American Idol 2013: Top 10 Girls Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2013 Top 10 Girls

No matter how incredible those Top 10 girls were last night on American Idol 2013, half of them will have to be eliminated on Thursday night. Well, unless there’s some sort of wildcard twist thrown in there after previously being promised that would definitely not happen. But with no where else to go but eliminations it’s worth taking a look and making some predictions on who will be cut.

First up is the “gotta be safe” category. I have no problem putting these girls right on over in to the Top 10 column for American Idol 2013. Angela Miller, Kree Harrison, and Candice Glover. All of these ladies had “wow” performances and should skate right on through.

Angela has been a leading fan favorite for awhile now and last night was another fantastic for her. Kree is proving to be a strong contender and her performance last night should keep her steady. Candice was blessed with the pimp spot just before voting begins which goes great with a knockout performance like the one she had.

Next we’ve got the “danger zone” category where I think these American Idol 2013 singers are most likely safe, but not necessarily. Amber Holcomb, Janelle Arthur, and Aubrey Cleland fall in to the middle column.

Amber’s performance was awesome and she should really be in the first group, but I think she may still be close. Janelle has the country thing going if Kree doesn’t invade that arena too much and those votes are likely to keep her going into next week. Lastly you’ve got Aubrery with a decently strong performance in a crowded field of even better singers. Of course not all three of these ladies can make the cut so if one is knocked out I’d say it’ll be Aubrey. Then again, if that wild card does rear its ugly head then Aubrey could be the one to benefit from it.

In the last group, “set for elimination,” I’ll place the remaining American Idol girls: Adriana Latonio, Breanna Steer, Tenna Torres, and Zoanette Johnson.

Adriana had a downright awful performance last night and while she might be pulling a high portion in our poll I’d attribute that to a return rise in foreign visitor votes. Come Thursday night when foreign votes aren’t counted I think we’ll see a focus on talent rather than unwarranted national pride and Adriana will be cut. Breanna starts with a “b” like the word “boring.” She’s a good singer but so painfully dull with that song choice that she won’t get a chance to correct it next week.

Tenna Torres is another talented singer but one who is going to get pushed out of the way by even more talented voices. Plus her name is spelled “Tenna” but pronounced “Teena” and I’m ready to stop typo’ing that name. Finally we arrive at Zoanette. We laughed. We cried. We had a good run, but the Sanjaya of American Idol 2013 is ready to be cut loose.

Think my predictions are crazy wrong? Share your thoughts and make your own elimination predictions for this week!




  1. I’ve been reading everyone’s comments, and I thought there was a clear 5 performances that stand out as best vocals. I do agree that the girls are better and I have been waiting for a girl to win for the longest time. Last night…Kree, Candice, Angela, Amber and Janelle were the clear best vocals of the night. I ended up fast forwarding or leaving the room through the other five.

    I know Lazaro has a huge following (including myself), but he does not have the best vocals by any means and you would be lying if you said he did. I do hope he makes it to the top 10 as I do think he deserves it. I think he is adorable and his story is amazing, but I do not think he would have the same success with an album as someone like Angela, Candice or Kree would. I would be very upset if Lazaro wins this competition. Everyone keeps talking about how American Idol should just bow out gracefully. I have been standing behind this competition as one with the most talent, but if it heads in the same direction as it has for the past couple of seasons…I too will lose all hope and faith in this competition.

    I now would like to refer to the statistics of past seasons. There was an article recently released listing the top 10 highest earning american idols of 2012. Of those top 10, there were 6 girls on the list, including 3 out of the 4 female winners. Take a moment and think about those statistics. Why does American keep putting through the cute guy as the winner, when they clearly are not the most talented, nor the one that is going to make the money and keep America’s interest. Stop voting because you think someone is cute or you feel sorry for them. Vote for them because of their talent and how much potential you see in them in making a career for themselves.

    • I, for one, having been saying that voters should support the most talented vocalist from the very beginning. And it’s not only the voters who are choosing based on something else. The judges have eliminated far too many gifted vocalists in favor of the less than talented. I do not agree that the girls group has more talent and I also think it’s ridiculous to separate the groups by gender in the first place. There are some standout male singers such as Nick Boddington. It will be a sad day if he is eliminated in favor of a “cute” girl who can carry a tune and has the “look” AI knows they can promote. Lazaro is an amazing singer and his personal struggles add to his appeal for some viewers , but he most certainly does not have the ability of Nick or Vincent. As for the ladies, my preference so far is Janelle, Amber and Angela. Kree is great, but she doesnt seem consistently great. I guess we will see if talent, looks, personality or simply gender wins out.

      • You really need to start looking at Janelle critically. Seriously she wasn’t in the top 5 vacally this week. Niether was she last week. Bad song selections also.

        Ask yourself this question. This is her 3rd year in a row trying to get to top 10. She would have had more than a few record execs look at her over the last couple of years. Woman has beautiful looks and a heart and soul which appears to match. Why has she not got a contract and is back on idol a 3rd time? Maybe the execs think her voice isn’t strong enough to compete over time in the country market…. just maybe!

        She’ll either get voted in or wildcarded IMHO. Other than jealousy she is likeable by virtual anyone. Girl next door and apple pie… now that’s American!!

      • That is a fair point and I wish you or someone could elaborate a bit on it. Why is she back for the 3rd time? Has it been one bad performance that has been her downfall each time? I guess that could happen, but why hasnt a record producer picked her up? Maybe she was told she wasnt ready but is not willing to accept that? I dont know, but I’d like to.

  2. What was good about Candice?
    i didnt like it, i prefered amber over her,
    to me their way to similar, one needs to go,
    or we’re run into another hollie/jessicia.
    i want a variety and not the same old thing.

  3. Mine would be Amber, Kree, Candice, Angela, and Aubrey, in that order. I feel Angela is not the shoe-in others think and that Janelle is sweet and pleasant but has been over-rated. Amber is the “sleeper” star. Some of the guys are as the best girls. Idol is promoting their superiority. The cute guys who CAN sing were often eliminated early to help the girl candidates. It’s long been felt that the girl/idol thing is related to their unlimited voting practice which favors singers young girls want. They will vote beyond what most of us will!!

  4. i say keep angela and get rid of everyone else and start over…very disappointed with this season……. to many ballads and i dont feel any of them are good enough for this show…..

  5. Zoanette should have never gotten this far. She should have gone last week. There were other good singers and to use that slot to pick up someone who didn’t take the competition serious is a disgrace to those who were not given a chance.

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