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Fanaticly - American Idol app

Fanaticly has released a new American Idol app for the iOS family (iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad) and they asked us to check it out. After playing around with it for awhile yesterday I decided it was fun enough to share with you. As an added bonus I’ve got 5 copies of the app to giveaway for free to a few lucky readers. Read on for details. No time for details? Less yapping, more app’ing? Download it here.

Giveaway details – How to win a free Fanaticly AI app:

  1. Read our review of Fanaticly’s AI app
  2. Check out Fanaticly’s website for more details
  3. Leave a comment below stating your favorite Idol contestant
  4. We’ll random select and notify 5 winners on Saturday

At its core Fanaticly’s AI app is a rather extensive database filled with every performance from every season and episode. They’ve seriously got everything in there. 2,100+ performances, 1,500+ songs, 500+ singers, and all the guests from all 11 seasons so far. You can scroll back and check who sang what in Season 8, Week 9. Adam Lambert covered “Born To Be Wild” that week, for example.

Along with historical and statistical information, you can play YouTube clips for the performance or original artist. Listen to a random performance by shaking the slot machine feature and seeing what comes up next. I ended up going through quite a few songs and finding clips to watch them all.

Fanaticly’s American Idol app even works as a live show companion with a tab dedicated to voting via phone and texts. There are links to automatically dial the numbers for you, but you have to know who belongs to what number that week. You can assign a singer’s photo to the number, but I’d have preferred to see that happen auto-magically for me.

Overall I think it’s a pretty cool American Idol app and a worthy tool for any dedicated fan. Check out the app and all its details at Fanaticly.

Ready to win a free copy of the app? First check out Fanaticly’s site and then leave a comment below telling us who is your favorite Idol singer. We’ll pick five winners on Saturday and notify them. Good luck!

Disclosure: No, we were not paid or compensated in any way for this review.




    • @openid-131632:disqus I agree…. But, I wonder how the likes of him ended in the limelight. The girl champions are the ones who are very successful in show business.Still, I go to my fave, Jessica. Phillip, Colton and Elise are secondary.

  1. This app sounds really cool.  I have been a fan of AI since it first began.  My favorite contestant this season is Phillip Phillips.   He is so talented!

  2. My favs are Joshua, Phillip & Jessica,,,HeeJun should go next…such a silly clown!!

  3. My favorites are Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh, Phillip Phillips and Skylar Laine.

  4. Pick one fave? So not possible!! For mine: I love Carrie & Kelly for the girls; so many boys … Casey with the blonde locks from 2 years ago (soft, country-ish, sexy), Daughtry, Glambert, David Cook, Scotty. I’m still bonding with this year’s crew 🙂

  5. My favorite IDOL singer would have to be Adam Lambert. I could not wait to get off work and get home, feed the dogs, pack my lunch for work the next day, fix dinner and set down in front of my big screen TV and wait to see what Adam would sing and how he would perform it. He is the most talented young man and I hated for IDOL to end that year. as I loved hearing him sing and watching him perform.

    • hi I am replying to my own post, silly me
      I have been a fan of IDOL a long to, since the begining.
      so I did want to say, there have been many other favorites also
      I was a Jordin Sparks fan.  I was really a David Cook fan.  I like Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler.
      I love Carrie Underwood. I loved Katherine McPhee, but on the crazy side I liked Taylor Hicks, He was a great performer and kept my attention loved to watch him. Loved Scotty and Lauren. and Loved watching and listening to James Durbin.  Oh my gosh, I have all of Clay Aikens CD’s   I liked Katie Stevens (remember her). so cute
      ok there is so many and the talent for IDOL is wonderful for all these young people.  Good luck to the new season of hopefuls.
      on this season I love Jessica, Hollie, Skyler, Colton, Heejun, :):) thanx for reading this and listening to me.

  6.  I have been a fan of American Idol since it first began. My favorite contestant this season is Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine

  7. Hollie has been my favorite from the beginning, and I’d love to see her and Jessica in the top 2. Colton’s coming up for me though.

  8. JESSICA she is AWESOME.. She is our American Idol. Randy Say she is Excellent.. WOW!AMAZING. Good Luck!God Bless!

    • I also like Jessica since the start of the final 13 finalists performance.
      She is really amazing.

