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American Idol judges 2011

The American Idol 2011 auditions continue this weekend with the new judges heading to Milwaukee for two days after their first round of meeting the Idol hopefuls in New Jersey on Wednesday and Thursday.

No word yet on how many people got the call back from earlier rounds of auditions to perform in front of the new judges, but if you were one of the lucky few in NJ or are heading back this weekend in Milwaukee then we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for details on how it went with the new Idol judges and what you thought of them. You can leave an anonymous comment below (but use your real email – this won’t be public) or email us directly on the Contact page.

We’re waiting to hear from you and anything you tell us will be kept completely confidential, but please no bogus messages. We’ll know!




  1. I am writing in regard to my daughter who auditioned with jlo, steve, and randy. She just turned 16 in june she was not nervous and felt her audition went well, to only hear from randy that he felt she was "too young" to handle the pressure. which i was a little taken back since they lowered the age to 15. jlo said "your loud" hmmmm what does that mean??? and steve said something about song choice. ok so with that said, my daughter sang a softer song, to show that she can sing soft as well, and they all just stuck to her age was too young to handle the pressure….what is that????? i feel it was a huge compliment that they didnt have anything to say about her voice that was negative, infact it was said that she was good but too young….she was devistated, because it didint make sense. either way, we will return, but i feel that if they are going to tell these kids they are too young then make the age 18….becasue bringing these kids to round 3 then saying there too young only sends mixed messages and is very hypicritical…either way, we will return but feel that she really didnt have a fair audition.

  2. Is Ryan one of the judges? Happy to see that JLo lower her diva image by her simple dressing and down to earth look,not intimidating and able to connect with contestants in that sense.Tyler looks like a no nonsense judge and serious in his job as far, (looks) so good.

  3. American Idol is seriouslyyy a contest looking for a talent whose not as serious as it could. I auditioned the first day in New Jersey and I'm sixteen years old. The judges actually said that my personality and voice is too old…that's why I believe that american idol is turning into a joke

  4. First of all. Jlo is not a singer. She's an entertainer!! So right there I don't belive she is suitable to be a judge!! Having a tooo old voice??? Doesn't make sense. Jlo n tyler will be gone next year. Its really upsetting that they r letting a lot of yoing talent go. Its because it will cost them tooo $uch money for tutors n its not right these kids are going to miss a lot of school. I think the age should be 18. But as far as the judges. HoRrible choice. Steve tyler hardly spoke. Ryan is not a judge. He does what he always does

  5. I can't wait for the season to start. I think it will be very entertaining with the new judges. I think the panel will bring a lot of new angles to the judging. Love them all and I will be watching.

  6. What angels?? Lol. U weren't in the room with them. Jlo is not a nice person. And funny she is having 2nd thoughts on this

  7. I hope Nigel's position with AI does not distract his attention away from "So You Think You Can Dance",as I have said in a previous e mail,a more entertaining show than AI.PLEASE him.I wish him luck though.


    Nigel Thompson



  8. @ matt. Hey I will reply to you monday. I did read the emails but was having a prob replying on my computer. I will try either sun or mond thx

  9. I hope this young girl is on the TV auditions because I would like to see and hear for myself.

    Of course people are going to be upset if they don't make it. I wish we can hear from people who make it to the show…..What their opinions are of the two new judges……

  10. @phyliss….i hope they show her also…shes does have an amzing voice, and i am not bitter at all..i cannot say her name nor can i send you to her youtube account because of confidential papers we have signed,and we will go back next year, so i really dont want to make a problem for her….but what i would like to say, is the process is not what everyone sees on tv, so u do learn alot, and i am not saying that i dont like the judges, however, i am complaining about what they told her…randy liked her voice her look and everything, but felt she was to young to handle pressure….so my question was why make the age 15…jlo said she was loud…hmmmm so she softened it up, and she liked her but all they could say was she was too young….i am thrilled but im not….for them not to critique her voice was awesome….they do want her to return, and she will, im just confused on this age thing….i feel my daughter is a young 16 as well, but i guess i thought she was ready with her voice soi guess they need the whole package….and then they would have to have taken her out of school so i guess they cant pay for tudors…on top of the psycologists they need as well….so i am not bitter, i just dont think it was fair.

