Frankie Ford Audition on American Idol 2013

Frankie Ford auditions on American Idol 2013

Frankie Ford was one of the lucky ones last night on the American Idol 2013 premiere, or maybe I should say that he was one of the talented ones. Frankie’s performance of “Sweet Dreams” earned him a ticket to Hollywood, but his nerves nearly cost him the opportunity.

Frankie, a 24 year old out of Brooklyn, started out a little rough but stopped himself, apologized, and after taking a moment he began anew. It was a good thing too because I don’t think he would have made the cut if he kept on pushing his first try.

Nicki Minaj admits she doesn’t think he has the best voice in the competition, but she likes him and sees potential. Frankie ends up with four “yes” votes from the judges and he’s on to Hollywood.

Watch Frankie perform “Sweet Dreams” in his American Idol audition video below.