Carrie Underwood Performs “See You Again” On American Idol 2013

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is easily the biggest star to come out of Idol which makes her return to that same stage for American Idol 2013 all that more important.

While the series continues to fall in its ratings it’s important to remember the value and contribution to the music industry provided by the show. Sure, it’s put out some duds, but American Idol has also created some of the biggest names in music today.

Can this season produce another star as big as Underwood? That’s a tall order, but the ladies have shown they’re working hard to try and meet that challenge.

Watch as Carrie returns to her Idol home and performs her single “See You Again.”

Carrie Underwood Performs “See You Again” – Video




  1. Carrie is the best American Idol has ever and will ever produce. She is beautiful, talented and a truly remarkable artist.

  2. Oh dear. I have to say, I thought Carrie’s performance very mediocre and….boring!! Carrie isn’t well known in England though of course most people have at least heard her name. Most of the contestants last night outshone her, easily!! I really think she’s over-rated. Sorry.

    • I thght same thing, she was doing a remake of….ugg what is it? It will come to me, but someone definitely borrowed

      • I just watched the video and I could be mistaken, but the beginning instantly reminded me of “Home” by Phillip Phillips and the rest contained elements of “Gone, Gone , Gone” by the same guy, which is the farewell song played when someone is eliminated. I think its the drum beat.

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