First Glimpse: American Idol 2011 Judges Panel

Here is your first glimpse of the new American Idol 2011 judges panel as the newly formed trio made their first stop in New Jersey. Nigel Lythgoe, the former executive producer who returned this year, tweeted a photo of the entire team: Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest.

American Idol Judges 2011

It’s weird to see Randy Jackson sitting in Simon’s seat, but I guess it’s more appropriate when compared with the idea of putting Tyler or Lopez there.

Great to see American Idol back on track though and things moving toward the January 2011 premiere. Are you ready for things to get started?




  1. OH YEA!!!! I am ready!! Who needs Simon or Paula…..not you guys….you can do it w/o them!!! Let's get the party started..

  2. I am soooo ready…….Looking forward to the show, the judges, the contestants and this wonderful blog……Thanks Matt for keeping us up to date on what's happening…..

  3. i am so ready bring it on it going to be over the top in ratings. hello randy, jennifer, and steve. good luck and have fun most all hello to ryan..

  4. I am really upset that Simon and Kara aren't going to be on the show šŸ™ We will miss you guys!!!

  5. I'll give it a try, but I have my doubts about success without Simon. Not sorry to see Kara go, but boy do I miss Paula.

  6. What's Jennifer doing there??? She can't even sing!!!! And Steven Tyler?? He has no personality. American idol with 2 new judges, won't be the same. Why they didn't keep Ellen?? Too bad.

  7. You can not believe how happy I was to here the Steven was going to be on American Idol!!He has so musch to offer this show and yes if you no him and fallow his history you would know that he has a great personality. Jennifer I do not know to much about but I do think she will be great also. Way to go Idol you have made a good move.

  8. American Idol had a good run, but the past several season were a bore. It will be especially hard to regain my interest, since X-Factor will appear earlier in the season. And Idol is clearly no longer a leader in anything. Developing talent is going to be interesting and Idol made its name by criticizing talent, until someone rose to the top. When I think about it, I am disappointed in myself for being on that bandwagon so long. Hollywood Elites love to be "mean", and I am done supporting that crap.

  9. I am glad to see Steven Tyler a one of the new judges. He can be a bit out spoken if he needs be. And after 30 years in the buisness he knows a lot! J lo is the one bothering me.I am not fond of her. She can be a real Diva! I can't wait until they get started to see how they will work out toghether! HI PHYLLIS G~(LAS VEGAS!)

  10. Hi Sherry K,

    Nice to see you on the site again…..Hope you had a wonderful summer…..I kind of ready to see this NEW show and how it turns out with two new judges and Randy the bigwig (LOL)…..

  11. @ Phyllis G. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I did notice that Randy now has the position of sitting in Simon's spot…will that mean he will become the "new" acerbic judge??? I am looking forward to the new season.

  12. @Rose. I, too, I'm looking forward to the new season…..It should be very interesting to say the least.

  13. Hi Phyllis G. Well I am kind of like you! Well duh! It might be fun just to see how these judges act. And if it's boring we can always move over to the x-factor. Simon will be there and he is always great fun! Smiles. See you later! Sherry K

  14. Hi Sherry, I definitely plan to DVR the X-Factor too…..I have to see what Simon is up to…..

  15. @ Phyllis G (Las Vegaas) I HAVE to see what Simon is up to also. I like Simon. Didn't at first! He was jus too mean. I think Paula tamed him down a bit. I kinda think they had a bit going on in the back stage. LOL! I heard you wnet to see Adam Lambert! I am sooo jealous. did he knock you out? I would have had the sweats seeing him in the flesh. Boy I am bad today. I gotta go to the bank. Talk to you later! PS. Did his fans at dreamsound or what ever it was called quit Adam. The ones who started it got sooo mad at the AMA performance. Give me a break. Up tight? Even God forgives! Take care. Sherry K

  16. @Sherry K. Adam was delicious…..awesome….outrageous, I could go on and on. I saw him at Mandalay Bay on the Beach. I stood in water for about 3 1/2 hours…Allison H from AI opened for him with Orinithia (she used to be Michael Jackson's guitarist)…They were fabulous too but Adam stole the show…..My only beef was that he took 40 minutes to come out on stage and the crowd was restless…..but when he appeared forget about it……Worth every cent we spent. I'd do it again in a NY Heartbeat…..

