Casey Abrams Performs Live On American Idol 2013

Casey Abrams on American Idol 2013

Casey Abrams performed live on American Idol 2013 last night and proved he’s still just as wild-eyed and crazy as ever with his rendition of “I Saw Her Standing There.” Of course he also reminded me of why he didn’t make it to the finale.

There’s no denying that Abrams applies a niche styling to his music and has been successful in doing so, but going niche isn’t going to reach the same broad market like it takes to win American Idol. All the same it’s fun to see someone doing something different with such an established song rather than rolling out an exact copy.

Casey Abrams performing “I Saw Her Standing There”:

Since Casey wasn’t the only American Idol alumni on stage last night it’s worth asking, who did it better? Were you more impressed by Casey’s delivery or Jessica Sanchez’s debut of “Tonight”?

Any hopes for who we might see in the upcoming episodes of American Idol 2013 when it comes to returning Hopefuls taking the stage?




  1. Casey looked good and he sang as I would have expected him to. Can’t criticize any part of it. Good job!

  2. We have this guy, James Durbin and Paul McDonald at season 10 whose characteristics are not found at this season. That season we saw a special performance of a band formed by these 3 guys plus Stefano Langone at the piano, something that we possibly will never see again in AI.

  3. Jessica proven herself to be a very versatile performer, singing and danicng at the same time is kind of challenging….

    • That’s Casey’s look and it suits him. He had the beard last season and hair that was curly and crazy. I think it’s great that he has stuck with what he feels is true to himself.

  4. Lots of talent gone to waste with Jessica. Struck me like a Jennifer Lopez wannabe. Dull song, same old, same old. Casey is so unique and talented. Loved him then, love him now.

  5. Nobody is as good as Casey, missed the show but I’m glad I got to see the video! This guy is pure talent at it’s best!

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