Steven Tyler Confirmed As American Idol 2011 Judge

The mystery has ended for at least one of the new American Idol 2011 judges. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, who earlier was reported to be a judge and then reported not be a judge, has leaked the details himself or at least from someone very close to him:

A source close to Steven Tyler says the Aerosmith frontman told the source he will be a judge on Fox’s “American Idol” next season.

While an official announcement about Tyler has yet to come from Fox and the producers of the top-rated show, the source told The Associated Press on Wednesday, “there is no reason to refute” Tyler’s account. The source spoke only on the condition of anonymity because the source was not authorized to comment publicly on the matter.

What do you think of this judge selection? Sure, I’d love to have Bret Michaels, but upgrading from Kara Di-who? and Ellen to Steven Tyler is awesome! Now we just have to wait and see who will fill the role of Paula’s old seat since it won’t be J. Lo.

Source: AP




  1. Oh no! I won't watch AI next season. Sorry, not my choice of Judge. He looks like a drug addict. What a role model. Nothing personal. I rather watch SYTYCD.

    • Go figure… a rock legend (note I didn't even bother saying "star") has long hair, and someone has to point out that he looks like a drug addict.

      FYI, he is a *recovering* addict. This is no secret, nor is it new news. Last two Aerosmith concerts I attended, there was no sale nor tolerance of alcohol; this was strictly at Aerosmith's request/demand.

      You don't need to worry about Steven Tyler's presence on AI corrupting you or your kids. He's all about the music. I grew up under the influence of Aerosmith, and I turned out just fine.

  2. YIKES!!!!!! They better get someone really outstanding to be the third judge otherwise we all will be watching SYTYCD!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hasn't anyone ever heard, "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Steven Tyler happens to be one of the greatest singers in all music history. Either you are all very young and haven't had the most wonderful opportunity of being graced with his talents, or you don't want to admit that you like to rock and roll too. I, for one, will now tune in to American Idol 2011 – can't wait to hear what he has to say!!!

  4. One thing is to be a great singer and another is to be a judge… Kara also has music experience and she sucked. I dont like the choice of S. Tyler simply because he looks as comment # 1 said not suitable for a family show. He might have all the experience in the world as a singer but never mentored and has never appeared in a reality show before this… so I dont like the choice. Prove me wrong Mr. Tyler and cut your hair we are not in the 80's anymore 🙂

    • MARTA – You have got to be kidding! What kind of a role model is Ellen? Good one for YOUR daughter? And by the way, she had short hair and sucked. Peoples hair is not doing the judging!


  6. How can one qualifies to JUDGE others if a Judge has been to rehab or have been on drugs or look like one. This is a family show, so a lot of young children will be watching. Don't go to the wrong direction. We have too many of those rock crack singers around to make the world giddy. The world needs to produce stars like Tom Jones, Julio Aglesias, Michael Jackson and alike not another Lady Gaga with her weird costumes and behavior etc. What kind of influence.

  7. Steven Tyler is NOT a great singer. He's not even a good singer. What he is , is a good frontman and musician. I'm not thrilled with him as a judge, but he's better than Bret Michaels.

  8. Steven Tyler is just awesome. There couldn't have been a better choice for a judge. He's a great musician, has tremendous talent, witty, good looking, smart, and cool. There'll be lots more people going to watch A.I.2011 only because of Steven Tyler.

  9. jag in WA let me tell u something 🙂 Ellen is AMAZING in every sense…. hard working, funny, with a heart as big as a building, a role model to follow any time, any day she doesn't do drugs and always is positive and cheerful. If you are talking about her sexuality I could care less. That doesn't make a person values. Steven Tyler is a drug addict and an alcoholic to start with, had a life of excess and pandemonium. So if you are saying that is a role model to follow, be my guest 🙂 How do you know I have a daughter? I do 🙂 she is 19 and the most gorgeous girl you could imagine. She likes Ellen because of Ellen herself not because who she goes to bed with.

  10. @Yvonne: Steven Tyler is Good Looking? He looks like the crypt keeper. He looks like Charyn the guy who rows the dead across the river Styxx.

  11. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    It was very difficult to watch last season without Paula now this season without Paula and Simmon unbelievebly sad.

    Randy is solid but Steven Tyler not sure what he is all about will wait and see. Celine Deion would save the show but I suppose she is untouchable. who will be the other judge, good luck on your selection.

    Wishing the 2011 American Idol season the very best.

  12. Praying for Cher as the third judge. She's had hits every decade since the 60s, is honest, still current with a new film and new album coming out. Perfect.