  17. Oh Phyllis G Damn can I say that? I would give me eye teeh to see Adam in person. I woulld wait in the water for 31/2 hours too to see Adam. His career seems to be doing pretty good . He did a show in New York and had a huge crowd of women sleeping on the street over night to see him. They ask Adam what he thought about it . And Adam is just so sweet!! He said " Well I have to go out there and really give them a good show. They diserve it!!! I just love Adam. I have to go say my prayers now. I don't think God will mind that I love Adam. I just need to keep the lustful thinking out of my head.LOL! Be good and I will talk to you later. When are they going to show some of this Idol on tv? I will give you a shout after I see some of it! Oh I got a hair cut today and I just love the guy who cuts my hair. He went tto school with my son and we talked about music the whole time he was cutting my hair. He said he liked Adam. Then he said what ever happened to that guy from here in Arkansas that won? He said What is his name. I said Kris Allen. He said I don't think he is going to do much. Poor little Kris. he is a nice young man. OK Later! Sherry K

  18. I'm going to miss Simon, but I'm so excited about the new season. It's going to be very interesting season.

  19. I hate this show and everything it represents.

    I wish it would be taken off the air already.

    Jennifer Lopez can't really sing.

    Steven Tyler's voice himself is shot.

    This show isn't about finding talent, it's about ratings and market research via t.v.

    The american public are such pawns to this crap, it's amazing

    • i agree………the panel or judges are the 3 stooges. no offense against moe,larry and curly

  20. What being Aerosmith's popularity has waned in recent years Tyler has to resort to "this"

    Sad,really sad!

  21. I use to love American Idol when it was REAL. But since Sanjai (? spelling???) was kept on and good singers let go, you could tell American Idol was no long about who could sing but who was poplular. The last good singer was Carrie Underwood, after that, it was a farce. Just take American Idol off. and now without Simon, Randy? Randy who, just kidding, Randy, your the bomb. Randy is the only one with good honest advise for these people trying to get ahead but again, I havent seen any real good singers since Carrie. It so sorry because it could be a good show. If it was all about singing and not favorites.

  22. The Judges has a lot of experience under their belts and I now they will be great! Think about it Aerosmith was not put in the Rock of Hall Flame for nothing and Jennifer Lopez is not bad. I do not know to much of her songs and Randy knows what he is doing.They all made it this far in life with out the other two and I'am sure they can do this also. Way to go American Idol you have made a wonderful pick of people!!!!!!!!!

  23. I love American Idol…When Idol is not running I'm bored. I can't imagine the show without Simon I will miss him so much. I have always said that the show will never be the same without any of the original judges. I have missed Paula. I have watched the show from day one and voted every season. I can't wait for the season to begin. Music is my passion and always has been. So I absolutely love American Idol. I must say this season is going to be interesting for sure.

  24. Simon is starting the USA version of "The X-Factor" on Fox next spring.. I think its going to be hard to work out which one will pull in the most viewers-whether ppl like it or not, Simon is the real "star" of American Idol. Its his final vote that seems to be only one that matters in the end to the audience.

    I always thought "The X-Factor" (now shown in the UK and Europe) was nothing more than a renaming of the original Pop Idol (UK) and American Idol, until I found out Simon had simply copied the Idol format and renamed it, causing an eventual court case. I guess thats the way it goes in the business though-both programs are nothing more than mainstream tv karaoke, with the aim of clogging up the music charts year after year with yet another cover or track not originally created by the Simon Cowell programme's current years winner. Hence RATM's "Killing In the Name Of" getting to number 1 in the uk for xmas as an anti-x-factor protest last year. lol. I would guess that with the right co-hosts the USA version of The X-Factor in 2011 on the Fox Network might eventually beat American Idol in popularity.

