Candice Glover’s Top 4 American Idol 2013 Performances (VIDEOS)

Candice Glover Top 4

Last night on American Idol 2013, the Top 4 girls had a do-over of sorts and no one took advantage of the do-over quite like Candice Glover.

She caught a lot of flack last week, but this week it was all praise and sparkles from the judging panel. I think she probably had the strongest performances of the night, but I’m just one person. Who do you think had the strongest of the night? Let’s take another look at her performances.

Candice Glover sings “When I Was Your Man”

I was kind of irritated that she picked a song that is performed from a male’s perspective and didn’t change the pronoun. But then I learned she tweeted that she wasn’t allowed to change any of the lyrics. Which I translate into Bruno Mars is a diva. But anyway, the performance was pretty solid and I barely noticed her singing the words “when I was your man.”

Candice Glover sings “You’ve Changed”

This was the real performance of the night for Candice. The first was good, but this one was fantastic. It was emotional and she connected with the audience. Of the four standards songs, this was by far the best choice and possibly the best-performed.




  1. candise im in love with your voice you make me close my eyes and hear you spiritual you are my best idol you burnell i love yall keep doin it and go hard everytime i would love to work with you in the future thanx you you are truly a blessing.

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