Jennifer Lopez Blocking Her Songs On American Idol

Only Jennifer Lopez can perform songs by Jennifer Lopez, says Jennifer Lopez… With Paula and Kara as judges in the past it was inevitable that American Idol contestants would try and impress them with one of their own songs performed in a new way. This year new judge J.Lo says she won’t be having any of that:

After hearing a few contestants mimic some of the 41-year-old singer’s No. 1 hits, J-Lo is warning them not to sing her songs if they want to make it to the next round.

“It was cute, super entertaining and flattering, but no,” she said to reporters Nov. 4 in Los Angeles.

Lopez claims she is only helping the amateur singers make a better impression on the judges, but who doesn’t love a good rendition of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”?

Do you think American Idol 2011 contestants should be allowed to cover her songs? Maybe a few of them will start chasing Aerosmith songs instead if Lopez thinks her songs are above this competition. You’d think she might want to introduce a new age group to songs she released a decade ago! I guess not…

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  1. I do believe J.Lo to be a little full of herself. I have been watching american idol since it came on air and have always been excited about its return every winter. Not so this year. I am not a fan of anyone who believes themself to be so above others. This year A.I. will be one of those shows that "if" I have time for it, I will watch it. It isn't my top priority show anymore. Too many changes and not in the right direction, especially when J.Lo came on board. She is thinking this show is all about her. American Idol is much bigger than she is and she needs to be put in her place. I will miss the old gang. Too sad, but life is, indeed, all about change. I will mourn the passing of what was my favorite program every season. This season is definitely the beginning of the end. Many of my friends, co-workers and aquaintences say the same. You guys made a big mistake with bringing on J.Lo. This latest nonsense about her not wanting the contestants to sing her music is another verification of that. I personally believe she is an insecure artist who is afraid others will perform her songs better than she herself does. I am not trying to be vicious or rude, just stating observation and what I believe to be fact. Mrs. Sechrest (mother of Ryan Sechrest).

  2. Jenny from the block, is just too good for this show.

    I think she doesn't want to face an embarrassing situation, like Paula (probably) did last year, when Andrew Garcia did a MUCH better version of Straight Up.

    On the other hand, she might not be in the mood to hear some 16 year old butchering her songs. That happens a lot.

    If they can do it better I think they should sing whatever they want. It's good she's not the only judge.

  3. There's a good chance that some hopeful could outsing JLO, and outsinging Steven Tyler would be even more likely. That being said, I believe she just doesn't want to be subject to such obvious pandering.

  4. She is being a pompous ASS. The contestants then should tell her to stick her songs where the sun don't shine !!!!!

  5. I've never even heard this song!

    …but then,I'm not a huge fan of middle-of-the-road pop songs. Give me KD Laing any day.

    Or Ella.

  6. I think this rule is crazy!

    The contestant is risking the same result from the artist .. both negative or positive.

    As long as the artist is not so full of themselves that that lose the consideration of the constestants who didn't risk that leap.

  7. JLo's decision should be respected for whatever reasons. The contestants have so many other better choices to pick from. New singers -New songs-new champions. Think positive man.

  8. I think they should be allowed to sing her songs,they choose them obviouslly because they love them and because they love her.She should be flattered and proud that they choose her songs.Every song comes from an artist and no one else seems to mind,and always say you done me proud to sing my song.

  9. After reading everyones comments,i also believe that there is no other reason for her to not want anyone to sing her songs except that she is afraid that someone will sing her songs 100 times better than herself,and then to hear the people and other judges say so also..would make her not feel so important anymore and to know that there are better singers out there than herself.Knowing all this and how she feels will result in less purchase of her cd's,and less admiration of her.She is definatly full of herself,she keeps this up she will have to perform for only herself because no one else will want to listen anymore.

  10. Hey Pixie.

    It just may be that she doesn't want to judge a contestant on the merits of kissbutt vs. talent.

    I recall Paula getting confused in this regaurd a few times… and even Randy did a time or two.

  11. There are a jillion songs out there to sing. If JALO doesn't want her songs sung, don't sing them. She'd probably disagree with the new rendition anyway.

  12. I agree with Jennifer, if she doesn't want the contestants to sing her songs thats her right…..and frankly they shouldn't sing her songs or James Taylor's…….Like someone said,there are a trillion songs out there to sing….