  11. i also know peeps who got through and of course they will have nothing but great things to say…..i do have validity to the reason they didnt put her through…i would have not put all my money into traiing her for 6 months straight to prepare had i known it was going to be an age thing….i could have waiting another year or so….it was draining to say the least, but at least i know what i have to do next time..she will make it….no doubt, if she doesnt get signed before that….:)

  12. @Jean……I understand the legality of it but I do hope they show her. I wish her well. Tell her not to give up because everything happens for a reason, its just not clear yet but good things will happen for her especially if she is that good. Keep in touch thru this blog and let us know how she is doing….all the best.

  13. At the risk of sounding like a sports mom, I will try not to.

    My daughter plays field hockey in college, last year she spent the majority of the season standing on the sideline, it was so frustrating and sad to watch my baby standing and not playing. At times she thought about quitting because it became to frustrating for her. She hung in there, rode the season out, and now this year she's a starter!

    I mentioned this, because the entertainment business as well as sports can be so cutthroat and confusing!

    @Jean tell your daughter to keep perserving, she'll make it! Best of luck to her!

  14. hello to all…@ phyllis, you are so right and i thank you..i do feel the same way that the right time will come..we are hopeful and look forward to next year…thank you for ur kind words

  15. @angela, i got the chills when i read about your daughter and how as mothers we hurt for them….my daughter is doing wonderful and is very excited to be singing in several places this winter, we have made many contact, but plan on moving slow through everything…congrat to your daughter that is so excting,and my girl will keep going, this has made her so excited to mature and grow as a young lady, and continue to work on her voice and stage presence…she can only get better…alot of good things happening we are blessed….and idol is on the list for next year..thank you all for your kind words….much appreciated….i will keep u updated….thank u

  16. hello kyrs, i am sorry i havnt been on line for a few days…i will respond to matt asap… thank you.

  17. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS POST it is only fair on your behalf, people are entitled to the truth….AMERICAN IDOL LIES!!!!! My name is Rodrigo Cortes, I auditioned long ago for AI3. I was asked the question what would I do with a million dollars which resulted in my 15 minutes of fame. Simon even told me to come back but they never believed it was me when i did. Since then I have received my degree in music, and auditioned for AI10 in San Francisco. When I auditioned I heard some amazing voices and with my music degree I feel that I can judge a little better because I have bee trained to hear what a good voice is based on technique timbre and quality. I saw that these "judges" in the booths weren't letting any GOOD voices through, the only ones they did let through were "teeny-boppers." I would like to call AI out and say that if I have to sign a contract, shouldn't they back up what they say, like Simon who said on the "Ellen Show" that I could come back. American Idol lies and holds a grudge on what talent really is, there were AMAZING SINGERS who had it all, but they were judged as too old. It was then my turn to audition and since I have been trained classically I am taught to project, next to me are 3 other singers (because I sneaked into a group to make it bigger) who were great. We all sang our songs and they snickered to themselves as if they actually knew what good sounds were, and told us all our voices weren't "big enough" lol, I said excuse me, MY voice wasn't big enough, taking offense, they then said, "It was too big" so I said which is it?!?! I then said I could sing it softer, they said, "you were looking out into the? audience" I said, "you can't just look at on person." and the replied with, "you didn't have a connection with the song." This was total BS they did not know what they were talking about!!!? they then asked how old some kids were and right after they said their age, and that they were brother and sister they whispered for a little and let them through. I posted this on their website and they removed my post. Yes I admit that Steven Tyler is great but has had my operations due to poor technique, and Randy is a Bassist, what does he know about voices, Jennifer Lopez, are you kidding me she started singing after she made "Selena." She is just an actor who took advantage of her fame. THEY HAVE NO REAL MUSICAL JUDGES!!! I ask you American Idol to give me the opportunity you promised, as I was obliged to your contract, shouldn't you be to yours? put me back on, Thank you.

  18. OH MY GOODNESS! Steven Tyler! whaaaat! I wanna show steven tyler that I can sing! My computer just got fixed so I just now saw you guys were just in LA! that super sucks. I would do anything..with in reason of course lol to make my dreams come true! Please please please shoot me an email!

  19. Somehow you need to get Paula back and Simon. You guys are letting this show go. Cara was a really bad choice! Glad to see her gone but i think the only way to get your ratings back up is to pay Paula the money she deserved to begin with and talk Simon into coming back.

  20. I think that the new judges will be great and I really admire J.Lo!! I lobe to dance her songs and sing them too, anyway i know theyre going to do a great Job and a great show!!

