Caleb Johnson Rocks Led Zeppelin on American Idol Top 9 [VIDEO]

American Idol season 13 finalist Caleb Johnson rocked “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin on the Top 9 performances show Wednesday night. In what many fans on social media were calling the best performance of the night, Caleb proved he may just have the chops to be the American Idol 2014 winner.

American Idol Caleb Johnson Top 9

During his performance, the American Idol judges were rocking along in their seats. Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez even stood for a standing ovation when he was done. We’re not sure why Harry Connick Jr. sat there like a rock while the audience screamed, but he’s Harry.

J-Lo said Caleb’s performance was “sexy” like it never has been before. “That takes it to another level as far as rock. You want to be the front-man of a rock band, you have to have that. You have that!” Caleb could only respond to that with: “Holy crap!” Harry complimented Caleb on a great performance and he doesn’t know how he could have sung it any better. Keith Urban said Caleb is such a good front-man and he really led the thing, coming at him “like an airbag in slow motion.”

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    • I loved it George but Jena just went a wee bit out there, that song is sung with more power but a good job

  1. Candice won last year and Phillip Phillips the year before. I think Alex really reminds me of him and he may take this all the way this year.

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