Avalon Young American Idol 2016: ‘Earned It’ [VIDEO]

Avalon Young has a great voice and very little care about what people think about her hair, makeup, clothes, or any of that other shallow nonsense. We admire that about the young singer, and she’s proven that her talent is certainly a force to be reckoned with. However, she hasn’t had a lot of ‘wow’ moments on the stage during American Idol 2016 and the viewers seem to be losing interest.

American Idol 2017 Finalist Avalon Young
American Idol 2016 Finalist Avalon Young

In our latest fan favorites poll, Avalon almost came in next to last place, only beating out Gianna Isabella, who barely got any votes at all. We were afraid Avalon wouldn’t make the American Idol Top 8, but we were glad that due to a last minute twist, all of the Top 10 were able to perform again this week. We were really looking forward to hearing Avalon do “Earned It” by The Weeknd, which was a great song choice for her!

Jennifer Lopez told Avalon that this song was exactly what she needed to come out and do. She said there is no one else in the competition like Avalon. Harry Connick Jr. said Avalon needed a great performance, and that’s exactly what she gave. He said it was the perfect song choice for her, and added that if she doesn’t like to wear makeup, she doesn’t have to because she’s naturally beautiful. Keith Urban also really liked the performance as well.

What did you think about Avalon Young in the American Idol 2016? Find out if she made it to the Top 8 finalists in our American Idol results wrap-up!