J Lo Is J No More On American Idol 2011

So much for the plans to have Jennifer Lopez become one of the new judges for American Idol 2011. I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming as an issue given Lopez history as an alleged diva, but Lopez has managed to demand her way out of the coveted job, says People:

The singer-actress had been closing a deal to be a permanent judge on the show for its upcoming 10th season but the deal fell apart.

“Her demands got out of hand,” says the source. “Fox had just had enough.”

But now that Lopez is out of the running, the network may be looking at their earlier top picks again.

J Lo would have been a nice addition to the panel as a change of pace with having someone with a little more industry relevance, but she sure showed them!

So now that both Lopez and Steven Tyler are allegedly out of the contest, who should American Idol 2011 pick up for two new judges?




  1. Just bring Harry Connick, Jr he will do such a wonderful job!! Brett Michaels also would be a good choice.. PLEASE no more divas!!! with Kara was more than enough! We want serious people.

  2. How about one of the first 4 winners of American Idol. Or, whoever of the winners that Simon feels would be the best.
    I can't believe that the 3 people responsible for presenting the talent to America, for selecting American Idol, can't come up with a few names for replacement judges!
    Paula, Randy and Simon, get to work!!!

  3. Bret Michaels AND Harry! Seems like the women are just too "NOT"
    Sharon Osborne-Who is the best female judge EVA!!!!

  4. Hey "AMERICAN IDOL " I have a great ideal for a judge ! Why not have a all out search across AMERICA, and pick one of the greatest judges ever , The ones who has made this show what it is . The FANS, Forget paying millions for J Lo , Ellen, ETC give one lucky WINNER a MILLION DOLLARS!!! And watch the " RATING " GO CRAZY ! So have 2 celebritys judges and 1 all AMERICAN JUDGE from the people , or break it down and have a guest judge every show and spread the wealth , what a way to give back to the FANS !!!

  5. I give up……..I'll just wait for next season and see what happens. too much drama….

  6. I would like to see Faith Hill or Martina McBride as a replacement for Jennifer Lopez…since that deal fell through. And…PLEASE…go for Harry Connick, Jr. as Simon's replacement. He is awesome. Si glad to hear that "Kougar Kara" is out of the picture. Love Ellen, but she was right…this really was not a good fit for her.

  7. Although she is apparently not a fan of the show, I'd love to see Cher as a judge. She's had hit songs every decade since the 60s, is not a diva, has humor and is dead honest. However, whomever they choose as judges, it won't help unless they limit the number of votes per phone number. Otherwise, no one can win honestly. Those 5k votes per teenager don't transfer into record sales or $ for the sponsers.

  8. I think Cher would be great but, she may not be into it. Will Smith would be fun! How about Clive Owens or another producer?

    • Will Smith would be great but I doubt that they would pick him since randy is still there. Will is funny talented and well rounded. He started young and work hard to make it.

  9. Harry Connick is a great suggestion. How about some semi-retired "great" that isn't doing much publicly, if only for one season? No reason the judging panel has to be the same year-to-year (tho I'm glad Randy hasn't left). Take your pick: Celine Dion, one of the surviving Bee Gees, Michael Stipes from REM, Rob Thomas, Jewel,,,and/or one of the former winners or runner-ups (like my fav, Adam Lambert).

    • I am not sure about a former contestant unless it is like kelly clarkson, carrie underwood. Adam has not been around for long I think that he needs to earn his spot as a judge instead of just giving it to him.

  10. My idea: stick to 3 Judges. Randy, assume Paula, and the 3rd Judge is guest judges or from the American Idol Top 3 winners from season 1 to 9. How's that. Make it interesting and unpredictable. Each week the AI top 3 rotates. Something new each week. This will be fun to watch.

    • I like this idea. Keep Randy and another permanent judge and rotate out guest judges from the past seasons. We have a winner. Take this suggestion fox.

  11. Harry Conick would be great, and someone suggested Jewel. I think she would also be a wonderful addition. She is still young and would relate to the younger set, and this could help re-start her career. I also love her personality.

    So my choice would be to keep Randy and add Harry Conick Jr. and Jewel. Yup, that be a judge that I would watch.

  12. Mr Producer,
    This is AI for ordinary Americans, so no divas or superstars for Judges. I suggest these 3 Judges that will make me watch next Season which you won't regret with some humor.

    My pick of Judge for next Season:
    1. Randy Jackson (must have)
    2. Clay Aiken (versatile,creative & truthful with sense of humor)
    3. Kelly Clarkson (sweet & lovable , down to earth & talented)

    I cannot wait for next Season. Please.. no more rejects.

    • Carrie Underwood would be a good pick cuz after all she is in my opinion the best american idol winner and one of the top!

  13. nlg,

    Yep, agree with you. Experience and success are paramount as Judge. Restrict to those ex idols who have sucessful track record with a minimum of a platinum who can share their success and how they got there from 36 down to top 3,their choice of songs, their cut etc. I believe ex sucessful idols are more relevant. I think Kelly Clarkson was recently a Judge in Korea for their tv show. I think both Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken have successful long standing careers who are assets to AI to be able to advice and judge the new contestants.

  14. Get Whitney Houston. She has seen the ups and downs of the music industry. This could be a way for her to make a good come back on tv. She's well known and has the talent.

  15. I am sad to see Jennifer go…I think her and Steven Tyler are a great addition to the show and they fit well with Randy…I will miss them and for replacements well I guess we will wait and see who sits on the panel

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