American Idol 2013 Auditions Episode 1 Recap: Mariah and Nicki Feud Begins, Few Standouts Are Featured


It’s a new season and there’s a mostly new judging panel and all new talent. At least I think there’s all new talent. We sure didn’t see much during the American Idol 2013 premiere.

I’m not sure what was up with that, but I actually feel like I watched two hours of nothing. Weird. The episode opened with Phillip Phillips performing a version of his hit single “Home” and a huge Idol self-promotion. Then we get to the auditions. Night one takes place in New York City. Let’s look at the standouts — good and bad.

The Standouts

Tenna Torres, 28. The Mariah superfan delivered a lot of emotion, but her singing was slightly nasally. But her passion definitely shined, so I give her credit there. She got four yeses. She’s onto Hollywood.

Watch Tenna Torres’ audition performance of “You’ve Got A Friend”.

James Bae, 15. He came rolling in to sing some Bieber and I’m not sure how he did because my ears starting bleeding on the first “note.” He of course did not get through.

Christina “Isabelle.” She gave us a powerful and fresh version of “Summertime,” one of the many reality singing show staples. I liked her. She has a great personality and a great tone. She got four yeses and moves on to Hollywood.

Watch Christina Isabelle’s audition performance of “Summertime.”

Evan Ruggiero, 21. We got our first story with this guy. He is a cancer survivor and lost a leg to the horrible disease. He wasn’t the best singer even though we’re supposed to think so. I mean it wasn’t bad, but his version of “I’m Yours” was totally iffy. But when he broke out the guitar and did some Bon Jovi, it got way better. Still good enough to go through? Eh. He’s got a lot of energy and does have talent. I’d say yes. The judges said no, though. Bummed.

Watch Evan Ruggiero’s audition performance of “I’m Yours” and “Dead or Alive.”

Jessica Kartalis, 19. Her mom nominated her to be seen by Idol judges for a shot. So Randy delivers her number to audition. She sang an original song per the judges’ request. And it wasn’t very good. Hmm. That’s the second person we were led to think was going to be good. She gets a no.

Frankie Ford, 24. He was fighting some major nerves, but his version of “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” was pretty outstanding for an a capella version of that difficult sound. He’s a great singer with a big voice, but he’s going to have to battle the nerves. They send him through. (And yes, they played Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood when he made it through).

Watch Frankie Ford’s audition performance of “Sweet Dreams.”

Sarah Restuccio. This 17 year-old-country girl sings a Carrie Underwood song, THEN she busts out a Nicki Minaj song. Hilarious. I like her.

Angela Miller, 18. She’s partially deaf but it does not change her talent. She has a great voice and a great look. She gets through to Hollywood easily.

Watch Angela Miller’s audition performance of “Mamma Knows Best”

Gurpreet Sarin. He sure didn’t look the part but he sure sounded the part. The judges didn’t love him but they kind of liked him, so he made it through barely.

Watch Gurpreet Singh Sarin’s audition performance of “Sunday Morning.”

Ashlee Feliciano. The final audition of the night was probably the best of the episode. I mean I wasn’t floored by it, but her version of “Put Your Records On” was pretty solid. She got four easy yeses.

We got a lot of fast-forwarding tonight. They sent a lot of people through, but we saw very few of them actually sing.

Overall, 41 contestants from the New York audition received golden tickets to Hollywood. Tomorrow American Idol 2013 heads to Chicago.

So how did new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban do? Well, when we first saw them Nicki and Mariah were already bickering over Nicki’s drum major hat. But was it staged? I’m still not sure of that. Is it foreshadowing? Eh. Maybe. It’s definitely foreshadowing that they’re going to get on my nerves. Let’s just say I’m not excited to have to constantly sit though and write about a feud. Ugh.

Keith was good. Randy was Randy. Overall the panel was pretty boring. I actually think I liked JLo and Steven better.




