Spoilers reveal Dennis Lorenzo makes it to the Top 14 on American Idol 2018 following his performance in the auditions round and visit to Hollywood Week. The 26-year-old singer has proven himself to the judges that he has the talent to earn a spot in the live show.

Watch the performance that wow’d the judges and cleared his path to Los Angeles where he delivered round after round to keep his chances alive to the Top 24 and beyond. Note Dennis’s damage guitar that caught the judges’ attention as well.

Dennis Lorenzo sings “Unaware” on American Idol 2018:

The Philadelphia Tribune reports, “the journey to the “American Idol” stage has not been an easy one, with Lorenzo moving to Los Angeles and ultimately finding himself living on the street and in abandoned cars before a compassionate soul gave him a job and a new start.

Following Lorenzo’s audition, an emotional Luke Bryan responded, “Your deal is why I signed up for this … this feeling … like you said, it’s your journey, and what this show’s about — American dreams. How long have you had that guitar?”

You can see more of Dennis’s performances on his YouTube channel including his cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. What do you think of Dennis Lorenzo on American Idol 2018? Could he be the next Idol winner?