American Idol 2013 Hits The Double Song Phase


American Idol 2013 hits the double song phase this week when the remaining six finalists will be performing not one, but yes two songs as part of their competition show on Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

Lazaro Arbos, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb,Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller all return to the stage on Wednesday night starting at 8PM ET/PT on FOX for another live round after seeing Burnell Taylor eliminated from the race during Thursday’s eviction results show.

One of the two songs each American Idol 2013 finalist will be performing is required to be “A Song I Wish I Had Written.” That should leave the singers wide open to pick any song by any artist. This is basically a wild card pick for them and should help to avoid uncomfortable performances from forced genres.

The looming question is surely whether or not fan favorite Lazaro Arbos will continue to ride the wave of popularity on to the next round or if he’ll be the fifth male in a row to be eliminated, leaving behind a Top 5 girls team to crown an American Idol winner.




  1. If Lazaro goes through this time then it’s By By Idol, hello The Voice. I just don’t want to sit through him singing twice!

    • I think its time for a girl to leave, sooner or later even if the judges use the save. And besides it is no t only up to u to decide if lazaro gets to stay or leave. And we keep him on the show bc he is and inspiration and well talented, even though he had trouble since the top 10. I also think youre a wasteful cause you are jealous of his talent. So plz do me a favor and just shut up if u dont have anything nice to say…Thank you

      • State one reason other than his “inspiring backstory”, why Lazaro should still be in the competition. You cannot deny that he has forgotten lyrics and ruined group performances. Lazaro should not be brought up this high only to be brought crashing back down when nobody will sign him to a recording contract. Its cruel and inhumane. He needs more time to hone his talent and one day, maybe, yes he could be successful in the music industry.

    • No problem coz the opposite goes with me. If Lazaro is eliminated, it’s ByE byE Idol for me ..which means your “By By” Idol has no effect at all, we’ll only cancel each other as part of the viewing public 🙂

      • Do you honestly think he is talented enough to win the title AI? If you don’t, where he should rank?

      • Idol is pure entertainment … who makes the voters happy is OK … contestants already have public exposure & establish careers from that. If Lazaro makes the public spin and twirl with joy… more power to him!!

      • Well honestly I don’t think he is equipped enough to become the Idol winner. But I believe something far better is in store for him after the competition. He’s got so much potential as an artist & I’m not only talkin’ about singing. If he goes home this week needless to say there would be lots, I mean thousands of people who are gonna be disappointed including me. It just breaks my heart coz haters have been sending him hate messages calling him names etc especially since he was ranked top3. What’s wrong w/ you people?America put him there, it wasn’t his fault! People also say he’s been receiving help from fellow Hispanics,well I’m a Filipino & I’m standing by him together w/ all others under different nationalities not because we pity him but because we really believe in his tallent

  2. I prefer them singing by their self’s too! I am not crazy about the duets at all. It will be interesting to see what songs they pick! It is gettintg down to it now. they had just better bring it. I am not sure . But I think Lazaro should be gone. I think he is getting a lot of sympathy votes. I mean he’s OK. But definitely not the winner.

  3. Cmon it’s not Lazaro’s fault he had lots of sympathy votes. He can sing, though yess I think he doesn’t deserve to be the winner. Just give him a chance. The more the haters the more symphathy votes.

  4. I like all Hispanic Stuffs in Lazaro : his “matador” style, Ricky Ricardo/Ricky Martin style, etc as described by Nicki and Keith after his singing Queen’s song. He has the best look, best stage presence, best on camera that cause him fun to watch.

  5. Yes it is true Lazaro has an inspirational story but many people on American Idol do. Just because he has an inspirational story doesnt mean he should be a winner or deserves to be there more than anyone else. He can also sing but in my opinion his talent is not up to par with the remaining contestants or those who have left in place of him. Yea he looks cute and dresses nice but can he carry a tune without forgetting the lyrics or being overpowered by the band? he is also horrible at taking criticism. It is a disappointment how much of a popularity contest this show has become.

  6. If Simon were there he’d tell Lazaro his singing isn’t worth a MILLION $$$!

  7. Candice you should sing a Mary J. Blige or Celine Dion, Amber should try on a Whitney Houston or Alicia Keys

  8. All of the remaining girls are extremely talented, any one could win the competition, my favorites are Janelle, Kree, and Angie. I feel like Angie and especially Janelle have not gotton the support from the judges they deserve. They seem each year to have their favorites who they really push and those they try to squash in the competition. Randy’s comments are usually not worthy of a judge, his critique is usually so negative and does nothing to help the contestants to attain a higher level of performance. Nikki’s don’t make sense a lot of the time–lol–but I like Keith and Mariah as judges. Mariah seems to always try to find something positive and I like that about her. Great season for the girls this year!!

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