Lauren Alaina Talks American Idol 2012 Winner & Favorites

Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina spoke with THR after Thursday’s results show and revealed what she thought of the strongly opinionated Jimmy Iovine, her favorite singers on American Idol 2012, and who she thinks is going to win it all. You might be surprised to hear her answer.

First Lauren says she wants a girl to win, but then predicts a returning season 10 contestant would be the one to take the crown. Lauren quickly covers all her bases though when she adds it could be the most popular female singer so far this season as well.

I’m surprised she went with Colton Dixon as her predicted winner instead of Phillip Phillips, but I’d wager both singers will go far in American Idol 2012 so that was still probably a fairly safe guess. Balancing things off with the possibility of Jessica Sanchez taking the big win is a no brainer, but we’ve still got a long way to go in this American Idol season so anything can happen.

What do you think of Lauren’s picks for her favorites and the potential winner?




  1. I’m sure if she could, she’d say that the voting policy makes it impossible for a girl to win.  In the years since Jordin won every teenage girl has a cell phone.  

    • Avery One knows that Jessica is the best but this is idol contest so I guess it will be Dixon

  2. A girl wont win because little girls dont vote based on talent! they vote for the guy the enjoy lookin at

    • theres  guys   that vote for ther    cute  girls as  much  as  they do  for  the guys  too.  so  it  could  go   either way

  3. I’m rooting for Jessica. I know she will win this thing.. She’s deserving and she’s in it to win it!

  4. It will, and should be, Colton and Philip in the Finals.  They’re the best by far of the contestants, even though the Producers don’t think so, or want it that way.

    • it wil lbe  between  a guy and a  gal  at the end  im  thinking  so we wil l see

  5. I didn’t use to like Lauren at all. 
    But now i know she thinks Colton will win, i’m starting to like her! 😀
    Go Colton <3

  6. I remember Hollywood week group round (boy and girl in finale):

    Lee(Rock) and Crystal(Rock) were in the same group singing Tempations’ song they both ended as top two


    Las vegas week group round:

    Scotty(country) and Lauren(country) were in the same group singing “hello Goodbye” they both ended as the top two

    Las Vegas week group round

    Jessica(soul) and Deandre(soul) were in the same group singing Boddy Holly .

    Skylar(country) and Colton(rock) were also in the same group singing The 5 royales.

    I dont know i was just calculating things.

    • i think   sklar  will be in  it to win  with  one  of the guys   lets what   and see

  7. I dont think  its going  to be hi m at all   so  shes wrong  and i  think  it would   be   skylar  she is the  best singer then    them   al l girls  in  my book,  so time will  tel l  we al l  dont  know   for sure and   who  ever wins   will  be great  no  matter what   they  others   who  dont will  go  on . so  im   hoping it will  be skylar shes the best  one  ever. and   for the guys  i  would  think joshua  hes   great  and the best  male  to me

  8. Jessica Sanchez is in a tough spot. she has been so flawless, and she sang a very challenging Whitney song, and rivaled that much missed recently -departed global starlet singer. Jessica is setting the tone, and she keeps rising her own bench marks. There are a lot of weeks left, and she now has to maintain that incredibly high standard she has set for the others, and for herself. At this point, based on talent…she is not the star…she is the best ever superstar in the years I have watched this show, night after night. Oh…and I must add…Jaylo’s talenty search show with her X Mark Anthony was on tv last night. Jennifer is a latinq heart throb if ever there was one. They used to show the three Idol jusges entering the show from behind. That was one of my favorite moments!! Wow…she is so…….er…ripe? WHAT AN AMAZIG WOMAN!!

      • the best talent? lol, she wasnt even close, there were a bunch of people who were much better singers and performers than her. Im sorry i just dont believe that you think that a 15 years old girl who sang simple country songs in a very simple way is anywhere near Casey Abrams, James Durbin or Haley Reinhart, i jsut dont get it

  9. I actually think a girl will win this season.  The word is spreading that it has been a while since a girl has one.  Yes, the tweens will still vote for their dream boyfriends but the rest of us (including cougars LOL) are wising up to the fact that it is time for a girl to win this.  Jessica seems most likely right now… just hope she doesn’t fall in the same troubles as Pia did last season.   I know many pick their favorites in these past few weeks and support them even when they have a bad week.  Let’s see who starts to shine and go from there. My favorites (people I have been voting for) are Jessica, Skylar, Colton, Philip, and Hollie.  

