Evan Ruggiero Audition On American Idol 2013

Evan Ruggiero on American Idol 2013

The first backstories we heard last night on the American Idol 2013 premiere was that of Evan Ruggiero. Evan fought through a battle with cancer and regained his opportunity to pursue his passion for music, but his audition didn’t go as he had hoped.

Evan performed Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and then, at Randy’s request for some guitar, Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive.” Both were good performances, and Branden suggested he should be sent on to Hollywood, but the judges weren’t buying it.

Watch Evan’s performance audition and see if you think he should have received a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.




  1. This man, Evan Ruggiero, stole the show! The judges were so preoccupied by his metal leg that they completely missed one of the best – if not the best – performers of the night. Evan has more courage and dignity than all four judges combined! I’m done with this joke of a show!!

    • Really. I thought he did a good job of the second song, but the first was pretty poor. Very nearly did a tasteless unintentional pun there. Can’t argue with him not making the cut, but then I have little interest in the background stories. I always wonder how many people with more talent did not make it through the initial auditions simply because they didn’t have the story to sell. Harsh I know, but just my feelings.

  2. He should have made it.. I look up to him.. Him not going through made me realize how terrible of a show this is

  3. I live in Old Bridge. In fact, Evan’s mother is a teacher at my old middle school. He preformed for us once! Great man, great personality, great voice. I don’t understand why the judges didn’t let him through. He had so much courage just standing there in front of them, the least they could do was let him go to Hollywood.

  4. I thought this young man was one of the best performers last night. Definitely should have moved on. I guess that is why I really stopped watching this show…No rhyme or reason about who they pick.

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