makes me cry every wk I predict 1of them might win this…wait will win

  51. No complaints tonight — OTHER — than the fact that Elise did NOT get the credit she deserved for that — OMG — that was freaking amazing!

  52. Can’t get over how great Deandre did tonight! I hope it’s not too little too late for him, he’s suffered from a run of bad song choices and lack of confidence, but he came back to fight tonight. I hope this keeps him in another week!

  53. tonights show is a perfect example of why Idol needs to do away with song themes every week. Just let them sing whatever they want. Great show

    • If you think about it,  there is really no theme this week.  A contestant could actually sing any song he/she wants and say to America that the singer of that song is his/her personal idol.  

  54. Jessica was definitely the best. So much ahead of the pack! She took a bland song into another awesome level. She is the one to beat at the moment!

  55. Not sure why no one else is seeing this… but Deandre is definitely singing and has the typical movements of a drag queen.  This is certainly ok, but I’ve seen many with the same voice… and yet judges are acting like they’ve never seen it or heard this type of voice before.  Maybe I’m the only one…

    • i think josh has the drag queen movements.  deandre is doing falsetto he learned in hawaiian music and its not working. 

  56. I think all the idols done well tonight but i am still ruiting for Phill phillips and i tell yeah Elisa Testone impressed me very much tonight and so did holly but its up in the air right now

      • Okay, here it is:

        J.Lo – “If I am Beyonce, I’m gonna say ‘I’m gonna do that in my next concert!’ That was a really really beautiful rendition of it. Really Gorgeous and you did a beautiful job on it. There was a part where everybody thought you’re gonna sing on forever and you did it. You left us all wanting more. Good job.”

        Tyler – “Beautiful performance. Beautiful Dress. I think you’re a star tonight, or what. You did it again tonight. You really know your notes and I love this show because it pushes you guys to your limits. It was delicious. It was wonderful.”

        Jackson – “Stars are truly born, right? The maturity that you have as a singer, at this age, just like even when you were doing the verse, Nah…. When did you learn that? You just have this unbelievable talent and I look forward to hearing you every night. You’re one of the best singers I’ve heard in many years. And I love the resolve that you turned that song into ballad. You told a beautiful story in a beautiful way.”

        Wow…. That was long hahaha. Not really that exact since I can’t quite here everything. It was all positive WOoohooo!!!

      • Thank you so much :)))) these comments are really fantastic. cannot ask for more even for a standing ovation. these are just more than enough. so proud for our girl! FTW JSan!!! Hoope yo gave us more outstanding performances in the next weeks!!!

  57. I was not a big Elise fan until last week. This week sealed it for me. She, Jessica, Holly, Joshua and Phillip are all up there for me. The one I would chose, or the order in which I prefer them will change week to week and performance to performance. I know, however, that Alvin the Chipmunk, I mean DeAndre, is the one for whom I care the least.

  58. Elise Awesome!!! Love this rock n roll gal. Ill buy that album. Someone sign this woman!!!!
    Im 53 and rockin!

    •  Elise rocked it, as did colton, Phil, Jess and Sky. Hope the De fans are not to upset with him/her going home. Hope Holly stays?

    • He sings really good but I was grossed out when he wiped his nose with his hand just before the end!  Yuck!   Also, I was distracted by the fit of his jacket.  Too tight and too small!  Love his voice though.

  59. Standing ooooos for HeeJun, Deandre, Phillip Josh and Elise….many if
    not all will make a nice living singing…Josh is best to me….Jessica
    seems not genuine like its a karaoke contest …..Great Songs tonight,
    loved it

    • I could not disagree more, there is absolutely nothing karaoke about Jessica, that girl reminds me of Celine Dion, who also sounded that good at that age. Jessica could be the best singer ever on American Idol.

    •  standing O’s becoming meaningless! I prefer the standing O’s given before this week. Jessica and Elise’s standing O’s were deserving

    • Are you freakin’ kidding me? Gheez…. I’d love to have a karaoke voice so I will sound very genuine! 🙂 On a serious part—please define Karaoke so we won’t sound stupid reading out loud your post. 🙂

  60. Hey, how do I change my generic male profile photo to a generic female blank profile photo?

  61. The people voting saying  that Jessica did The best tonight are full of shit because she was not the best tonight i’m sorry

    • It is their opinion and they have a right to that.  You must learn to respect what others think.

