1. I like Crystal and I'm sure she is going to do just fine……I will buy her CD and decide for myself if I like it…..

  2. Pure NATURAL TALENT….doesn't need as many band members covering up "her voice" as you hear today….a breath of "fresh air". Her album will sell, and it should make others aware that albums have been sold by the millions with simpler background music covering up the words & on many occasions (lack of talent). Atta going Crystal. Don't let'em change your style too much. Will buy your music, definitely.

  3. If the album has diversity to it, I might be interested in buying it!

    Either way, I am sure her album will sell!

  4. Crystal is fantastic. I like the song and wish she had won the 2010 IDOL. She was the best performer.

  5. this girl got alot of blues in her voice i can tell you if she were to come to new orleans,la. or just come and help with our community center in arabi,louisiana and help get food for low income families i can say she would bring in alot of food. i love her music and when she was on american idol i just knew she would win. but it crushed me when she didnt crystal i just want to say keep on going with your music cause i would buy your cds. your my hero and congrats on your marriage. thanks again, janet woodward

  6. I just listened to Lee's performance on the Today show and then Crystal's performance on VH1. Crystal, Once again, just blows Lee totally away. I do feel in time Lee will improve, but he still needs vocal training, He still sings off key. What is my point? For two years, The runner up should have won, case in point, Adam Lambert,platinum,world tour, cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine, and the 1st Idol contestant brought back to mentor the contestants. Kris Allen, Kris who? The only thing I've seen of his, is a Ford commercial. Crystal Bowersox, does and will do the same to Lee.

  7. @Jodi……As far as I'm concerned until they correct the voting system, the teeny boppers are voting for the cutest guys instead of the real talent…..It was a travesty the year that Adam lost to Kris. I've seen Adam in concert and he is unbelievable…..Kris is good but he is no Adam.

    I just don't think we'll ever see another Adam Lambert on AI……and I will always watch the show because of do love it and enjoy the contestants…..

  8. Bought CD already and love it. Hope Bowersox is huge success because look forward to many more of her original songs. Her voice is great without a lot of back up music to drown out great lyrics.

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