  13. I'm with you Phyllis. It isn't as if JLO has any world class material in her songbook. And there is a real chance that the contestant would only choose her song to curry favor.

  14. i think that is really stupid of Jennifer Lopez to block all of her songs it's stupid to do that whith any of her songs

  15. @Mac, I agree with what you said, about Jennifer probably not being in the mood, to hear a 16 year old butchering her songs!

    Anyhow, whatever the reason(s) for JLO's decision, its like Phyllis G said, "that's her right"! I'm with you Phyllis!

  16. I just love it when people make the "diva" assumptions and accusations immediately.

    If I were a judge (on AI or any other venue) and a contestant sang one of my songs, no matter how wonderfully or badly done, the first thought that would come to my mind is, "How many 'points' is this person trying to gain by choosing one of the judge's songs?" As a viewer, I'd wonder the same thing. Last year's performance of Paula Abdul's song was different, because she'd already left the show and was no longer on the panel.

    IMNSHO, I believe that contestants should not be allowed to sing ANY of the judges' songs, unless that were a "theme" for the week or some such thing. It removes the "kissing ass to gain points/favor" question completely.

    Further, every artist has every right to his/her copyright. There are many songs that can't be performed on AI strictly because the copyright owners have forbidden it. Personally, as a former performing vocalist myself, I think it's stupid to take copyright that far. However, it is still the law and still the copyright owner's right, whether we agree with it or not.

    Let's hold off on judging the judges till the season begins and we get to see exactly what kind of job they do, why don't we? Supposedly AI's winners are chosen by voters and not by the judges anyhow, so what's the big deal, in the end? They're only there to give critiques and their personal opinions, anyhow.

  17. I think the reason the judges are so important to the viewers is because they provide an immediate response to the contestants' performances. We like to see if they agree with us or not and have our opinions confirmed by a so-called expert. If Jaylo disagrees with my choices I will naturally think she is a diva and not worth listening to. On the other hand,if she agrees with me,I might just become her biggest fan.

    This is why I liked Simon so much.

  18. Why is it that Kathryn is the only person who has a clue here? She has more than trite opinions.

    Who are you Kathryn?

  19. @Marty: I am a nobody, really. I used to be a performing vocalist, but only in bars, clubs, casinos, corporate gigs, and the likes. I never "made it big" like Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler. However, having been "in the business" for a couple of decades, I developed an instinct about the how and why of many aspects of show business. Some things just make sense.

    Oh, and thank you for complimenting me. I was expecting the first comment aimed at me to be full of insults. lol

  20. I agree with you also jini.. that's what makes this so entertaining.. I will miss Simon.

    I agreed with him so many times… 🙁

  21. I think some of us are hooked on this because we think we are talent scouts.

    If the artists that we pick early on make it through the game and into the finals? We are rewarded. Sometimes you win.. sometimes you lose.

    What we win? I don't know or care.. it's just fun.

  22. I think they should sing her songs…You would think she would be honored…There are better singers then her in the celebrity world..they do not seem to care…

  23. Before I pass judgement on poor old Jaylo,I think I'd better listen to one of her songs. I have resisted the urge until now.

  24. @Kathryn: I thought so. You obviously have an informed opionion. I am new to this particular response blog. But I am amazed at how few people have serious contributions. It must be because I'm venturing into young and shallow waters.

    I really Did like your post.

  25. @Marty……This happens to be a very nice post and many of us have been using it for years…We all voice our opinions, our likes and dislikes. This does not make any of us young & shallow…..For the most part we respect each other views and opinions….of course we don't always agree. For the record….I am neither young nor shallow….Just reading and commenting on other peoples views. No pros here just AI fans…..

  26. I respect Jaylo not wanting people to sing her songs. I don't think this has anything to do with attitude. She probably does not want to judge her own songs.

    "We are our worst critics" and I think she doesn't want to be faced with that reality.

  27. @Phyllis! Amen!!! Thank you for setting the record straight!!!

    There are some people out there, who just doesn't get it!!!!

  28. Ok Phyllis.. you got me.

    I think I was frustrated by the lack of responses.. it's really hard to volley with so few comments. But I will respect your blog and bow out. I was just looking for fun people with common interests anyway… 🙁

  29. P.S. Phyllis..

    I'll bet that I am older than you.

