James Durbin Love Me Bad Video Preview

James Durbin Love Me Bad

You’ve heard it twice, but now you can see it. Well, almost. James Durbin, American Idol 2011, has just released a teaser preview of his upcoming music video for his single “Love Me Bad.” The full trailer will hit on November 16, 2011, so not much longer to wait for that or his album debut on November 21st. You can even preorder his album now on Amazon to show your support for Durbin.

Check out the 20-second clip below for “Love Me Bad” featuring fire, fire, and more fire! Then share your thoughts in the comments below.




  1. I loved what litle I saw. I can’t wait for the full video and the album to come out. This kid is awesome and he deserves all good things….
    I’m also so glad that Stand Up is on the CD. On Amazon.com I saw the list of all the songs on the CD.

    • Phyllis G. I am going to buy James CD. But did you see the one and only man ADAM singing with Queen at the E M A S ? He is still so hot! Our ADAM. James is good too. But they do not sound alike! Have fun. See you later.

      • Sherry K…..Adam will always be #1 in my book. You know how crazy for him I am…..BUT I do like James too. Yes, I saw Adam perform with Queen. He is such a natural. I loved it. Take care my friend and have a good week.

  2. Phyllis G. I really like James and am going to buy his CD. I can’t wait for this years contestants! Did you see our man ADAM at the E.M.A.S. singing with Queen? He is stll so hot. I just love ADAM. See you later Phyllis.

    • Phyllis G. Oh Phyllis I am just so Jealous that you got to see ADAM perform with Queen. I was thinking maybe ADAM should be Queens front man? He could probably make a lot of money. I am just dying to see ADAM in the flesh. LOL. Just kidding about the dying! I know you are crazy about ADAM. And you know I am too. I really like James too! I am so happy someone signed him to do a CD. You have a wonderful week end too Phyllis ! You and I have been on the same page for ADAM and James all along. I like you Phyllis! You have a good ear for music. And most of all you have tons of common sense! Take care. See you later.

      • Sherry K. Right back at you. We’ve been on the same page for quite a few years now. We have never met but I consider you a friend even if its just on this site…..unless you come out to Vegas for a vacation…LOL…
        Have a good week.

  3. I thought that James would be an Idol he rwally deserved that
    it’ll be better if he has a performance with adam lambert

    • Check out James’ new CD. He is awesome and he can hold his own with Adam…..(whom I love)……

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