      • i respect everybody’s opinion but you can’t be biased just because your a fan i love phillip and colton but Elise was the best tonight i’m sorry

    • She might not be the best for you tonight, but she’s the BEST from top 24 to top 9  performance due to stage presence (love you i do), perfection (IWALY), versatility (turn the beat around) and consistency (everybody has a dream). she just showed her originality (sweet dreams) tonight.  

    • Watch you’re word my friend. I understand you but still, Jessica is the one to beat this season.

      Go on. Scream your voice out… You’ll need it until the middle of  May. 🙂

    • If you respect people’s opinion then why cant you express yours without that shit “full of shit” thing?

      • i said that because people are not doing it based on tonight’s performance like i said i love colton and phillip and they both did great but elise killed it and i would vote for her

    • Come on man, this is a family site. TRY not to use foul language. It just ruins the show for everyone.

  62. Philip was amazing , u can tell he loves to sing and wants to share it w the world….he has a contagious personality.

  63. Well as long as Elise and Phil are safe I’ll be fine. The others just put me to sleep. So sick of ballads!!

    • Obvious you just want girl to win huh? Josh for sure can hang jessice and Colton and Phillip ar right on tier heels.

  64. People….seriously………….close your eyes and listen to them sing. That’s what you hear on the radio….DUH!

  65. I’m voting with my pocket book, I’ll be downloading Phillip, Hollie and Elise from itunes. 
    Jlo will use the save with Deandre, I predict. My second choice to go home is Colton. I think Jessica could and probably should win the whole thing but it’s going to be close no matter what.
    Biggest star from this group is going to Phillip Phillips. I think HeeJun is going to do very well too, but I think it’s going to be in movies.
    Best show of the season tonight, glad I watched.

    • I don’t know Darren.  Phillip Phillips is great, but also a little too generic at the same time.  HeeJun a little forgettable, won’t be the winner.  There is too many other better ones to save.. so I can’t imagine they would save Deandre.  Anyway… interesting.  Stay tuned!

      • I agree they shouldn’t save him, I’m saying Jlo will save him if he gets voted off. HeeJun could be in trouble. Actually, it could be a very weird voting week, so many great performances. Even Elise, though she killed it tonight probably doesn’t appeal to most people who vote.
        I think the only one’s that are truly safe: Jessica and Phillip.

  66. why don’t they put Jessica on the last spot?? coz she doesn’t need that to have a moment!

      • Do y’all actually Listen?? First half of that song he sang it with no RUNS and just showed his vocal ability then towards the end he started putting in some tasteful runs and brought it back with the gospel crazy range he has. He did Scream people, Lambert and Durbin screamed, Josh brings out the gospel soul rich sounds that are amaZing. Listen to him with an open heart and a closed eye and see if u think all he does is scream JES NOT A DAMN SCREAMER people.

      • Oh when will musically challenged people stop calling Josh a screamer Pillilp gets to point of screaming and then turns into his growl. Skylar aceams a lot as well but Josh opens up to show off the huge range he has over all the contestants. It’s not screaming, it’s putting gospel runs it there to show off the variety and range and the tone of those runs He dialed back a lot for this performance but still let his style just come thru strongly towards the end of the song Uh he killed it. No screaming there.

      • Joshua gives me mixed vibes when he’s on stage – too much presence of a drag queen. Same goes for Deandre, he reminds me of Ron Perlman in the TV series ‘Beauty & the Beast’ except that Deandre is more cute.

  67. Heejun is good tonight but i am still sooooo wondering why is he still on the show…. Jessica is just the Best everytime!!!!

  68. Phil is the best.  Phil would have fit in with Fleetwood just fine..ok…folks…get your votes in…see ya tomorrow.

  69. I enjoy when they all sing together…such talent
    Also, I enjoy how they improve, its like the ultimate Music lesson

  70. This is bull crap I only voted once used to be you could vote as many times as you wanted

  71. Okay, here’s the thing.

    The Judges did gave 5 idols their Standing Ovation because they’ve seen that they have improved since the past idol weeks.

    The Judges don’t need to give Jessica the “Standing Ovation” because they know Jessica is consistent enough. A major contender. 🙂

    That’s how I see it. Deal with it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more! Jessica never fails to deliver. that’s how i see it too 😛

    • every week she is consistent, no doubt about that and when she performs she always gives her all… oozing with so much emotions. 🙂

  72. Jessica Sanchez! You’re the best! Great voice, check! Ooozing stage presence, check! Fresh look and good fashion sense, check! Personality, check! what a total package! America, here’s your next Idol!

    • You never know, next week she may have a performance that changes the run she is on. What I know is she needs to stop with the ballads.