  13. Next season it better be good otherwise it is a goodbye for good. They should source for someone to replace Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, John Denver those legendary icons.They had to be very talented both as singer and dancer or musician,a multi-talented idol.That would be fresh to watch. AI must beef up their perks for quality contestants to come in and pls…no more rejects. Sick of those.Not another pants on the ground. It's all about talents, like SYTYCD.

  14. Seems there are taste for everyone in this world but to say that S. Tyler is good looking!!! rofl with his mouth he can swallow a blue whale in one bite hahaha

  15. IMHO it was a major mistake to lower the contestant age to 15. Just thinking they might make it is going to mess up a lot of kids. They should have raised the minimum age to 18.

  16. Steven Tyler is amazing. He is the best choice as far as I'm concerned. He is such a talented singer and song writer. Can't wait to watch it this year.

  17. I agree 100% with… Traci

    Hasn't anyone ever heard, "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Steven Tyler happens to be one of the greatest singers in all music history. Either you are all very young and haven't had the most wonderful opportunity of being graced with his talents, or you don't want to admit that you like to rock and roll too. I, for one, will now tune in to American Idol 2011 – can't wait to hear what he has to say!!!

    Great comment Traci..Thank You For you rest of you who think they can find someone better..Dream On

  18. @rig & Terry: Steven Tyler is not a good singer. He's a good performer i,e. like Madonna or Britney Spears. But not a singer. As for Aerosmith, they've had one number 1 song in forty years and they did NOT write it. Dianne Warren wrote it for Armagedden. Aerosmith only got the song because Tyler's daughter Liv was in the movie. And to push it to number 1, the band had to rely on a full orchestra with the violins prominently featured. Steven Tyler is a showman and as narcissistic as David Lee Roth, Not what Idol needs in a judge.

  19. Steven Tyler will be a great asset to American Idol. He has such great musical knowledge. God knows he has been in the business long enough. I think he will have some interesting comments to make.roll on AI 2011.

  20. I'm really excited about Steven Tyler as a judge, he's very outspoken so I think he may be a little mean (but not as mean as Simon was).

    I don't get it people saying that this is a family show and because of that he wouldn't be a good choice.. the guy is just genius, a great singer with lots of experience and he's just way too COOL…and AI should definetely be cooler next season.

  21. I am not a fan of Aerosmith, I lean toward county or gospel but I choose give Mr. Tyler a chance. Having been a child of the 60s I will not judge him by his hair length. One thing we do know, he HAS experianced success in the music business. Let's see what he has to say.

  22. @32, I agree with you 100%! People have been throwing other names around, and I just laugh at this!

  23. Steven Tyler is an excellent choice. He is a true entertainer, songwriter, singer, rocker, and icon. As far as being a recovering druggy and alky, Paula wasnt even recovering yet, Simon was a womanizer, Ellen, well I knew her Idol career would be lickety split, and Kara, she embarrassed herself when she creamed on camera over Casey James.

    Its just a shame Freddie Mercury wasn't alive to do this show, He had a range in his voice better than Tyler, He was a good entertainer, songwriter, and a great vocalist and musician.

    Long live Queen

  24. Traci, I agree with you!AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO SAYS TYLER WOULD BE A GOOD JUDGE! I think Steven tyler who has been a great rock star for 30 years would make a good judge. I do not know anything about him personally. So, I do not know if he would be mean? Or how he would act? But the man knows a lot about the music business. I mean you cannot be in the music scene 30 years and not know something. MARCELO says he is very outspoken. If he is one of the judges I will definitely watch just to see how he reacts to the singers trying out.I like what Big B said too!!!Yeah, lets go with Steven Tyler. If they hire J Lo I will not watch her. And they would be sorry. I was told she has someone standing around holding her coke. And someone standing around holding her cell phone. LOL! She would cause nothing but trouble! As ELVIS sang " If your looking for trouble you came to the right place! " That's for J. Lo.By the way when are they going to tell for sure who the other judges are? I like Randy! Glad you are coming back Randy. have you seen Steve Perry lately if you read this! BYE Sherry K From North Little Rock. Not a fan of Kris Allen either. He is a nice young man. But I don't think he is ever going to make it big.

  25. Sherry K you seem to have a clue. Kris Allen sucks as far as being a star. The little girls who vote on the show think he is cute. Same reason they voted Lee in this past season. Crystal is by far the best original vocalist I have ever seen on Idol since they started. As far as Tyler being mean, Simon wasnt mean, he was just honest. I hope Tyler is as honest. Maybe he can make some comparisons like the one Simon said when he told that one boy he looked like a bush baby.

  26. I know I will not be watching Idol any more if they can't find more respectable judges then I won't be watching but it was fun while it lasted.

  27. i %100 love Steven Tyler, his hair, aerosmith,aeropostale,clasic rock and rock n roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i agree w/ traci and mr tyler is very nice

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