David Cook Changes Management Team

David Cook

David Cook, winner of the 2008 season of American Idol, has left his management team at 19 Entertainment to sign with XIX Entertainment. My Roman numerals might by dusty, but those are the same numbers, right? Maybe this is the perfect time to launch my own management company, “Nineteen Entertainment.”

The Hollywood Reporter has all the details on Cook’s new plans:

In May, Cook’s contract with 19’s management arm came up for renewal. With the option to re-sign with 19 or go elsewhere, the rocker made the move to new management, although he remains a 19 Recordings artist.

XIX, which Fuller founded in 2010, is home to more than a dozen clients in music, television, sports and fashion.

So unlike some other Idol artists, this decision was made by Cook, not forced upon him. Let’s hope this works out well for David.




  1. David will do well under any label….He is established already. Didn’t hurt Kelly Clarkson when she switched….

  2. I LOVE his second CD, and think it was better than his first one (maybe because it was a little less hard rock) Anyone have any figures on how well sales have been on this newer one? I also thought all Idols that sign with 19 records had to commit to 3 CDs? Unless they are flops, no mention of any other names….KA,LD…..Did I sleep through a 3rd one?

    • Umm Shannon, do you know what hard rock is? The forst CD wasno where near HR,more pop and the second one has more of a soft rock edge.

      There is no difference in changing to Fullers XIX. It’s still the same umbrella. The last time I could find it on the charts sales on TLM hadn’t even surpassed 100k yet.

      And it’s the contract with the label that the number of records are committed, not the management agency.

      David is an amazing performer that needs a management group that appreciates his talent and doesn’t try to make him over into a Pop Prince.

      • HAHAHAHAH OK, my face is red…..I shouldn’t have said Hard Rock, which to me is so much screaming I can’t understand the lyrics. No, I don’t think either of his CDs were that, and I liked them both, but the newer one is my favorite of the 2. I do prefer soft rock and lyrics I can relate to. It seems like the price of #2 release has gone down a lot online, so I thought it must not be selling as well. I didn’t think much of “The last goodbye” and hoping a couple of others will be released as singles and get more air time. I love his voice, so will remain a fan no matter what he records–I just want to understand the lyrics! :))

    • You made me proofread mine. I have typed off most of the letters on my keyboard,but it has ALMOST taught me to type fast without looking at my hands…… And when I look at what I did, sometimes it’s in a foreign language too!!! :))

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