    •  if hollie stays for next week, who knows, maybe she’ll be better. but she should really aim to perfect her songs and hit the notes correctly especially when she chooses to sing the big songs

  73. I would love to hear DeAndre sing a Aaron Neville Song.  Oh my gosh he sounds so much like him and is one of my favorite R & B singers. 

  74. Jessica is so consistent she truly is the best singer on this batch.. but lets not forget Elise Joshua and Phillip.. very talented… question?? why is Hollie still in the competition??? when they praise her on her rendition of power of love that is such a bs she’s pitchy and can’t hit those high notes what she all has is that big all voice, maybe their just amaze because she is so small but her voice is big, but Ericka’s voice is big too,, and look where she is now.. just saying no haters please just an honest comment 🙂

  75. Just hats off with people who arrange their songs every week, Beyonce’s song Sweet Dreams is a danceable song and it would take a great voice as Jessica’s to give justice to it in a slow version. JLo is right, if she is Beyonce watching it she will be taking down notes and do it in her next concert. Bravo, Jessica! 🙂

  76. I hate that Jessica is having more votes than Elise, just because she did one excellent performance now everyone votes for her, not caring if she does not do good in the show.

    I think Jessica doesn’t deserve that much of attention. 

    •  sorry to hear that but jessica has fans, same for hollie and elise, and all others. so if you think they did not sing good tonight, their fans will still vote for them to save them

  77. Phillip and Elise: what talent! I don’t like Lez Zeppelin particularly and I had goose bumps the whole time she was soooo good….Elise has an amazing voice. Phillip is so good and true, always being himself, which I absolutely love. Part of Fleetmac in a heart beat? That is the biggest compliment somebody cannot get and neither the judges nor Ryan picked up on that live on the show – come on!!!!! I think some of the standing ovations tonight were to “save” some of the weakest and hopefully, America will know better…Of course Jessica was good, but she should start showing some diversity….

  78. Wow imagine that, Phillip Sid something different this week……NOT!!!! Same sound same look same guitar standing still,….still, hiding behind the mic..on and on Just the kind of cd I want to listen to, where every single song sounds absolutely the same! Come on Branden recognize, he is definitely THE one note contestant on this show. Someone please justify otherwise There’s someone can tell me that he has done anything different the entire time he’s been on this show.

  79. There were two standouts tonight – Philip and Colton.  These two are the only originals on the show.  They are unique and do not sound like anyone else.  Elise was good.  Jessica is sinking fast – the same thing week after week.  DeAndre should be going home Thursday night – tiresome and boring.

    • No josh huh? I so like Colton tho, but there’s now way he has anywhere the range Josh has. And plillip has looked and sounded the wxact same every week! Phillip dude do something a lil differrant please. I think a lot of your fans are growing old of hearing the exact Samething from you. Scratch the guitar, scratch the mid range songs with th same growl, show some kind of moves on the stage maybe. Sing a slower song or ballad so america can hear just your voice without all the distracting stuff always going on in your performance Come PP show us something different please.

  80. Deandre this is another note from Vincent-Jair the tap dancer from Atlanta, Ga. I see you took my mom’s advice and song Sometimes I Cry and rec’d a standing ovation.  You were great.  My mom has been looking for you a new song for the last few hours.  She believes that with the right songs you can win.  As you know, I’m a pianist and great dancer, but she has been sending me to voice class.  The song she has had me working on was “Superstar” by Luther VanDross.  But she feels you can do it with attitude so she wants you to go to Youtube and check out    Luther Vandross-superstar (Fernando Cardo Cover); his vocals aren’t as good as yours but you need to incorporate his attitude.  He invites the audience into his world.  Also check out Luther Vandross / Ruben Studdard – Superstar (B. Bramlett, L. Russell) – Erwin Lazaro 045     this guy utilizes tricks and runs in his voice and finally.  Usher – Luther Vandross-Superstar.  I have studied Usher’s version because I am just learning to perform vocally and it is simple.  My mom doesn’t like the hair and you need to clean up and put on a hot tuxedo.  Now if you don’t like that song– She wants you to check out Tony Terry  “Everlasting Love” & “When I’m with You.”   Check out “Say Amen” by Howard Hewitt (LIVE)
    on you tube    Kevon gospel “wedding song”  you must fast forward to about 3:25 until the very end.  It sounds as if he is doing a soul version of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.”  If you need a spiritual piece, besides  “Say Amen,” try Wess Morgan’s “I Won’t Complain Medley” and stop after 4:35 seconds.  Lastly, you can change this country song to a soul song  “Whenever You Come Around ” Live by Vince Gill.  It is beautiful.  The last song for you “I won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts.   Well I’m happy you rec’d a standing ovation.  The song you song to night was right.  Now lastly my mom thanks that you need to shock America and take a serious look at that album cover of Tony Terry with the haircut and Tuxedo.  Mom feels the hair is a distraction and takes away from your voice.  My mom is my stylist.  She loves the GQ Magazine.  Because I’m a tap dancer, all my clothes are generally tailored and I will turn fourteen next week.  I can’t have gold teeth and baggy pants.  Good luck man.  I believe my mom is good.  Holla at you later.  I must go to bed before she find me reading her notebook.  she talks and write all this stuff down.  She specializes in good music because she writes plays and selects very unique music.