  25. First i would like to say that American Idol will never be the same without Paula or Simon,thank god Randy is still there.I will always watch the show,because i really like it since the start.I have nothing against any of the new judges,they all seem to do their best.What happened to Ellen,we just get used to her and she to does the magic dissapearing trick.I really liked her,is this going to be a yearly thing of having a new judge all the time.I think something is definately wrong,seems to me like the answer is clear…Randy,Simon and Paula started the show years ago and it was their baby…seems like the new adoptive parents will never be able to get it right.Nevertheless i love the show,just miss the old judges so much.

  26. Last season was a disaster because the judges did not take the selection of the original contestants seriously. They picked many people just to make them feel good. Most of the final 25 were pathetic when you look at the fact they had hundreds of thousands to choose from. That is why viewership was down by millions. Kara was meaningless to the show with all of her “you need to become the song” drivel, flirting with contestants, and playing around with Simon. Ellen contributed nothing to the show. Randy is Randy – he is the foundation and I’m thankful he’s still with them. Simon was the star, but stars move on.

    I believe Jennifer Lopez will contribute more than Paula, Kara, and Ellen combined, but that is yet to seen. Steven Tyler has VERY SUCCESSFULLY run an enterprise (Aerosmith) for THIRTY YEARS!!! He has been in charge of everything from song selections for albums and concerts to the finances. He is a seasoned, wise, talented, and humorous individual. I guarantee you, without Steven there would be no Aerosmith. I believe he is an intelligent selection for the panel and a smart replacement for Simon.

    One more thing, it is shallow-minded to be upset that “your favorite” was not selected. My favorite has been selected about 35 – 40 % of the time and I’m surprised it’s that high. Think of all of the different tastes people have in music, not to mention how much the contestant’s personalities play a part. With the exception of last year, my wife and I have looked forward to every show. It’s generally entertaining from the first to the last show. It’s real simple… stop whining or stop watching.

  27. Thanks Matt for the update.I do agree with Paul S. I think Jennifer Lopez will bring more to the judges than Paula, Kara and Ellen! I also think Steven tyler should be able to add to the show. One cannot be in the music businees thirty years and not know anything. I mean Steven knows a lot!! I hope Paula likes her new show and it does good . I have been a fan of hers for a long time now. Paul S. I am dying to know who your favorite was? Well we need to give AI a chance this year. If it sucks it will not be back. But if it is good it will be. Hi Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) I am a little excited to see what happens with these mew judges and Randy. We need to all go in to this with an open mind .And then after giving them a chance ,see what we think. Phyllis I am just dying to see Adam ifn the flesh. I don't see how it's going to happen though. He will never come here!Take care everyone.Sherry K

  28. Hi Sherry……..Never say never…….Adam is touring the country, maybe he will stop somewhere close enough for you to go. He is definitely worth traveling a little bit too…

    Well the days are dribbling down now before you know it, AI will be on the air……FINALLY

    @Matt…..Thanks for all the updates this year. I don't know what I would have done without this site, I've meet sooo many nice people and for that I thank you…..I LOVE IT….

  29. I was hoping to go to an audition but I can't seem to find the place, date and time of these auditions anywhere. Is it some kind of secret or is it all a big fake scam and a set up from the get go and all these people are pre-cast to sing. Because of this hidden audition issues I seriously question if this show isn't a pre-scripted set up like a shrill Jerry Springer or Motel Williams show of a second rate stunt show but in prime time. Have you asked yourself that. I'm sure you've wanted to show up for an audition at one point.

  30. Thank God that I realized soon enough that this comment board is among the most stupidest that I have ever posted on. And I am glad to say that I hit the spam and blocks buttons on all of you loser jerks.

