American Idol Results: Meet Your American Idol Top 8

Tonight the reigning Top 10 finalists from American Idol 2016 will face a Double Elimination as two more singers are cut from the race and we discover the Season 15 Top 8 contestants.

American Idol's Top 8 contestants on Season 15
American Idol’s Top 8 contestants on Season 15 – Source: FOX

After sending home four singers last week the viewers had another chance to support their favorites with American Idol voting and the stakes were higher than usual.

Find out what your favorites are singing tonight with the American Idol spoilers for the Top 8’s song list. We’ve got a very interesting night ahead thanks to a few of these picks!

Thanks to the shortened schedule for American Idol 2016 there won’t be time for once-a-week vote-offs. Instead we’re heading toward two straight rounds of double cuts to get us down to the final six contestants in just two more weeks. Check the full American Idol schedule to see the details.

American Idol 2016 Top 8

WOW! Once again our performance poll is on the money thanks to your votes. You correctly predicted the Bottom 3 this week with Olivia, Avalon, and Gianna.

The Judges Save went to Avalon with Gianna and Olivia saying goodbye tonight.

Which of these singers will make the American Idol Top 6 next? Share your thoughts.

Join us again at 8PM ET on Thursday for our live coverage with official Idol results.




  1. Top 10 Power Ranking: Based on Consistency and Social Following
    1. La’Porsha Renea
    2. Sonika Vaid
    3. Mackenzie Bourg
    4. Dalton Rapattoni
    5. Olivia Rox
    6. Trent Harmon
    7. Avalon Young
    8. Lee Jean
    9. Gianna Isabella
    10. Tristan MacIntosh
    So.. Tristan and Gianna will most likely be eliminated, but Lee and Avalon are also at risk. La’Porsha and Sonika are definitely safe.

  2. I don’t see why Lee Jean would be above Dalton, who was, like, the best male performer of last night. I mean, La’Porsha being above him makes sense, but Lee?

  3. The two I would send home this week would be Avalon and Gianna. I think Gianna is the weakest singer. I just have a problem with people like Avalon who come on the show and say that they refuse to change their appearance. That means that they will be generally uncooperative about everything. The contestants need to change to improve.

  4. I don’t see Olivia Rox in the top 8 so someone completely screwed up. I’m not watching. I’m gonna drink a Pepsi and pee on my neighbor’s Ford Fusion.

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