  81. Elise was amazing tonite! Not only did she get a standing ovation but Stevie Nicks said she would have her as a singer in a second….AWESOME! She looked great, sounded fantastic and ended the night with a rocking performance. The saved the best for last! Go Elise!

    • I didn’t get Elise! Sorry. I think the producers told the judges to give Elise an standing o. hehehe. looks scripted! 😛

      • The only “scripted” standing ovations were for DeAndre and Heejun.  Looked to me like the judges were forced to stand and recognize Elise’s performance due to the enthusiastic response of the audience.  Elise rocked the house. 

  82. To all Jessica fans:
    For all of you who are qualified to vote,  your comments here are much appreciated,  but Jessica needs your vote right now.  She’s currently 8th place on Dialidol. 

  83. We are at Your MS JESSICA SANCHEZ……. our Pinoy Pride…..

    More Power…. Keep it Up….

    • last week i gave her A++ i just was’t feeling her this week but don’t worry i don’t she’ll be in the bottem at all i think she be in the top 3. eveybody has other a opieons.

  84. my rankings.                                                                                                                                 9. DeAndre Brackensick c+ don’t like him.                                                                         8. 
    Jessica Sanchez c overrated.                                                                                           7.
    Phillip Phillips b- don’t it the growl thing does to growl evey time                 6.
    Skylar Laine b+ chould be in the bottem 3.                                                               5.
    Heejun Han a 1 of my faves from the start.                                                               4.
    Joshua Ledet a i like him a lot.                                                                                         3.
    Elise Testone how is she behide 
    Jessica.a-                                                                   2.
    Hollie Cavanagh a+ one of the two whos cd i whould buy.                                 1.
    Colton Dixon a+++ we chould be looking at the winner

  85. Jessica Sanchez will always be Jessica Sanchez! She’s great on her own way. She makes every son that she sings her own! She give respect to the song and to its original singer.

    Her performance of IWLY put her on the top.. but, she sees to it that she sing her life every week. Consistency is the key! She may not beat her IWLY but at least she maintains and gives us always her best. 

    She already win the heart of America so why worry! She’ll be a star as she is a star!! 🙂

    God Bless you, Jessica! 

  86. Here’s how it is:
    Elise: good voice but snob
    Hollie: I love her!
    Phillip: just yellin’
    Deandre: just a nice guy (or girl!!)
    Skyler: lovely and energetic
    Colton: OK
    Jessica: AMAZING,a winner already
    Joshua: powerful voice
    Heejun:sucks!!!should’nt have even made the top 13!!!

  87. Jessica was classy and flawless. No one even comes close to her talent. She is untouchable. Others are just fillers.

  88. I am a Skylar fan no doubt.  But last night Elise blew smoke on Led Z.  She was in her zone last nite.   Loved they had Stevie Nicks mentoring, she  is one of a kind.  Excited to see Scotty Mccreery perform tonite.

  89. Personally, I think Skylar moves around too much. She sings good, but a lot of other country stars sing with less jumping around. I would like her to put more into the songs without jumping around so much. Just my opinion!

  90. Why do people vote for Jessica over Phil? or Elise?  These two are way better than Jessica.  I don’t get it.  She is not very good at all.  Come on America, wake up!

    • not very good? or perhaps you don’t have what it takes to appreciate good music… first, listen to the notes… Jessica has the most flawless take on the notes of any song by far… second, techniques… she has perhaps the most versatile voice range and vocal techniques… if you do “listen”, P2 sound the same everytime – i know that he sings different songs, but his attack on the songs are still so-so… Elise is quite good IMO, but still not better than Jessica… and fyi, America is already up and wide awake, and LISTENING… that is why Jessica is getting the votes… 🙂

    • If those two were really better than Jessica,  people would vote for them. They did not, that simple M Kase.  America is well awake and listening to Jessica and they like her. You wake up and get yourself a good brand qtips.

