Crystal Bowersox Debuts Single: Hold On – Listen To It Here

American Idol Crystal Bowersox

Ready to hear the first single from Crystal Bowersox? Take a listen to the American Idol runner-up’s demo of “Hold On”:

MTV has the word on Crystal’s debut song and details on her performance for a group of executives from VH1:

The “American Idol” runner-up kicked things off by premiering “Hold On,” the first official single from her album. Curiously enough, the song wasn’t written by Bowersox, who has notoriously insisted she will have her hand in every album track. Instead, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger penned it with former “Idol” headache judge Kara DioGuardi.

But fear not, music fans with good taste. If those two names have you running for the hills, take a breather. “Hold On” is a devastating breakup ballad that’s both radio friendly and Bowersoxy. One only hopes the album mix stays true to Crystal’s acoustic troubadour sensibilities, because the track could very well sound like a Nickelback song if it gets overproduced with generic fuzzy guitars and schmaltzy strings.

The song definitely feels like something from Nickelback, but we won’t hold it against her. What do you think? Ready to hear more from Crystal’s debut album?

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  1. Are you kidding me?! I have been as big a Crystal fan as anyone could possibly be since early Feb when I first heard her on AI. Since then I have fallen in love with EVERY one of her originals (even every one of her covers). But this bubblegum, teeny-bopper, synthesized, sounds-like-everything-out-there song makes me sick to my stomach. I am horribly disappointed the Jive wants to introduce Crystal to a wider audience with THIS. I hope and pray the rest of her album tracks are her own. They are truly special, both lyrically and musically. I beg Jive to reconsider this as the first single release. Bad marketing decision. I suspect Crystal is not totally on board with this as well.

  2. Me again – trying very hard to come to terms with the fact that Crystal is even paired with this song at ALL! I love this incredibly talented girl and want to be positive, so here my best attempt at being positive. What I know about Crystal is that her talent is out of this world and her unwavering spirit and knowledge of who she is and wants to be as an artist won't permit her to compromise that. So, while she (and her fans) may be unhappy that her first single isn't one of her originals, we can be certain of two things – on some level she must connect to this song or she would surely have refused to record it in the first place. And second, we will hear a "Crystallized" version of it that will probably sound NOTHING like this demo. I'm gonna be optimistic, because I wholeheartedly believe in Crystal and am still SOOO looking forward to her CD.

  3. What do I think? Well first, how about giving Kara a break and second, Loved it.

  4. I wasn't a big Crystal fan but I kinda liked the song….She is an excellent singer and she gives this song credibility……

  5. No disrespect to Kara at all. My point is that this song (at least done in this style) seems to not suit Crystal at all. I'm sure she'll put her spin on it. But, as it sounds here, it is ordinary at best. And frankly, sounds like every other "kid-rock" song playing already. There's an audience for this kind of music, but it's not the audience that loves Crystal. I'm looking forward to hearing what Crystal does with this song.

  6. @Phyllis G. – Did you know you were not listening to Crystal's voice in this demo? It is Kara singing. Crystal's version will likely have a very different sound. At least, I'm hoping!

  7. Where's the REAL Crystal????…I'm a fan, but I'm looking for the gal (not torn assunder from her roots). I hope the producer allowed her some freedom on the album; then, I know I won't be disappointed. She's got to be in there somewhere.

  8. @Joyce M. Thailand It's not about WHOSE music it is that I'm reacting to. It's about the STYLE of music. The SOUND of the song. THOSE aspects of the song are NOT CRYSTAL at all….. YET…. it's my hope that she can do something with this very bland, uninteresting, and ordinary piece that will be interesting and appealing to all the people who fell in love with Crystal's music and with her fabulous original material. I'm optimisitic, but I will say this. As it sounds in this demo, this arrangement/version/rendition whatever you want to call it, is one I would NEVER play or spend my money on. I will love hearing Crystal's voice on it, but I hope the arrangement is REALLY different!!

  9. @hbhr…No, I did not know that was Kara. What was the point of that?…..I want to hear Crystal's rendion of it…

  10. I liked it!!! It's interesting that jive went in that direction for the demo!

    Anyway, I liked what I heard!