  21. I think it will not be as good with Simon not being there. He told it like it was, but sometimes harsh. I think American Idol should put a limit on the numbers of calls a person can make when voting, like Dancing with the Stars did. Think it would cut back on popularity and vote more for talent.

  22. hey:) im 13 rite now but i will be 14 next year on april 28, i am hoping to try out for american idol i say on a the website that the age is 14!! yay.. im reakky good.. and i will be in a talent show on friday,nov 19,2010!!! and everyone keeps telling me to try out for american idol so i am!! 🙂 please give me some tips on it:)

  23. Hey I dont understand what you have against JLo. Paula isnt better singer than she is. They are on the same level. And still JLo is international diva, she has what to say to these kids… I think she is excellent for this job!

  24. Hey,

    I have been wanting to audition but I live in new england and missed the boston location. Next year is the last year i can audition and then ill be too old and just wanted to say it would be awesome if you guys could come somewhere more central to new england like new Hampshire. I hope to see you somewhere more local next auditions 😀

  25. well i actually am surprised at how the judges treated me, i was sick when i went, the judges didnt even make fun of my singing instead they made fun of me and how i look. i dont think they like gays all too well, randy made a comment about being married when i said i was gay, thanks for rubbing it in that i cant get married, funny thing is, my story was about suicide when i was a teen for being tormented for bein gay, and guess what they did….. you got it, but im stronger now than i was then, not dying today:)so i dont think ima watch this year or another season ever for that matter.

    • You will always be awesome in my book. You are not afraid to be yourself. You are loved and cared by all lot of people. They did not know what a wonderful person you are.

  26. Wow, some people sure do hate the new judges this year. Oh well, I'm excited to hear what they have to say. I really think the show was at its best when it was just Paula, Randy, and Simon. We all knew how they were going to act when we auditioned and that it was more real. Last year I liked Ellen because she was funny, but this year I'm missing Paula and Simon. The show just is not going to be the same without them; and everyone knows it. Hope the show the best of luck and that ratings will not drop, but to be honest I think they will. Thank god Randy is still present because without him, I don't think people would feel comfortable. Ha, it would be like the first season, but instead of the show progressing, I think its soon coming to an end. Just my opinion, but still hoping for a good artist to branch out of the show. Everyone deserves their moment to shine, and AI offers that opportunity, and trust me if they believe your talent is big enough to win the show, you'll get through. But if you are not going to win, what is the point of going to Hollywood. (Only to have your hopes and dreams crushed more)

  27. We r excited to see what idol is going to be. My daughter alexa made it to the finals in jersey city. She didn't make the cut they said she wasn't mentally ready. I can now talk about it because in hopes that she will be shown when she made it through her new jersey audtition down to the final 100. She was devastated but we will go right back this year and audition again. There is more to say but I will leave it at that. Look for her. New jersey audition She sings lady marmalade. Pink feathers in her hair. Dark long hair. Pink boots n floral dress. Her name is Alexa. Thank u

  28. @Jean…..I will definitely be looking for Alexa at the Jersey Auditions…….She sounds precious. Tell her to never give up on her dreams because all of this is a learning experience and one day she will succeed because of it……

  29. I just loved the little sixteen year old girl,I think her name was Victoria from the south strong accent. Just loved her, I thought you guys did great with the judging and I think these contestants were some of your best. Stephen,Jenifer, and Randy your vibe was great,chemistry better than ever. Makes me want to watch. Tim Sullivan

  30. The 2011 American Idol seems to be more about the new judges than about the contestants. I am not interested in seeing more, and hearing more from the new judges. I turned off the TV after the first hour. I had heard enough from, and about the new judges. Lets get back to the contestants.

  31. Glad to see that season 10 is off to a great start and I feel that the judges have been pick at its best,wish I could get to see both of the shows on Wednesday and Thursdays,but stuck in college on both night,but what I have seen is some really wonderful talents and feel that its going to be a huge and spectacular battle. I missed out on the show for January 27th,2011 and hope there will be so way it will get re-shown at a later date. I think it was huge to see my Favorite star Steven Tyler on the show and feel that it will bring more out in choosing the right next American Idiot and along with Randy and the another judges. Also,need to see Ryan little more active in the show. So wish every another staff best wish with season 10 and bless all of you.