  31. american idols gonna be boring with out simon being a dbag. and paula acting like shes on crack all the time:)

  32. I would like to say hi to my friend Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) And hi to Rose also. The ones that don't like the show, or are griping about it! Do you know how to change the chanel????????

    Sherry K

    • I just love this new feature. Just click on reply and you can comment. Matt's a genius.

  33. @Sherry K…..How have you been? Are you getting excited about tonight? My feelings are tonight is going to be big ratings because everyone wants to see the new Judges. I'm more excited about the talent and who are the top 12 going to be, so I will be watching tonight for sure!~~~

  34. Matt, what is it with number 36? Is it OK to say things like that? Anyone who would say what " savs "say's is the looser jerk!!! Most of us on here have been quite civil. And most of us like each other!! Sherry K

      • Totally agree !!! Like you said Sherry…change the channel…and, hey,#36 if you don't like AI, then why are you even making a comment.

        Love the reply/comment option that Matt put in place…Way to go Matt !! Looking forward to hearing the comments later on…like in "tomorrow". Have fun watching tonight. Can't wait to see what the talent will be like. Good Luck to J.Lo and Steven Tyler as new judges. šŸ™‚

  35. Idol Judges Great Mixture

    Had no plans to watch this season, my sister called and told me to check it out, i'm back. Enjoyed every min. of the show, look forward to seeing more. The judges was great love the new crew. Love the old crew to but it's time for a little change, great for business. Best wishes to American Idol and the new judges.

    • If everyone would just watch it with an opened mind, they would be very impressed like you.

      Glad you are back on board…..Now if the top 12 are as impressive as the judges, we will have one hellva year…….

      • Totally agree, Phyllis. If you noticed I had to put an initial (A.) beside my name due to the fact there was another Rose making derogatory comments…(that was NOT me) !!! Loved the show and again the interaction of the judges…totally awesome. šŸ™‚

      • Thanks for letting me know that Rose A. was you. When I read her comments I had a feeling it wasn't you. We were so hyped up about the show that I really thought we might have been let down. I know its only the first show but I really, really enjoyed it. As far as the talent goes, I never take the auditions serious but they are fun to watch….Half the time we never get to see the really good ones until they start to eliminate the not so good ones….LOL

      • I agree about the auditions…the really interesting times begin after they start to narrow it down to the "Big 12"…but I love the entertainment factor of the audition rounds…too much fun. The "precious one" and I were having a good time…LOL šŸ™‚

      • Rose…..your granddaughter sounds precious, too bad you can't post pictures,,,,,I'd love to see her. A future AI fan!!!!!!

      • She is adorable…hears music and singing and starts moving her little arms and legs with a Big smile…definitely a future AI fan!! šŸ™‚

  36. I was awaited for this for long time that the season 10 is now on tv. I am die heart fan of American Idol.

  37. I watched the first two shows and the Judges are fantastic. I love, love, love the ones you chose. They are way better than all the years before. I mean the years before were good but this combination is fantastic. I have heard nothing but good things about them from everyone I talked to.

  38. WOW!! I have always been a true fan of A.Idol. Yes Simon Cowell will be missed (not Kiara),However you guys did well. JLopez & Steven Tyler ARE AMAZING…Love the chemistry of all 3 judges. A.Idol you cannot, you MUST not let these judges go…they are simply brilliant, talented, born naturals and fantastic to watch. J Lopez beautiful as ever (I met her once in Topshop with her hubby Marc…she is THAT beautiful in person). Steven Tyler, I simply adore watching him and his crazy remarks and oneliners…AND last but not least, the DAWG…Randy J. Never ever change cos you've been so good, funny from the very begining. Well done A.Idol 2011

    • Steven Tyler looks so goofy when he bobs his head up and down with his eyes closed when someone is singing.

