Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips Go For The Laughs

Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips interview

American Idol 2012 singers Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips are enjoying their journey through the world of American Idol and Access Hollywood did a great job of capturing the fun in an interview this past week. The reporter jumps right in to Heejun’s attire and poking fun at his accessories before Han explains that since it was Wednesday, he had to wear Wednesday-like clothes. Makes sense.

The entire video clip below is pretty much just an excuse for Phillips and Han to goof off and make jokes, so if you’re a fan of either then before to watch the entire interview. Highlight for the ladies may be that if you see Phillips out in the world he may let you check out his chest hair, just don’t pull it. He’s tough, but fair, ladies.

For someone who allegedly went in for an emergency medical situation the next morning, Phillip Phillips seems to be in pretty good condition here. Let’s hope that TMZ story was bogus like most of what they put out there.

Do you agree with the reporter that if American Idol 2012 was a personality contest, Heejun Han would have it locked down for the win?




    • heejun needs a sitcom where he plays a nightclub singer.  i know it sounds a bit like “i love lucy”, but that’s really where he belongs

      • Heejun should never have been in the Top 13.  His voice is not that good.  I agree he should be in a sitcom for sure……Natural comedian!!!!with an Ok voice.  JMHO

  1. come on put the poll of the fav top 12 for crying out LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is boring almost is lauren’s pick she didnt even win.

      • last week there was a poll who was your fav top 13 and it came on monday i know the wednesday poll but there was a another one cuz
        all the fuss about deandre ahving 9 percent

      • @NCstar:disqus  That was a popularity poll before the Top 13 had ever performed as the Top 13. Then we held the Top 13 performance poll just like we’ll do w/ the Top 12 on Wednesday. We’ll do weekly polls at the conclusion of each week’s performance. 

        Just relax and try to refrain from using 20+ exclamation points.

      • matt, dont mind him. he just got out of psychiatric ward.. and will be back in a couple of days.  Ü

      • i am for Jessica all the way… she’s just amazing. am excited to see what these guys are gonna sing… excited for the poll, too.

  2. I guess Idol producer wants to keep Heejun for rating. We could see this from Nigel comment, or even judges. I don’t see anything special about his voice…

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