American Idol 2012 Top 10 Elimination Predictions

We’re getting close to the American Idol 2012 Top 10 elimination show which means it’s time for another round of predictions. The readers here have been on a roll when predicting the Bottom 3 so let’s go straight to those poll results.

Starting off in the definitely-safe group we’ve got the repeat leaders of American Idol this season. Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips continue to lead the pack each week. Joining them at the top this time around is Colton Dixon who looks to have put his pimp-spot performance to good use last night. These three singers aren’t going anywhere this week.

Moving on to the middle ground you’ll find Hollie Cavanagh, Heejun Han, Joshua Ledet, and Elise Testone. Yes, that’s the same Elise who has found herself in the Bottom 3 week after week. Last night the Idol judges seemingly pimped her hard to get her out of the bottom rung and if your votes here are any indicator then it seems to have worked. I’d say all four of these singers are most likely safe this week.

You don’t want to end up on our danger zone list here at American Idol Net as history hasn’t been kind to those who do. Right now our poll’s Bottom 3 looks to consist of DeAndre Brackensick, Skylar Laine, and Erika Van Pelt. Last week I expected DeAndre to go home and he didn’t even end up in the Bottom 3. I don’t think he’ll be so lucky this week. Erika has struggled to escape to higher ground ever since she was originally voted out by America. Skylar Laine is a new addition to our Bottom 3 prediction this week, so I’m not entirely expecting her to go home on her first stumble. Right now I’d say Erika and DeAndre are the two most in danger and since I’m tired of hair-flipping I’ll again go with DeAndre for this week’s American Idol 2012 elimination.

Since Branden nailed the elimination and Bottom 3 last week we should definitely take note of his prognostications. Branden is calling for Elise, DeAndre, and Erika to make up the Bottom 3 while DeAndre heads on home.

If DeAndre Brackensick does end up being this week’s lowest-vote-earner then I’m wishing on a star that he’ll do this song for his Save-Me-Judges! performance:




  1. i so hope you are right and that 
    DeAndre Brackensick is the one that goes home .. 

  2. Heejun should be the one to go home, his performance last night was aiken to bad careocke.

  3. Philip, Colton, and just my guess Skylar will be the top 3….I could be wrong about Skylar but she has so much Character and knows how to work the audience. Last night was not her best performance but she can really sing. 

  4. I don’t know what special about Phillip Phillips. The likes of him who were crown American Idol winners have since disappear? What happen to them? If you look at the history of idol, the women winners have been the only successful ones, ie… Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordan Sparks. I hope Jessica wins. Going home tonight? Heejun Han

  5. Erika will go home tonight…..

    I am proud to say that I did pick “Honesty” for Hollie and “Shameless” for Skyler correctly…. prior to any leaks coming out….. 🙂

    (pats himself on the back — to reassure himself of his great wisdom 😉 )

    • Oh yeah?  Well in spite of all the nay sayers, Colton did Piano Man as I predicted, so you have to share the spotlight.  LOL

      • (sending credit to Templar via Fed Ex Overnight)

        But, did you think he’d do it like Josh Grobin singing a song from the Polar Express?

      • No.  I’m just glad he didn’t pull out all the stops and do it like Liberace.  What was with all those lights?

      • I don’t know what’s up with the spires. They used them on The X Factor too. I guess it just depends on how they decide to do the productions. It was appropriate on Josh’s performance of Wild Horses but that Piano Man performance didn’t warrant all that glamour IMO. It was good but not stellar.

  6. Ha ha! Love your suggestion for Deandre’s going-home song. 🙂  I think you are right and he will be leaving tonight…at least I hope so.  So too bad about Skylar, though, in the poll.  I think she’s a top 5 contestant, so hoping she’s around next week with a great performance.  Still pulling for Hollie and Phil in the final 2. 🙂

    • I think he should do “Girl You Know It’s True” or “Blame it on the Rain”

  7. I watch from Australia and I think sadly that Heejun should go home.His voive is very inferior to the others

    • So were you a Reece Mastin fan or an Andrew Wishart fan on “The X Factor” there. I thought both were outstanding and Johnny Ruffo was very entertaining but not a great singer. Loved his rendition of Billy Jean though. 

  8. I watch from Australia and am amazed at how many good singers they find each year.I thought Heejun was the weakest link last night with Skylar closely behind him.I was surprised to read Colton want to be a Christian singer,you’d never guess that.

  9. Heejun should go home. The more I see of him, the more I don’t like him.  He was so off key it wasn’t funny.  This is not “comedy idol” it is a singing comp and he does not have the chops.  My bottom 3 will be Heejun, Deandre and Erika. 

    • His studio recordings are quite good.  He has a good voice — not a great voice, but definitely a good one.

      And I enjoy his “antics” — he’s fun — when he’s on screen (even as background video) — he’s entertaining….. I hope he stays around a bit longer. 

      It seems like the pattern of leaving should be:

      1. Erika — great voice – no real following
      2. Deandre — at some point he just has to go
      3. HeeJun — the singers left are too good for him to hang around any longer
      4. Joshua — they might save him once……but he’s too “gospel” to last too long
      5. Skylar — she’s not as good as Lauren Alaina and up against tougher singers — she bows out here
      6. Hollie — Good singer — no real personality
      7. Elise — Leaving here is not a bad thing — she can start working on her album early
      8. Colton — when squared up against Phillip — he loses on looks, on singing, and on musicianship…..
      9. Jessica — not enough talent to overcome the tween girls —
      Champion – Phillip — Lee DeWyze with more talent…..

      There you go.

      Not my choice — but it’s how I see it playing out.

  10. I agree with those who say Heejun should go home … he was terrible last
    evening … and I think his personality is a bit undesirable and seems to me as if he does not like constructive criticism.

