American Idol Spoilers: Judges Will Save A Bottom 3 Contestant Tonight

Get ready for a surprise twist tonight with the American Idol 2016 elimination results when the Judges make their move to keep a pick of their own in the competition.

American Idol Judges tonight on FOX
American Idol Judges tonight on FOX – Source: @AmericanIdol

According to Scott Borchetta, as reported by MJs Big Blog, the Top 8 show tonight will feature performances by all of the Top 10 contestants. Then in a new spin the Bottom 3 will still get a chance to perform before the Judges decide which two of them should be sent home while keeping their favored singer.

Instead of basing tonight’s elimination on viewer votes the results will be decided by production and could end up saving the last place singer while swapping places with the 8th place contestant. Ouch.

Your votes in our poll suggest we could be looking at a Bottom Three with Olivia Rox, Avalon Young, and Gianna Isabella. Tristan McIntosh just barely dodged the bottom three in our poll so she could be edging the danger zone in lieu of Olivia.

If any combination of those contestants end up in the bottom ring, who do you think will be saved by the Judges? They saved Olivia once before so she seems like an obvious pick. Should Rox avoid this situation tonight, as I suspect she will, then the choice could be tougher for them.

What do you think of this surprising move by American Idol? Should they have just let it go with the Bottom 2 eliminated tonight or is it better to override the viewer votes?




  1. Since y’all wanna say Olivia gonna be a bottom 3 contestant (Which she’s not) the other 2 contestants might as well pack they bags and plan their funeral because Queenlivia will SLAUGHTER their souls

      • Darling ain’t nothing lacking dear. I’ve been seeing Queenlivia getting all type of unnecessary heat this whole week she had one of the top 4 performances this week and have a very strong support system. So um respect the Queen when you hear her singing dear 🙂

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