David Cook & Olivia Rox American Idol Top 24 Duet ‘Light On’ [VIDEO]

One of the duets we were most looking forward to hearing on Thursday night was the combo of American Idol winner David Cook and Olivia Rox. We thought the pairing of these two together on David’s fabulous song “Light On” was a terrific choice and they did not disappoint. This was one of our favorite duets of the night, and we just can’t wait to see what Olivia will do next!

David Cook and Olivia Rox American Idol Top 24 duet (FOX)
David Cook and Olivia Rox American Idol Top 24 duet (FOX)

The American Idol judges have been loving on Olivia Rox during the whole competition so far, and tonight was no exception. Keith Urban said the young singer’s tour t-shirts are just going to say “Olivia Rox, yes she does.” Jennifer Lopez said Olivia’s voice is “phenomenal” and if she finds her groove and the right songs, she’s going to “be around for a long time.” Harry Connick Jr. said the show is lucky to have Olivia, and she did a great job.

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