American Idol Top 10 Performances Video Recap: The Judges Get Harsh

'American Idol' Top 10 Performances - Season 13 TV Recap

Last night on American Idol, the Top 10 finalists performed songs from the Top 10 Billboard charts from 2010 to present. That’s certainly a mouthful, isn’t it? Unfortunately, we don’t think any of the performances will go down on any Top 10 list anywhere for best American Idol performances.

The American Idol 2014 judges weren’t pulling punches last night in their critiques of the Top 10 contestants. All of the judges were pushing the finalists hard to up their game in an evening of lackluster showings. Judge Harry Connick Jr. was especially harsh with his criticism, especially for MK Nobilette and Jessica Meuse.

Jessica Meuse on American Idol

Most of the complaints, which we agree with, were that the finalists just aren’t making these songs their own. They are also failing to connect emotionally with the songs and project that emotive side to the audience to produce those ‘wow’ moments.

We have to agree with Harry in the recap video above that unless these finalists “get bigger than these songs, it’s just going to come across as generic.”

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