  91. The advice from the Atlanta tapdancer for Deandre was interesting.  Deandre does need to cut his hair and put on a Tuxedo to surprise America,  The hair is definitely an distraction.  He needs style and class.  The song Superstar by (Fernando Cardo Cover) and Erwin Lazaro + Usher’s.  His voice would also sound well if he song Tony Terry’s Everlasting Love or When I’m with you or Howard Hewitt’s Say Amern.  These guys have high manly voices.  Style and neatness with correct songs will help Deandre.

  92. For me Elise did the best last night,, the least “best”, although it is still good since it was a very outstanding night, is Colton.

    • I agree with you on Elise’s performance. It was by far her best. The problem is American Idol has a lot of country music fans (of which I am one). But, way too many country music fans consider Elise’s style of singing to be … “screaming”. I was raised on Led Zeppilin and other flavors of hard rock, so I can very much appreciate her performance. My thoughts on Colton is … by far the biggest backwards slide of the night. Maybe even down there with Heejun, as he kind of improved a lot.

    • Deandre actually has a decent falsetto voice. The problem is that the average person does not like that type of music. And that is why he will be eliminated soon. Not because he is a bas singer.

  93. bottom: skylar vs. hollie  for the girls and joshua vs. deandre for the boys. Eliminated: joshua or deandre

    • I will agree with Deandre and and Skylar being on the elimination list. And I would add Heejun, even with his much improved performance. But, I’m not sure how anyone in their right mind could place Joshua on the list to be eliminated. As he BY FAR, has the best voice of all the men. Just like Jessica has the best female voice. Are either of them the most exciting to watch? No. But, they both are by far, the most accomplished singers, vocally.

  94. Everyone who said that deandre sang awfull……….just dont know what music is. Have the ever listened 2 MJ (she’s out of my life & just can’t stop loving you)…he also sounded like a girl but he’s the best selling artist ever…… if you don’t know what singing is………. SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!

    •  i like deandre… especially when deandre, jessica and candice did the “it doesn’t really matter” song

  95.    Skylar is my favorite no doubt, but Elise blew smoke on Led Z, she was in her zone.  Like they had Stevie Nicks mentoring, she should be there all the time maybe.                                                                                  

  96. Phillip was awesome. He is different and great to listen to. Jessica is good but do you really want to pay money to see her sing? When picking an Idol visualize if they were in your town would you pay money to see them. That is how to pick a winner. Phillip would entertain. Jessica has a beautiful voice but after a few songs one would start to get bored.

    • come on get real..philip sing like hes going to bury his self i wonder if he can perform continually in a concert and sustain that energy for the whole show…that growling all the way .. when i watching him i feel like i want him to stop now as in now..cause im tired seeing him sing like that every week

    • There’s a lot of people would pay to see Jessica in concert. If you’re paying to see Phil, others will pay to see Jessica. That simple

  97. I thought most all the performers were pretty good last night. Even the the usual basement dwellars Deandre and Heejun did a good job. If I was going to say most improved of the night, I would go with Elise. If I was saying biggest backwards slide, I would go with Colton. But, all in all … a pretty good night for everyone.

  98. It truly upsets me that Nicki Minaj was dressed so provocative and her along with the dancers were doing some of the moves they were doing. This is suppose to be a family show, and we had to change the channel after my 12 year old son entered the room. This is one of the reasons why so many young girls are dressing provacative and getting pregnant at such young ages. We have always loved American Idol and we have watched it from the first season, but it’s sad we may have to discontinue watching it now because of trying to keep standards and integrity in our home.

  99. Holly was fantastic and every season Randy has to pick on  someone, I guess this year it’s Holly. There were no pitch problems, as Randy described Holly’s singing of Carrie Underwood’s song. Why don’t they pick on the guys once and a while!! They are not as good as the three judges seem to think they are!

  100. I bought Jessica’s I Will Always Love You, Sweet Dreams  and Everybody Has a Dream from Itune.  I listened to them all day without tiring. Very soothing. I can’t believe a 16 year old can deliver  those songs with so much feelings. All 9 finalists are great but Jessica is the greatest.  I love Heejun’s farewell song, I just wished he was saved. At this point of the competition, the 9 finalists are all winners and deserving to be recording artists. 
    Thank you AI for discovering those talents.

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