Colton Dixon Releases New Single “You Are”

American Idol 2012 Colton Dixon

American Idol alum Colton Dixon is back with another single release, “You Are.” This release follows his previous single “Never Gone” which was released in late September.

Last week USA Today selected Dixon’s new single as their “Song of the Week” which is a pretty high honor. USA Today also points out that Colton has sold more recordings than any other performer from last season except Phillip Phillips.

Unfortunately it seems Colton’s upcoming album has been shifted from “by the end of this year” off until around February 2013. That should allow for some good overlap promotion from American Idol if they see fit.

In the meantime, check out the lyrical video for Colton Dixon’s new single “You Are” then share your thoughts in the comments below. The single is available for download via iTunes.




  1. He`s very talented and this is a good song, not sure it`s strong enough for a single, but it`s a great song and I wish him all the best. Definately one of the best we`ve seen on Idol; he was just unlucky to be on one of the most amazing seasons of Idol ever and so did`nt make it through to the end. The album should be great though if this is any indication.

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