Jimmy’s Thoughts On American Idol 2013 Top 7 (VIDEO)

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol

It’s no secret that Jimmy Iovine’s tough love critiques are one of our favorite parts of American Idol 2013 so we wouldn’t miss a chance to share his recap of the Top 7 performances. Watch his video segment from last night’s show.

Jimmy Iovine Talks the Top 7 Performances:

This week’s theme was “Classic Rock” and should have been the perfect opportunity for such a strong group of performers to shine. Unfortunately there were some real rough spots in the night.

Ultimately Jimmy called for America to send Lazaro Arbos home if they wanted to get it right. Seems America has other plans for Lazaro.

Was Jimmy Iovine’s feedback on the mark this week for American Idol 2013 or is he out of touch with the performances and what viewers want to see?

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  1. jimmy is the best judge of talent on the show. in the end, angie, kree, and candice will be working for him because you KNOW he’s going to sign them. ignore nicki’s comments

    • Thats a valid idea except for the fact that jimmy runs the record company that signs the winner. Although Jimmy can sign anyone he wants to after the show is over, it would seem like an impropriety for him to determine who is “saved”.

  2. Since Lazaro is still in the competition and Jimmy says he should be leaving, I went back and reviewed Lazaro’s audition. I believe that he does have a stuttering problem. I know other people who don’t stutter when they sing or have a part in a play. I think the judges were so taken back with the difference between his stuttering and singing that they didn’t listen closely to his singing. He had some pitch problems even in the audition. I’m surprised that Randy didn’t catch it. Lazaro should have been encouraged to work on his singing and come back next year. But now he has become the underdog, and America loves the underdog. “Vote for the Worst” has not been so happy since Sanjaya was on Idol. I am sorry his life has been so difficult because of his stuttering. I wish him luck in the future, but I do not believe he should be the next American Idol.

    • Yes ma’am! If only those who are keeping him there would see that they are only hurting him in the long run.

  3. I think it’s not Lazaro’s fault that people love him that big. He has huge base fans that will vote him to avoid him being voted off. He can sing, and I think his stutter has a big impact on his sing, forgot lyrics etc. I believe he’s not ready as well.
    But I think Jimmy should behave not to put someone down like that. He did the same thing to Heejun last year just to made him hurt. Though he mostly right, he has to learn to treat people. He really has no heart.

    • That is a great suggestion! I’d like to hear her sing “Miss You Like Crazy.”

  4. The contestants are not getting a fair shake on the save as their is an obvious tension between two judges that are spiting each other at contestants expense…Give the Save to Jimmy or the audience.

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