American Idol 2018 Spoilers: Top 14 Revealed [PICS]

American Idol Judges on Season 16

Tonight on ABC, American Idol 2018 premieres after the show’s two-year hiatus. As always, we start with audition episodes, but we’ve already got some American Idol spoilers for you: The entire Top 14.

We’ve missed American Idol and we’ve missed delivering to you our news, recaps, opinions and spoilers. So it’s good to be back. And as before, we use trusted sources for our spoilers, so we stand behind them, but also must disclaim that there’s always the possibility that one or two could be wrong. But we don’t expect that to be the case.

Also, here’s your warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don’t want to ruin the suspense in the coming weeks, then stop reading now. Otherwise, read on to meet the American Idol Season 16 (can we call it season 16?) Top 14!

American Idol 2018 Top 14

1. Gabby Barrett, Pittsburgh, PA. Twitter/Instagram: @GabbyBarrett_

2. Jonny Brenns, St. Augustine Beach, FL. Twitter/Instagram: @jonnybrenns

3. Marcio Donaldson, Los Angeles, CA. Twitter/Instagram: @MarcioDonaldson

4. Cade Foehner, Center, Texas. Twitter/Instagram: @cadefoehner

5. Caleb Hutchinson, Dallas Georgia. Twitter/Instagram: @caleblee03

6. Garrett Jacobs, Atlanta, GA. Twitter/Instagram: @garrett_jacobs

7. Mara Justine, Galloway Township, NJ. Twitter/Instagram: @MaraJustine1 (You may remember her from America’s Got Talent Season 9).

8. Dennis Lorenzo, West Philiadelphia, PA. Twitter: @Shake_Dennis

9. Maddie Poppe, Iowa. Twitter/Instagram: @MaddiePoppe

10. Adam Sanders (Ada Vox), San Antonio, Texas. Twitter/Instagram: @QueenAdaVox

11. Jurnee Siani, Denver, CO. Twitter: @jurneesw

12. Michelle Sussett, Miami. Twitter/Instagram: @MichelleSussett

13. Catie Turner, Langhorne, PA. Twitter/Instagram: @hashtagcatie

14. Michael Woodard, Philiadelphia, PA. Twitter/Instagram: @MichaelJWoodard

So there you have it. Your American Idol 2018 Top 14 finalists. That means one of these young men and women will become your next American Idol. And if the tried and true Idol format (white guy, dark hair, guitar) continues, let me go ahead and call the winner as Garrett Jacobs. I’m kidding. Kind of.

Something interesting about these contestants is that a lot have been seen before. Several auditioned for Idol previously (Jurnee Siani, Ada Vox), while others have been seen on The Voice and America’s Got Talent (Caleb Hutchinson, Mara Justine).

Be sure to check back here after tonight’s episode for our recap of the first round of auditions and stick with us all season long for news, recaps, predictions and American Idol spoilers.

Source: The Idol Pad

Photos: Twitter, Instagram, ABC