Giveaway: Jordin Sparks Autographed T-Shirt Thanks to Famous Footwear

Want a free autographed T-Shirt from American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks? It can be yours, just read on to find out how (hint: it’s really, really easy).

Famous Footwear recently worked with Jordin Sparks of American Idol for their latest Famous for a Day campaign which gives real life people the chance to spend the day with their favorite celebrity or pro athlete. Jordin surprised one of her biggest fans in Orlando and the two spent a day together, concluding with Jordin’s concert at House of Blues where the fan enjoyed exclusive backstage access. Cameras were on-hand throughout the day to capture each moment of the fan’s unique celebrity experience and you can watch it all in the video below.

After you watch the video post a comment on this article about how you would spend a day with Jordin Sparks if you could be Famous for a Day. That’s all it takes to enter the giveaway. On August 31, 2010 I’ll randomly select one person from the comments below and notify them by email. I told you it was easy!

So how would you spend the day with Jordin if you were Famous for a Day?




  1. I'd probably just talk with her about how she views the world, why she likes being alive, etc.

  2. This is really a great thing Famous Footwear is doing. Jordin has a very wide fan-base and any fan would be ecstatic to spend the day with her. I would just talk to her about silly things to start off but then start asking about her career and anything that wasn't to personal. I'd tell her about myself and maybe try and build a long lasting friendship off of that. A man can dream, Lol.

  3. I would spend a day with her visiting different children's hospital reading to them.I will also teach them how to sketch their names and have a good time even though are sick then can still have a good time and smile

  4. I think this is a really great idea. I think that Jordin Sparks is a really great role model and a very down-to-earth celebrity. I'd love to spend the day with her. If I had the chance to spend the day with her, I would go out to eat with her and just talk about everything like how American Idol was and how it felt and other things.

  5. We have hosted many foreign exchange students and gone on mission trips to Bolivia, St. Vincent, Dominican Republic and have been shocked by conditions in third world contries. We have also done work at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. I am a fan of Jordan and supported her when she was on Idol. A day with Jordan would include driving around looking at local attractions and natural sites and eating at a quiet place to visit about important happenings in her life. Not just about Idol and singing, but her views as she has grown up. Things many of us did not think about as we grew up. Very nice video. I enjoy the excitement.

  6. I really like Jordin Sparks! I think she is a great role-model for young adults and if I could spend the day with her, I would want to talk about her and how she is adjusting to the fame that she is so fortunate to have. I would also take her on the town here in Vegas and show her a good time such as Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, take her on the strip and let her hang out with my family (2 teenage daughters).

  7. I really like Jordin Sparks. Her songs are absolutely amazing. I would talk to her about how did she feel about winning American Idol and getting her own records. I would ask her did she ever think that one day she would have been singing especially on American Idol. And that she has done a great job and the songs are so good along with the titles of them. I wish you luck Jordin and hope you continue singing.

  8. I would be honored to meet Jordin and am an avid fan of American Idol.
    If i could spend a day with her I would enjoy getting to know her and just talking.
    Perhaps do some girlie things like hairdresser, manicures and some shopping and just hang out. Would not like to have anything really planned just be spontaneous of the moment and do what we feel like doing. Chillaxin is nice too

  9. What a fantastic role model Jordin Sparks is. If I had a daughter, (I have two sons) I would hope that she’d be like Jordin. As a pre-school lead teacher at a Head Start in Massachusetts, I would like to see Jordin spend the day at my school talking, interacting and showing the children what they could be if they believe and work hard. It might also help some their young low-income parents realize that with positive role modeling their child or children could accomplish many great things in life.

  10. Awesome! If I had a chance to spend with Jordin I would take her on a local trip and show her all the needy people we have here. Many children right here in the US need help. Don't get me wrong anything any celeb does is more then what most people would do but let's see more celeb's help right here at home

  11. First I would take Jordan Sparks on a Orca Whale Watch and then have dinner at a sea food place in Anacortes.

  12. Maybe we could go shopping, check out the sights, and have dinner at a great restauraunt. NS has some great places to see !!

  13. it'd be great to meet Jordin Sparks, im such a huge fan of her song. I'd love to talk to her about everything, like AI, celebrities, famous life, how her life changed … and i also want to sing No Air to her, my fav :X

  14. i love Jordin Sparks! She is a great role model and great singer she won American Idol in 2006 she's made many hit singles and inspired alot of people. I would just be delighted if i could spend a day with her i love u Jordan. And if i win maybe i can sing one of her sonngs or a song for me to sing to her. Jordin ur the best i love u !
    I may would talk about her career and if she likes it, maybe what i want to be when i grow up i may want to be a singer just like her! Please let me get picked i never get picked for things and i would just love if i can talk and hang out with Jordan!

  15. I would like to post one more i forgot to put it into my last one. I am a very intelligent girl and i love school i like helping my community ande helping my family too! i know it sounds like that girl that won a day with Jordan but i do it to! So i also thought i would tell u i'm too yound to travel by myself so i couldnt go to (for instance) Africa, or Jamaicca. But if i could i would ihope u enjoyed this too!
    I love u Jordan ur the best!

  16. This is an amazing video! I think its a great thing what Jordan did for that girl and I also think that its amazing what she did for the kids who are shoe-less! If I were famous for a day, I would just live it like I've neverr lived it before! I would do as much as I could and enjoy the experience as-much-as-possible! I would love the opportunity to help my community even more! I love you Jordan and I always will<3

  17. Jordin has always been an inspiration to my daughter & I..From the moment we saw her on American Idol..She is a very young girl who was raised properly and deserves this career..If I could spend the day with Jordin, I would like to sit down and hear how she feels about the upcoming changes to Idol and besides touring, find out how else her life has changed since being crowned "American Idol"

  18. If I were able to spend a day wih Jordin Sparks it would be over dinner with my family. My two childen would love talking to her about her journey to fam. They love to watch A Idol and they know that they are just like us trying to make something of ourselves. Making our dreams come true ! Keeping it real. Sowing them that it is possible..

  19. i would love to spend a day with Jordin ,i watched and rooted for her while shewas on i think i would spend the day with her going to lubch,getting our nails done,walking in the park,maybea movie,just a day between girlfriends,and of courseasking her how thubgs have changed in her life since idol both postiveand negative.

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