    But we have to vie for how young we feel or how shallow we are.

    ? 🙂

  30. @Marty Holla, I am a child of the 60's, and today is my birthday November 19th!!!!

    Now, just so you know, I am not a young woman who have opinions that you'll probably not agree with and Phyllis G., is still right on point!!!!!

  31. Ok Angela and Phyliss.. I am out numbered.

    I will concede.. but I was a child of the sixties also.

    My first live concert was the beatles at redrocks in 64. It was brutal.. I was young .. a male and shorter than most of the screaming females. But I somehow left with a smile on my face.

  32. @Angela…..thanks for the support.

    @Marty….on this blog we welcome different view points, thats what makes this blog fun. I'm just not a fan of people's insults. I believe on this blog we have young, middle age and older people, this is what makes this fun. I may not be young but I am definitely young at heart. I was a teenager in the 60's and I've grown with the music.

    Marty…if you watch AI you view points are always welcomed….

    P.S. Happy Birthday Angela….

  33. I have said from the beginning J Lo is a diva! What is it going to do if they sing her songs? Hurt her great big feelings? Duh! bring back Simon!

  34. I agree with Mthompson

    November 7th, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    She is being a pompous ASS.She defintely is a poumpous ass! Sorry you all. But it is the truth! Hi Phyllis from (Las Vegas) How are you doing girl? well lets get this show on the road! What is goiing on with ADAM ? Also I haven't heard much about Kris Allen either. Bye Sherry K

  35. Hi Sherry K…..nice to see you on the blog….Just want to say "Happy Holidays" to you.

  36. @Sherry K. Hey girl, so good to see you on the site. I'm still following ADAM. I believe he is knocking them dead in Europe…..

    I really am excited about this Season with Nigel back, I just hope I'm not disappointed…….The last season was a total disappointment…..there was no one that really jumped out at me except SIOBHAN and she had no Judge support…..Lets hope this new season is better. Hope to talk to you soon. Take Care.

  37. I liked Siobhan best,as well. I even know how to spell her name!

    I always like the one who comes in third or fourth or seventh,but then,if I actually liked #1 I would wonder about my taste. I like to think I am ever so slightly avante-garde!

    ….by the way,whatever happened to her?

  38. @Jini.. I don't know what happened to Siobhan.. but she was one that I really liked also.. and one that I picked early that didn't make to the level that "I" thought that she would. But I'm sure that it won't be the last time that this happens.:)

    I see AI struggling to rebrand and change things.

    Sometimes we just have to let things go.. it's lived a wonderful life.. AI.9 may not be sustainable.

  39. Hi Phyllis G! (Las Vegas) How are you doing? My stupid computer crashed! So I am using my son's borrowed computer. I agree with you! Last years contestants were not too whippy. I mean how many copies of his album did Lee DeWeeze sell? I do not even know if his name is spelled right? Poor dude.I am still trying to follow ADAM. I still like him! But, I do not think he is going to be the BIG star I had hoped he would? He is such a darling. But I just think the homophobic thing has hurt him. It shouldn't have! You know that and I know it too! It's a shame! I always love to talk to you and read your comments! You are one of the best on here! Take care and I will give you a shout when this AI gets going. My birthday is December 16 th. I am not going to say how old I am so everyone on here can see it.What do you think? If you were a teenager in the 60's girl that pretty much gives your age away. No problem. I was a teenager in the 60's too! I just love, love Steve Perry of Journey! Wow! His voice still knocks me out! OK, I will shut my big mouth now and hit the sack. Later girl. Sherry K

  40. @Sherry K. I do miss seeing you on this blog but its good to hear from you……

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY…..they tell me that 60's is the new 40's…LOL……Enjoy every minute of your Birthday…..also have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy & Happy New Year…..Talk to you next season…..I am getting excited about it..

    P.S. I love Journey too….I think we have the same taste in Music too!!!!!!!!!

  41. @ Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) Girl, You rock! We do have a lot in common! Merry christmas. And I am praying 2011 will be better for our soldiers and the whole world. Back at you after AI starts up. Lets hope they have some great talent this year! Sherry K

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