Who Went Home on American Idol Tonight? 2/13/2014

Tonight we’ll find out which American Idol contestants were selected for the Season 13 and who went home on Thursday’s show with the conclusion of The Green Mile.

Green Mile Season 13 judges chairs

When we last saw our fearless band of judges they were torn between CJ and Casey. Both guys were asked to give them one last performance and now await the judges’ decision. Once we clear that hurdle the race continues as American Idol fills out its new team of semifinalists. The talent is strong this season so we’re sure to see a lot of deserving Hopefuls cut short.

The Green Mile – Who Went Home Tonight?

We’ll pick back up our list from yesterday for who made the Top 30 this year. There are still seven more girls and seven more guys to earn a spot in the semi-finals so let’s get to it! We can’t wait to meet the official group of contestants!

Don’t forget to be prepared for a twist at the end of tonight’s show that will open up voting a bit early when America gets to make the final decision on tonight’s elimination!

The Green Mile – Who Made The Top 30?

Top 15 Girls – American Idol 2014:

  1. Emily Piriz
  2. Jillian Jensen
  3. Malaya Watson
  4. Bria Anai Johnson
  5. Jessica Meuse
  6. M. K. Nobilette
  7. Kristen O’Connor
  8. Andrina Brogden
  9. Marrialle Sellars
  10. Jena Irene Asciutto
  11. Majesty Rose York
  12. Briana Oakley
  13. Brandy Neelly
  14. Kenzie Hall
  15. Austin Wolfe

Top 15 Guys – American Idol 2014:

  1. Spencer Lloyd
  2. George Lovett
  3. Sam Woolf
  4. Maurice Townsend
  5. Dexter Roberts
  6. Emmanuel Zidor
  7. Jordan Brisbane
  8. Malcolm Allen
  9. Alex Preston
  10. Casey Thrasher
  11. CJ Harris
  12. Caleb Johnson
  13. Ethan Harris
  14. Briston Maroney
  15. Neco Starr or Ben Briley?? … Vote Now to decide!

Are you excited for these singers? Did any of your favorites get cut from the competition? Share your thoughts! Air your grievances!