American Idol Spoilers: Season 12 Hollywood Leaks

American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week

There are some big American Idol spoilers coming out for the upcoming Season 12 arriving in January 2013. If you want to remain surprised and avoid any spoiler information then stop reading now. Otherwise, continue on for the rumors on what’s happened in Hollywood and the changes we might see for the Las Vegas round.

According to TheIdolPad and MJs there have been a lot of tweaks this time around as previously reported. The boys and girls arrived on separate days to perform on their own and have now been whittled down to a Top 43 for each.

From the Top 43 for boys and girls they’ll be judged again and face several more sets of eliminations by the panel. Eventually they’ll get knocked down to a Top 20 for both groups before heading off to Las Vegas.

Allegedly the Las Vegas rounds for American Idol 2013 have been bumped out to January and will result in another down select to the Top 20 for Season 12.

Here’s where things get really interesting. Instead of America voting the Top 24 and down those decisions may be handled entirely by the new judges panel this year. If the rumors are true then we won’t get public voting until the Top 10 finalists have been hand picked by the producers judges.

Could these changes finally be what it takes in the process to avoid another WGWG American Idol winner? What do you think of these spoilers and rumors? Are producers taking the right steps or just overstepping their bounds?




  1. you have a great sense of humor…producers/judges!!! i think you hit it right on the head. let’s put it this way, the show hasn’t been the same since season 8. i’ll watch the top ten and then decide from there. happy holidays

    • I can’t decide if taking a lot of the voting out of the hands of the viewers is a good idea or not. I think I would have preferred some changes/fixes to the current voting methods, but maybe these changes will be good.

  2. If I had more faith in the judges [IMO puppets for Nigel and Jimmy] I’d say taking the early decisions away from the public would be a step in the right direction. As it is, only limiting the voting will bring me back to the fold.

  3. I think only time will tell if this is a good or bad decision. I don’t have much faith in these new judges yet….they have to earn my respect and from what I’ve been reading so far I’m not quite sure we’re there yet…

  4. Well being a Phillip Phillips fan I can say that there’s only one way they can advoid another WGWG winner and that’s limit the voting. I should also point out that the past two winners Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips have so far been pretty sucessful. I’m not going to watch this season anyway unless they fire Minaj

  5. I don’t like this decision! This was what separated Idol from everyone else, letting America choose the top 24. Not liking this!!!!

  6. I think that American Idol should do something different this year to keep the show suspenseful and exciting like bring back an unexpected Hollywood week finalist – – maybe one of the guys and one of the girls – – bring them back and let them try again – – one of the few that the judges really had faith in and expected to go further – – give them that “one last chance” to prove themselves and I’ll give my last bet that they will SHINE and be back on the show! I was really looking forward to seeing Devyn P on that show – He made it through a couple of rounds during hollywood week but had laryngitis – – He is truly amazing, captivating, & mezmerizing to women! If the American Idol judges read this – they will know exactly who we are talking about!!! He is so hot!!! That long dark curly hair – – Big Time Eye Candy & so alluring to the public eye and he has one of the best singing voices i have heard! The judges should really think of something to bring him back to the competition! He Need to be on TV. I know he won’t let America down & they will love him!!! 🙂

  7. Oh yea! I already know who you’re talking about! Bring Devyn back! I heard he had laryngitis and could barely perform during Hollywood week. Do you know how many people would vote for that guy? I’ve heard him sing & he rocks! He would be one of the reasons to turn the set on to watch AI. He would definitely bring something special to the show! Yea! Bring Devyn back!!!!!!!

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