  32. I am puzzled by the way the network handled the top 24 this year. It seems that, for some reason the network had to get from 24 to 12 (it turned out to be 13) in one week. I don't feel it was right. There were too many deserving singers who got eliminated on Thursday, March 3rd. Why not go from 24 to 20 to 16 to 12 in 3 weeks. Then they could have gone from 12 to 10 to 8 in two weeks. That is a total of 5 weeks. That would have given the viewers more of a chance to see more of the singers over a five week period. The way there are doing it is, they are getting to the final 8 over the same 5 week period but will probably eliminate 2 next week and 1 for the following 3 weeks in a row. So, the bottom line is they will get to 8 contestants in the same amount of time.

  33. Ryan Seacrest is awful. Last week when three of the ladies were on stage he said your are all safe (pause) except one of the girls. It sounded to me that all three were safe when he first spoke. Did I hear it correctly? He also looked silly when he danced around the stage after one of the male performances. Why is he still coming down the stairs? He is not the star.

  34. Yes Peggy,

    That was an unkind thing to say. Although I do think Ryan is good at what he does, it is clear that he separates his emotions (if he has any) from the business of the show. Maybe the show's producers put him up to saying it like that. It was not the first time he has said something similar to that and it will not be the last.

    • Yes in times seems a little cruel to keep them hanging on to see which is safe…But…d

      o like Ryan,think he adds to the show…and cute also.

  35. The judges are doing an excellent job I really enjoy the show! Love seeing Jennifer Lopez, Steven and Randy … Couldn't ask for a better group to be judging the American Idol show – seems to be alot more empathy and compassion on the show now. Keep that, these kids hearts are involved and it's vital for their success regardless of whether or not they actually make it till the end. Randy don't think that we didn't see you reach in and console … that is ultimately admired – you know how to treat people with compassion – you were deliberate in your action to reach and make the contestants realize they are still valued and very talented even if they are eliminated – that is immensely important and what was missing in previous years – We love you! Okay last comment – That James Durbin is exceptional … amazing! Only reason I say this is because I have son going through a similar situation with Cerebral Palsy and he's a performer – Just so you know… You just saved a life and showed America that these people that suffering from dibilitating diseases can and will rise above if the believe – But that boy James Durbin has the ability to move hearts in America – He is absolutely the heart and soul of America and I'm particularly standing with him because I know what it has taken for him to succeed to the levels that he has. I have high hopes that he is our next America Idol. Thank you for allow me to express my opinion on this and keep up the good work – You are all such beautiful performers and we love seeing you judge the contestants!!!


    • Paul….at the start I thought Paul was good,with a Rod Stuart sounding voice.But then he did a Rod song,maggie May I think it was and was not very good on it.Somehing has changed his voice for the last couple weeks he has sounded like the chip monks.You know like thge "Alvin" song.But he is cute with a dashing smile and is very popular with audience.He does have a way there.Just lately not to impressed with his voice but do like his style of delivery.And the smile…..well what do you say…a smile goes a long ways.

  37. i have to get a message to a contestant,can't think of how else to do it.scotty has to sing springstein…maybe "the river"

    • Scotty is a sweetheart and really beleive though he may add a country flair to it he can sing anything…And so relaxed on stage..Guess you can tell who my votes goes to…Love Scotty…

  38. Look Nisha you got heart but you suck at singing. And you suck at dancing and this african thing its unbecomming takes away from your originality. Makes you look like a follower. I am sorry but it is so. Pia will be the winner, even though I think Haley has the kind of pipes and the kinda of looks I like. She has pop star written all over her. But the judges are right about her lack of movement, with a body like that she needs to shake it. BEST JUDGES EVER and it shows in the kind of talent they choose. Tighest competition ever. Steven you looked boared discnnected tonight alot of staring into space and pencil tapping. If you are not into it gtfo.

  39. I agree…Jennifer Lopez has an OK voice she is not a singer, she is just an entertainer…she is just lucky to make it through to the music industry. Have you heard her last song, "On The Floor"…she sang very little, she kept saying, "on the floor3x" -_-, the rest was just raps and more raps by pittbull plus a little bit of techno…

    steven tyler, he really cant judge as well as simon did…most of the things he said on AI did not make any sense so far…he has not really helped the contestants to improve.

    randy jackson…i have always thought he was the worst among all the judges on the previous seasons of AI but oh my this season he rules the AI…most of his critics were true and it helped some of the contestants.

    please do not delete this comment as this is so true and most Americans will agree with me. Thanks.


  41. I don't think the judges should have a save. If the people voted you out you should be out. This is like the judges telling who they want to win. It is not fair to others.

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