FOX Confirms American Idol 2013 Premiere Details

January 2013 premiere of American Idol

The countdown to FOX’s American Idol 2013 premiere is on! The network has just announced all the details you’ll need to make sure you catch the Season 12 debut.

Starting on Wednesday, January 16th at 8PM ET/PT you’ll be able to tune in and watch as the new panel of judges hits the road and crosses America in search of the next great talent. The very next night you’ll get another two hours of American Idol at 8PM ET/PT with more of the auditioning fun. So that’s 4 hours of Idol fun in the very first week. The season continues the next Thursday, January 24th.

As with each season, it’ll be interesting to see how producers handle the balance between the “good” auditions and the “bad.” In past years we’ve had things go heavy on the cringe-worthy and other times when they angle for a more positive outlook. A few “bad” ones can be funny, but I’m hoping for lots of great talent to be showcased on American Idol 2013. What about you?




  1. Unless they announce a new limited voting policy, I won’t bother. I’m sick of good singers losing out to the likes of Lee DeWyze etc.

    • i certainly don’t blame you. my husband and i will probably skip the idiotic auditions and just watch the top ten. unless the nhl FINALLY settles and the games are back. happy holidays!!

  2. @Namesake…..How are you? Can you believe its AI time again???Where did the time go….Sorry about the NHL…My sons are very upset too. They love hockey…..Happy Holidays!!!
    Hi Templar….gonna miss you, they’ll never change the stupid voting system,,….Happy Holidays!!!!!

    • all is well in ny and i hope the same for las vegas. at least you don’t get hurricanes, but i can’t complain. we were part of the 10% who did NOT lose electricity for 2 weeks and had no damage to our house. yeah, it’s almost idol time again. wonder if things will change…not!! happy wonderful holidays, kiddo!!

  3. If Idol goes all tacky like the Xfactor with bad auditions trying to embarrass people I will stop watchig Idol too!

  4. This will be the first year since Idol started that my family, friends and I won’t be watching. We had already decided not to watch this year because of the voting. It is so unfair. Then they hired Nicki and that was the last straw! She is rude and crude. Can’t stand to even look at her. Biggest potty mouth. This year isn’t going to be about the kids. It will be all about the Diva’s. No thank you!

  5. Doing something “different” on the show would make it worthwhile to watch! Why not do a “save” from hollywood week from each side – – the guys & the girls??? Judges call….Something like that would be cool. Doing different creative things each season makes it more interesting & appealing!

  6. I enjoy watching and the one i wanted to win last year won. I am not excited about nicki m. being a judge, she isn”t a good example.

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