      • He may look "goofy" but it tells me he is really listening to the singing and making a call on what he hears that has potential. I think he is a wonderful addition to AI. Love him…have always liked Aerosmith…they aere awesome. Looking forward to see what talent this week offers. šŸ™‚

  39. I like Aerosmith too. Steven Tyler is really talented too. It just seems like everytime he does that "goofy" head bobbing stuff with his eyes closed, I find myself mocking him and the camera is always on him. He does seem really fair with the singers. You can tell he has a big heart. He doesn't like to hurt feelings. He'll do fine!!

  40. I've really enjoyed the episodes this season so far. However an ariticle I read before this weeks show said that J-Lo was complaining that Steven Tyler was getting all the spot light. I thought it was VERY obvious this week that they were giving her much more attention, and Steven hardly said anything. Although I've always liked J-Lo and thought she was a sweetheart in previous episodes, I think that Steven Tyler has made the show this season, and should go back to the way he was before Jennifer started complaining.

  41. This is the best Idol of all times. I love the two new judges especially the Great, Amazing Steven Tyler. Keep up the great job. Tyler Rules.

  42. Randy still has sensible advice and good judgement. Jenifer is sweet, could lend more constuctive advice though. The the truth is, the new judges are getting boring! They don't seem to realize that they are part of the entertainment. Steven, especilly needs to wake up and liven up with tactics other than an occasional squeel, squreech or expected bomb from his potty mouth. His profanity adds nothing!

  43. Myself and so many of my Idol watcher friends are livng the new judges. They say what needs to be said but are not rude and "mean" as we have seen in the past. I have watched Idol every year and this has to be the best group of kids ever and myself and other Idol wathchers say it is because Jennifer and Steven know music because they live it so they are better equipped to make the decision on who to pick. I was not sure when I heard Steven Tyler would be a judge and now I can't imagine Idol without him. The judges are sensitive as to what this means to all who tried out; however, at the same time they offer truthful and helpful comments.

    • Steven Tyler, Jenefer Lopez & Randay. We have been dedicated observers of American Idle & this has been the best year. They have choser one of the most talented groups ever. Their constructive advice is giving the contestants direction to work with. I do not miss Simon Powel at all, his comments were rude, obnoxtious & personal. I heard Simon does open opportunities he is a man of influence but not a good evaluator. Great judging.

  44. I LOVE THE NEW JUDGES!!! and also I love Randy! The respect the have for all contestants is enlighting,the 3 of them makes the perfect team of etiquette. Please keep up the good job.

  45. We Love the new judges. It's refreshing to see kindness in consideration that people have feelings. Please keep Stephen and JLo for a long, long time.

    • Please bring Simon back so that these young people can receive constructive advice, not all the kiss kiss crap being handed out by Stephen & Jennifer. As for Randy, he has always been a poor judge. This judge panel is by far the worst ever. The music business is brutal & cold and if you are going to survive in it, you need to be told the truth. The truth often hurt. However, filling Daddy's Little Girl's" head with all the flowery, "Don't Want To Hurt Your Feelings So I'll Lie To You" crap being given out this season will not shiel her in the real mnusic world.

  46. yep they all wil do good no mattter what and who goes there all good and will make it. i love to sing too. am good at it.i can sing like cher and madonna brittany spears jsut for fun. i jsut enjoy watching the show

  47. The judges are great. Since I've been watching (5-6 years) this is the first session where all the judges click with the audience and contestants. The "judge drama" is gone and the show is much better.

  48. This is the BEST Idol season that I have seen. I was very apprehensive about Steven and Randy as judges; however, I feel that Steven, Jennifer and Randy complement each other so well and offer insite to the Idol contestants that is not only appropriate to each contestant but they also show true concern as well as encouragement. I LOVE IT!!!

  49. I was not sure how this year would be……….but to my delight I believe the new judges are GREAT…. and i think its better than the lasts few years.

  50. 02-23-2011 show

    I would like to say its hard to tell someone that they are not ready for the big lites.

    Remember each of them are getting a big break to be heard and seen on tv. They need to work on their voice and moves. Not everyone can be an American Idol but now they know it takes hard work and determination. Grading each person on voice first then style. God bless you for the wonderful job your going

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