Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams Debut Video: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams

A few weeks ago Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams teased their upcoming duet, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and today it has arrived. Yahoo! Music has the full video which you can watch below.

I’d say Haley nails it while Casey just doesn’t quite get it right. He’s a bit too soft to fill those shoes, but he certainly doesn’t do a bad job, just not a great one for me.

Give the video a watch and see what you think of these former American Idol hopefuls.




  1. I really liked it….Haley has some voice. She is going to do fine on her own but I do like this duet. I like the both of them singing the blues. I will admit that she definitely sounds better than him but together they pull it off….

    • @ Phyllis G.I liked it as well…and I agree Haley actually sounded better. They do have a great chemistry together. Wishing good things for the both of them. 🙂

  2. Love them as a couple.. I think they can sound great as a couple, with the right song.. This just isn’t what I think is a good song for them..

  3. While they say there is nothing serious between them it looks just the opposite.They look like soul mates which in the long run is what matters.Love the song and will buy it.

  4. These two are so great together and so fun to watch. She’s got the smooth and legato and he’s got the edgy and staccato. She’s more bluesy, he’s more jazzy. They go together like coffee and cream. Perfect when mixed.

    In these crummy times, these two can really bring a lot of joy to people and remind people why life can be good. I hope they do stuff together for many years into the future. Maybe get a variety show or do Vegas together or something. I’d love to see them on tv, ellen or something.

    The people who come onto these boards with their negative opinions really need to find something more productive to do. Nobody is waiting breathlessly for what you think, nobody is paying attention to your opinions. Your “advice” on haley’s career isn’t important, (she should do this, she should do that, get away from casey, this that, blah blah blah) you contribute nothing creatively, except you bum people out with your opinionated insistence.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say, you don’t need to watch or comment. Meanwhile the rest of us will smile and appreciate the gifts and “peeks” we get of these two super talented young people pursuing their dream of providing the world with good entertainment.

    thanks for the great vid!

    • And you’re under the impression that anyone cares what you think? The length of your post is a measure of your ego.

      • I agree with bigfan… This is such fun stuff and it is annoying when a few unhappy people only log on to criticize…such a waste of everybody’s time.

      • @ Big Fan. Totally agree with you. They do make a great singing partnership…I personally hope they continue to record…would definitely buy~!!! 🙂
        @ Vox…I hope your day gets better.

  5. They both sounded great, I’m more impressed with Haley. I can see the both of them invited to participate in a Christmas Variety show this Holiday season. I didn’t know Casey had that voice in him.

  6. I went to Amazon to see if the song was available to buy, which it isn’t, but I also listened to other duets and versions of the song and Haley voice, in my opinion, is superior to those I listened to.

  7. The last four words of the song were the best of the duet, imo. Why was that pitch chosen for Casey in this song, I wonder? (It actually sounds like 2 females singing together.)

    That said, Haley is just incredible. Her voice is luxurious to the point of decadence. She is eons ahead of any other contestant–ever–on AI. Yes, I mean that sincerely.

    This recording of Haley and Casey together highlights her unbelievable classiness, style and talent. To my mind, she has an unquestionable, monumental future in the musical world.

    Haley is a star.

  8. i’m glad they made a pair like this.. can’t stop listening to it… this is absolutely fantastic!!!

  9. You know, I think I did Casey and injustice in my earlier remarks. I listened a few more times and I actually like Casey’s voice in this. Not necessarily as counterpoint to Haley’s voice, but the singing is good.

  10. Loved it. They are cute and funny together. Look very comfortable with each other. Sounds goods together. People are too harsh on them!!!

  11. I am very disappointed that you don’t allow Canadians to view these clips. You do sell us the series, we should get viewing rights on the net.

  12. I liked Casey and Haley’s duet. I’m a fan of that type of music…its not offensive and its easy to listen to unlike much of what I hear these days.

    • Agreed! Love these two together! How can we all convince them to stay together professionally and put out a CD. I think it’s a perfect match, although I like both individually too. They should have a CD with each doing solo’s, and a few duets too. I couldn’t find this to purchase on itunes or Amazon. How can we download it?

  13. Casey’s voice is just so unbelievable. He’s sang Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy, The Maroon 5’s Harder to Breathe….I mean this guy is not just talented, but also a genius and so darn good. Haley’s voice , of course, is just so unbelievable. These two are Heaven sent.

  14. She should of won or at least come up second. America had it wrong. The one who did come in second never took chances. She played the sad story on TV!!!

  15. They both should of won!!!!! So Amazing!!! I loved her sexy tone. Lauren was soooo boring….
    Casey is soooo Awesome

  16. there so funny togther but good keep the good work i wait tell heley cd comes out iam buyin it you go girl keep up the good work  love yeaaaaaaa

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