Paul McDonald Releases Nikki Reed Duet: Now That I Found You

Paul McDonald, American Idol 2011 hopeful, has just released a new single, “Now That I Found You,” featuring his just-married wife Nikki Reed.

Nikki Reed called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this week to discuss the single and revealed there may be more duets from them in the future:

However will the celebrity couple continue to create music together? “He really wants me to. He’s really supportive and encourages everything, so he wants to be a super team. I’m a little more shy. We’ve done some open mic’s together. I probably will end up doing it.”

Nikki revealed that her duet with husband Paul McDonald “happened about a month ago. Paul basically lives with a guitar strapped around his body, and he just walks around the house plays stuff; I’ve experimented with writing lyrics for other people in the past. He recorded the music, and on the way back from Europe, a week and a half ago, I just sat and wrote lyrics to his music. Then we went in this Saturday, and recorded it with Andre Harris.”

That’s pretty convenient for Paul to have Nikki writing lyrics. Even better that she seems to do a good job of it. Writing is hard. This paragraph took me just over sixteen hours to finish and I didn’t even try to put it to music!

Listen to their duet, “Now That I Found You,” below and share your thoughts!




  1. I love it! Reminds me more of young Dylan even though his voice has always been compared to Rod Stewart.

  2. I’m sure all the Paul M. fans will love it. I thought it was good, not great. Nikki sounded very shy when she sang and I was never a great fan of Paul’s music….I did like the lyrics which she wrote. I wish them the best.
    Not to be mean,but they are no Haley & Casey…..Sorry Paul fans..

    • Paul’s good when he does songs that are more suited to his voice and vocal range. Maggie May was his best performance on Idol last season. Most of the issues with songs that were not suited for him were more due to the fact that he was limited to the choice of songs that he could sing. Case in point when it was Elton John week. Though there were weeks that allowed for a more open song choice where he’d choose a song that was clearly not suited for him.

  3. Loved it! But then again……. I loved Paul’s voice. I believe he is unique! He’s a cross between Bob Dylan & Rod Stewart….. & I love them too. I’m a sucker for love and It’s kinda neat that they did it together as a newlywed couple. Just awesome. I think it could be a hit!

  4. Yes, this is absolutely okay. Because you are using these for educationalreasons, I will not impose any limits on how many you can use at one time,so long as you provide a link and/or a mention of credit and a link ormention of my website along with them.

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