  11. I am pleasantly surprised! I loved it! Sorry to the die-hard Crystal Bowersox-Walker fans but there is something great here. I am positive her whole album will not be like this. I know you die-hard fans want the sound from her you are use to and I don't blame you for that. But to get her out there they "think" they have to be radio friendly so as to get to a wider audience than just Idol. What I am surprised about is Crystal allowing this to be her first single. But maybe she was overpowered and if that is true then Jive will probably kill her artistic value and suck her dry. THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING! While I like this song, I do now believe it is not right for Jive to do this to her. Die-hard fan or not, it is appalling that they are treating such a talented artistic and gifted artist like Crystal like this. Hey RCA how about telling your co-horts at JIVE to step back and let the Crystal be herself, THAT is what has made people notice and love her, not what you are I am sure forcing her to put out. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

    P.S. While I like the song, I must admit it doesn't sound anything like Crystal, more like Nickelback (who I love). Crystal is not a SELL-OUT so JIVE smarten up and stand up and reconize that before it is too late!

  12. Wow I didn't realize that THAT wasn't Crystal singing. It does sound like Kara. Is this true? If so, what was the point in doing that????

  13. @Trish You make an interesting point about Jive possibly considering "Hold On" more radio-friendly than some of the other album tracks. I don't happen to agree with that, but I can see the possibility.

    @Phyllis – Yup that's Kara singing alright. It'll really be interesting to hear Crystal's take on this song. If anyone can make me like it, it's her!!! 'Cuz right now? Don't much care for the song.

  14. …..NOT Kara at all…It's Crystal..And, with a video…. could be interesting! Her clear precise phrasing is a head above Kara's voice.

    Go back ….listen one more time. It could grow on you. It's all the "sound all alike music" that we don't like behind her. If they'd put this kind of sound behind the purity of John Denver's lyrics, look what would have been missed. Crystal has this same pure quality, and it's not to be trampled on.

    Don't drown out this voice…. for all of Crystal's fans …….PLEASE?

  15. @Don – You are right about the backing vocal and music (I can't even call that synthetic noise music) behind her. Crystal will give whatever she sings her special touch, her own very unique sound, and we'll "get it", I'm sure, once we hear HER singing it. That's a tall order with this song – she's gotta get blood from a rock here! LOL But, you do know that's Kara singing in this demo, don't you. Seriously – it is.

  16. Very Disappointing 🙁 I didn't expect her to put out a song that sounds like Kelly Clarkson! Where did her originality go?

  17. Hold On ! Until I hear Crystal sing this song in its final version I am not saying anything…but can't wait to hear it.

  18. The song is really disappointing. It sounds like any other overproduced record for teenagers. The upbeat tempo is good but it seems to have no ending and simply trails off.

    jive is missing the wonderful purity of Crystals voice with its clarity and expression. I have fallen in love with her original sound accompanied by her own guitar and the bass . Please choose a song that is radio friendly but captures the essence of her artistry. sob, sob.

  19. I really liked this song. Her voice sounds great, and the song itself is catchy. I can see it becoming really popular.

  20. I like the recording. I think she did the right thing to get radio time to "get herself out there." I'm a "child of the "60's and like any song she sings. I'm not a fair weather-fan.

    I think this move will further her career to capture a wider audience at this time.

  21. @Carol, I am also a child of the 60's, and what I keep pointing out to my friends, is exactly what you said! A performer has to be able to reach a large demograhic, if he/she desires to be successful!

    I know there are a lot of people who will not agree with this, but that's the wonderful world of entertainment!

  22. @Angela @Carol……I may be a slight bite older than you guys, I was a teenager in the 60's but I agree with that statement "There is a wonderful world of entertainment". We should be open to all genre's of music and I think that Crystal can reach them if she diversifies…..

  23. I think it's very good, sounds like kelly clarkson…but for the first song I'm intreguded I love it when artist helps in the song writing, thats what american idol needs to do one week "Write an Original Song Week" it will showcase talent better.

  24. I liked the song a lot. And if she were compared to Nickleback, then she will definitely have the hits that she deserves. What a tribute to her!

  25. Chris,

    Crystal wrote 8 of the songs on her album, and co-wrote 2 more…So she had a hand in 10 of the 12 songs. She is an amazing songwriter.

  26. I like the polish but come the girl growl & cry she is the best let her be that strong bluesy rocker not another cookie cutter image of what you think sells

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