  11. If Deandre goes home I will never watch this show again.
    He is is the only reason I watch the show.
    Phil looks tired, lifeless, makes weird faces, and needs a shower.

    • Wow — really?  Never again?  Really?

      Can’t you just watch old Milli Vanilli videos?

      • Don’t understand the reference to Milli Vanilli. They were lip syncing and they had dreads and DeAndre does not lip sync and has no dreads. Don’t understand the comparison. 

    • Are you sure???? LOL

      Don’t be so fixated with Deandre and don’t be so selfish with the others. And don’t sound like he is just your living proof. There are other singers who are better than him.

      • It’s just that pretty face and those eyes and I love his high pitched singing.
        I think he deserves more credit. Jessica  has the best voice by far though.

    • Yeah. I gotta say, he has some pretty good looks but we are talking about their voices and performance.

      He’s has a good voice but not that competitive.

  12. Heejun was the best after Philip….The rest? very oring and predictable……Deandre should go home, with Elise and Erika in the bottom 3!!

  13. To be honest, I find myself now fast forwarding through Phillip’s performances…they are starting to bore me. 

    I think the the top 3 at the end of the show will be Joshua, Jessica, Hollie. 

    In the end I think Audiophile’s prediction could be wrong this year and Jessica will win it all.  She has too huge a following.  We saw this with Scotty last year, overwhelming internet support.  Phillip doesnt have NEAR the following Scotty did last year.  It seems they are flocking to Jessica.

    • Agree with this. His performances all sound the same and there are no up and down inflections in his notes, just different levels of intensity. It all sounds like one flat note to me just with a little more rasp at times or a little more growl. It gets louder and lower and his body language can almost fool you into thinking it’s amazing when it’s really not.

  14. top 2: Jessica/Colton
    3: phil
    4: joshua
    5: hollie
    6: elise
    8:heejun (even tho i want him to be eliminated tonight..based on the feedback there are more positve feedbacks than nega on what he did last night)

    well it could be also…jessica vs. phil OR  phil vs colton(because of teenage girls)

  15. I personally liked Heejun’s performance. I think he did great considering he is more of a ballad singer. Also there was a tough key change at the end that he nailed. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

  16. Heejun should go home last week and this week these his live performances were sucks

  17. Heejun should go home without any doubt…and last week and…
    his live performances have been all bad and bad…this is not fair

  18. if that guy will be Deandre  it is pretty obvious that they will Not save him cause they saved him once …
    fair is this: Heejun goes home

  19. i thinks bottom 3 tonight will be: Heejun,Sckyler,Deandre or Erika then Elise
    i believe that Elise was good last night that was the only performance of her that i liked but sorry i dont like her:( is it me or…?

    • Heejun had a cool and fun performance  but hes proboly going home jessica’s is winning and will win by far

      • But he sounded like the proverbial s**t. I agree that it’s not a singing competition but you have to try to sing well. Heejun didn’t even try. 

  20. Hollie was not good last night! Aw… she did not hit most of the big notes… especially on the latter part of the song! and what was she wearing? My goodness, she looked like a 60-year-old onstage!

  21. Philip and Jessica will slug it out in the finals, Joshua and Colton may give out a good fight but seems that their singing style will be irritating and boring.

  22. WTH are you fricking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heejun doesnt take any of this seriously and thinks hes a comedian. Send home a woman who love to sibng and keep a joker like heejun. Makes me want to break my tv

  23. Now that’s funny Matt. You’ve been taking lessons from Branden. I really like that. I really don’t see why everyone hates DeAndre so much. He is really putting on a show every week. And they acted like that song wasn’t supposed to be so fun. I watched BJ perform this song on stage and he was on top of the speakers and jumping all over the place too. And the singing wasn’t bad. He wasn’t singing out of tune or off key. I don’t get it. Just reinforces the fact that this is a popularity contest and not a singing competition.

  24. My bottom 3:


    With Heejun being the one who should be packing his bags.

  25. COLTON is the best and should win.  He is an all-round performer with a fantastic voice.  PHILIP would be my second choice – so original and personable.  HOLLIE would be my third voice.  As for the others…  send them home one by one.  And please, tell Jessica to stop YELLING all of her songs!  Oops… she’s the Producers’ favourite and they want her to win.  Oh, and make Jimmy a judge.  He is GREAT. 

    • If you like jimmy then you know his pick … JESSICA . according to him if Jessica goes home then everybody does. End of debate .

    • i dont agree with your comments to jessica, she”s the producers favorite, how may standing ovation she gots from the judges as well the audience… dont judge her..just watch it and wait the results based on their performance..dont take it personally,i believe  the top 10 are great singers and each of them  might  win based on their performance..

  26. I just can’t beleive that  Heejun Han is still on the show, his singing ability is null! maybe he should consider comedy as his career!

  27. i love the voice of heejun…hope he could stay longer…Jessica Sanchez her voice is amazing…

  28. Everyone needs to get off DeAndre. He’s so talented and good looking. I love his hair, eyes, and his voice is amazing!!! His voice is unique and different. I like that about him. He deserves to be on the show and deserves more credit. Call me crazy but Jessica needs to go home. She tries to imitate others when she sings. She oversings and shouts all her songs. So if anyone needs to go home it should be Jessica. DeAndre really is a good singer and Good Looking!!!! Dane he’s FINE!!!!

  29. Okay America you got this one WRONG” There’s no way Skylar should be going home. I’m done watching it now!! I’ve lost faith in everyone. Even I’d liike to wish her the best of luck Skylar even though I know you’ll be a big NASH VILLE HIT I have no doubt in my Southern mind about that. God Bless you always and you’ll be a superstar in my eyes alway’s just like Carrie Underwood did. As I also picked her to win it all and she did. 

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