American Idol Spoilers: Top 4 Mission & Giveaway Revealed

American Idol Ford Fiesta

On tonight’s American Idol Results episode the seasons final four finalists will be featured in another Ford mission video and we’ve got your spoilers right here on what they’ll be doing.

Past few weeks have featured a “Fiesta Movement” mission as they drove around town, but this week they’ll sit down and do so designing instead.

To promote viewers chance at winning a 2014 Ford Fiesta designed by the Idols we’ll get to watch as Amber, Angie, Candice, and Kree visit a different kind of a studio for a change. At this art studio they’ll help put together a few different looks that will end up splashed across the sides of a few Fiestas. We’ve got a sneak peak preview of how those designs turned out. Hmm, I wonder who designed the red one there in the background with “Country” stenciled across it?

Here’s the part you’ll really like. Ford is giving away these Fiestas and you can sign up to win them. Nice! Tonight Ryan Seacrest will announce how you can enter to win, but get a jump start and check out the American Idol site’s Ford section for a few early details.

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  1. They just couldn’t give the lovely Amber a chance could they? There is no way Angie was a better singer than Amber! Boo! I hope Candice wins. But I won’t hold my breath! I have felt for a long time now that they are pimping Kree! It is rigged. I am telling you it is riggedd!

    • Amber had many chances. She was on the show for 8 weeks! She had 8 chances. She has a great voice, and I am sure she has a great future ahead of her, but she has not been as consistent as the other 3 performers who are left. She had some brilliant moments, but she also had some poor song choices, etc. It’s interesting because you think the show is priming Kree, but there have been others who think they are primng Candice, so it’s just a matter of preference. Any of those final ladies could have won American Idol, in my opinion.

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