  1. Tell Mariah and nicki that American idol isn’t about them please. They were ridiculous – in a bad way. Commercials cut into contestant performances. Is that really necessary? Overall if it doesn’t get better I’ll sit this season out. Keith was very good though. He was the only judge to offer intelligent feedback.

  2. American Idol started season 12 with a bang! We are just beginning to see the controversy with 2 of the judges. The cringeworthy comments and sparring will make for an incredible season this year. The judges are showing in episode one they are learning to be judges and the contestants are seeing a new judging tact that is less forgiving than the easy going judging of past auditons in previous seasons. One comment played on the lack of audition talent in episode one. Idol is playing the audience and will build to a crecendo. I say everyone stay tuned as the best is yet to come. Great job

  3. Omg….I want the last 1 1/2 of my life back! Boy did this year start off bad! I didn’t start watching only because of who the judges are…I watch because audition week is “usually” the best part of the show….I am not team anyone, but boy did Nikki ruin this show!!! She is absolutely annoying!! Thank god for the voice!!! I can’t wait for that season to start!! I guess after 12 seasons the show has ran it’s course! It’s not even fair to the contestants to the panel just be in their own world! Sorry, but I’m obviously not alone here, so long American Idol….thanks for the past 11 yrs!

  4. What a mess..won’t watch the show’s supposed to be about the talent, not Maria Carey’s boobs and niki whoever vieing for the most attention. Made me nauseous. Felt sorry for the auditioners, Keith urban , and randy….way to destroy a good show!

  5. I agree that I simply loved JLo and Steven, but for their own reasons they chose to leave…so here we are with these 2 dueling diva’s. I think we weren’t shown many of the ones they sent through possibly for the surprise factor during Hollywood week? There were quiet a few last year that we never saw until they made top 40. Keeping my fingers crossed because I love this show and want it to survive another year. If people don’t watch it won’t. So in short if you want AI to go away turn your channel. But overall I have to say AI is so much better than the Simon C. show and is a very different venue than the one with Christina, Blake, and company, which I love also.

  6. we taped the show last night and will watch at our leisure. hockey is back and the rangers take precedence. i’m just hoping the talent this season will dominate and not the judges. the show is supposed to be about the contestants and not talentless divas

  7. First, I never heard of Nicki before she was a Idol judge…and I have heard nothing good about her…watching the show, she impressed me…not the distraction I thought she would be…I thought she was nice to the contestants, especially the Asian kid she gave a kiss to…I understand why they showed the cancer victim and I understand why they didnt send him to Hollywood….the opening night was much better than people are writing about

  8. Cut the crap between Mariah and Nicki!!! If that keeps up, you’ve lost several fans in my court.

  9. Nicki the only reason you got that seat is because they needed a clown…Mariah she’s just jealous because u have more talent in your pinky finger then she has in her whole body. you are a true American Idol. Next time the clown gets outta control a pie in the face always makes the audience laugh…

  10. I agree think I may watch family guy.I expected more out of Nicki! Hang in there Mariah.Wonder what other female rappers think of NICKI!!!!

  11. American Idol has always been one of our favorite shows, however, Nicki seems to think the whole show is for her to be on center stage. She is ruining the whole thing by being so keyed in on herself. The other three judges are great and I enjoy their comments. I hope she calms and tones down before she ruins the the whole season.

  12. Boo—what’s up with the Mariah vs. Nikki cat fight? Suggest canning one or both of those two hyper-inflated ego, immature divas or change the name of the show to the Nikki and Mariah Smackdown! Tho’ my wife and I have been faithful viewers since the show’s inception, after last night and tonight, we’re thinking of tuning out! Sorry and thanks for listening!

  13. I honestly feel people are already writing off the show based on their preexisting opinions of Nicki. I personally thought she was funny and a little bit crazy but that what makes her …well her. For me Idol has been boring the last few years and I feel Nicki makes the show more lively. And apart from all that she gives good insight and shows compassion to the contestants. I do see how people are bothered about the fighting between her and Mariah but I bet by time we get to Hollywood week they’ll have it better controlled.

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