  9. I lovePhillips and Elise.  I like Hollie, However, she did not do so good last night.  I think Heejun should be the next to go tonight.  I just have to agree with Jimmy Levine this is no American Comedy.  He should of never made the top 13 or 24 cut.  There was alot of better talent they let go.  Like Jan Hirsh, Reed Grimm and Coltons sister was much better then Heejun.

  10. this years group is the best by far. It is almost impossible to pick who to vote for, other years I had a favorite from the start.

  11. I agree…. But, I wonder how the likes of him ended in the limelight. The girl champions are the ones who are very successful in show business.
    Still, I go to my fave, Jessica. Phillip, Colton and Elise are secondary.

  12. Erica Van Pelt looked amazing and she sings just as good..   Thank you Tommy Hilfirgre you did an amazing make over on her.  I loved her new Idol look!!

  13. Jessica Sanchez is one of the best AI contestants ever.  At 16, she has a very powerful voice.  She exudes confidence when she’s performing on stage yet she is remains humble and down-to-earth.  Way to go, girl.  Hope America supports you all the way to victory.

  14. Who were the fools that will vote a power house singer like Erica out and keep someone with no voice like Heejun. This is not a comedian competition but a SINGING one.
    We just lost one of the best singers this year, what a waste.

  15. What’s up? Erika really can sing and has been consistent in her fine renditions of every song. Her early placement in the show this week, as in the past, lost votes for her, and she is more mature and older than other contestants, and the American Idol audience is mostly a younger one, so they vote for their peers. The judges, however, are grown-ups; they are the professionals and should have kept Erika in the contest. She really is an accomplished singer and probably the only woman I have ever seen on Idol who doesn’t mimic rock stars. Her voice is true. The judges treated this so immaturely; so who are they saving their vote for, the other women may be good, but they won’t have voices in a year or two. They are screamers and will blow out their vocal cords, whereas Erika uses her voice correctly. Baby girls verses a mature true voice. Jermaine Jones exited, so, judges, make an exception and bring Erika back; a healthy swap, and you’ll regain the respect you apparently have lost.

  16. My favorite has been Hollie from the beginning. She has a great tone, she is likeable, and just a natural on stage. I mean, 17. Really.

  17. @Mary, I think they were smart not to use the save. LOL mary what if phil gets eliminated? Or maybe Hollie? Jessica? Each of these people are more talented than Erika even though she really IS an amazing singer.

    • I think that Hollie’s voice can be off at times, Phil is slick, good, but not unique, Jessica is great, you are right, but Erika will be able to sing well, when she is 30+, the other women use their voices incorrectly, and will blow out their vocal cords. No 17 year old should be screaming like that. I am involved in musical theatre, and I would trust Erika’s voice before any other female in the competition.

  18. I love Holly.  She is young but has such a natural talent in singing.  She’s the best in the competition.

    • I agree. I think in a couple years she may be up to par with singers like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

  19. Heejun stays Erica goes please people , Heejun can’t sing Erica can ; He is not taking it seriously  this is a singing competion people not a comic program and i don’t think hee is funny just annoying !!! 

  20. Wow that app sounds AWESOME!!!

    I’m liking Elise Testone this year, but no one has made me go “OMG I MUST VOTE 50 TIMES FOR THEM!” like Scotty McCreery did last season 😉 hahah

  21. Wow that app sounds AWESOME!!!

    I’m liking Elise Testone this year, but no one has made me go “OMG I MUST VOTE 50 TIMES FOR THEM!” like Scotty McCreery did last season 😉 hahah

  22. Great talent this year – personal favorites are Elise, Philip and Colton.
    Sad to see Elise go!

  23. By far my favorite ID singer would have to be Phillip Phillips. He has alot of talent, beautiful voice and most of a very handsome young man!

  24. After,being a fan for years of AI, i have lost interest. If I watch ,at all,its the final 5min.of the result show. I always find i have not missed a thing! Rest assured 
    I do not miss the judges. I am not a fan of J Lo ,Randy and finding the one I
    thought i’d like the least -Steven-I like the best! Go figure!

  25. Colton is my favorite this year.  Erica was my 2nd.  She should never have been voted off!!  Hee Jun should have went home!!!!

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