  10. Bored so , here is a lighter side of Idol bloggers, if you please 😀
    If someone is reading our commentaries but not familiar with us and Idols
    glorious past, this is what he or she will discover LOL:
    “I hope that we still recognize that this is a singing competition and not a popularity contest, naaah , it is a popularity contest,”
    “But this is American Idol, we are looking for the complete package?  Right?
    That’s why a girl has to win this time since it has been a while since a Girl won on Idol”
    “I’m so upset that  good looking guy did not made it to the top 13, it is so unfair, yeah but this is a singing competition not a fashion show? oh,  it is not?  where am I??
    A guaranteed Idol winner – WGWG  ( check latest meaning ) cause it is really very inter-changeable, think???
    If that so and so does not win I’m not going to watch idol ever again!!!!
    But you’ve been watching Idol since season one? yeah I know , one of these days I will stop watching it.
    Where are you going grand ma?  I’m going to the Galleria so I can pick up the latest smart phone and learn how to text faster than the speeding bullett.  I have to make sure my favourite honey wins idol. Wait a minute I’m coming with you, I’m buying one too, can I borrow some money?
    This is not fair 4 Girls versus 6 Guys  – Idol Winners,  see I told you, you have to be a WGWG in order to win Idol. See Above!!
    Hey, that guy should win, I mean He is a great singer, and while he belts out a rock and roll tune , plays guitar like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton,  he does  a moonwalk like Michael Jackson and move like Jagger all at the same time, wow that’s the whole package, isn’t it?

    All in good fun, I think 😀

    • Ed what have you been drinking? You just posted a whole season’s worth of posts in one. Does this mean you still don’t have a favorite because I don’t either. DeAndre is growing on me. I really liked his last two performances and Colton just does his thing and it’s always good. Jessica is an outstanding singer…probably the best but you know how it goes on Idol… just wondering if this was your way of not having to post again this season…LOL…I hope not.

      •  You know we have to do this, we both have no choice,  we started something we need to do,  unless of course they cancel all the shows!
        Then we need to find alternative shows to compete with.  I like those
        Japanese torture shows , they are hilarious, except we need to learn Japanese, LOL

        I have been waiting for you to pick one, and you are holding out on me.
        I agree there are about four of them I like, yet I am waiting for the one
        to step up to the plate and hit a homer.  Given the right songs,  I like Elise’s tone and style, hoping she comes out of that cocoon she is in,
        Jessica is an easy pick but I am always the guy who goes for the under dog,  I don’t know why I am like that.  I used to get into  fights   in school for challenging the school bullies,  for bullying some of my friends but I am the one who get suspended!  I am a sucker for punishment. LOL

      • Taymaro , Ed , It’s the time for u two to pick one contestant
        How about Jessica >> * If one of u chose a male , The other one  should chose a female …

      •  Hi Ali & Taymaro,
        Ok , I decided to choose the “unlucky singer” I will give my 110% support but not until after Wednesday’s performance .  Just want to be sure I am picking my under dog wisely.  I can’t stay on the side line too long. LOL

        I expect the same from you guys, although I have a feeling that Ali
        already made his choice and I have a good feeling you also chose one
        Taymaro.  So after the Wednesday’s performance night we shall begin :

        Your mission “Ali & Taymaro” should you decide to accept it  is to pick the possible Idol winner for 2011.

        As always should you or any of your associates fails to comeback
        Secretary Ed will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

        This message will self destruct in 10 seconds……………….:D

    • as always, HILARIOUS.  you’ve been watching this show too long!!  finally saw both shows yesterday (atlantic city this past weekend) and hollie and jessica were superb.  they won’t win, however, as the best singers NEVER win, do they?  i think the winner will be deandre’s hair.  i was also impressed with lauren’s performance.  amazing what a little polishing can do.  in the interim, the total package is supposed to be on this week, no?  we all know his name is adam.

      •  Yeah , I know!  There are a lot of girls who will die for to have hair like that! What are you going to do when Hockey is done??  You may have to watch Idol and The voice live! 

      • the way it looks, the rangers are going to be in the stanley cup playoffs and they go well into june.  by then both shows will be over and done with.  but who know, the x factor may be back and rumor has it we may be graced with the vocal stylings of britney spears!!  be still my beating heart.  if i watch idol and voice live i always have my knitting.  it takes a helluva singer to make me put it down and really listen!!

  11. I have to say that its 3am here (fell asleep on sofa) and I just woke up cos I heard colton dixon singing! He was that good I had to open my eyes to check who it was!! Colton all the way! And I don’t even think he is nice looking! X x

  12. Except for Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, where are the other American Idol winners?  They’re either still struggling to sell their performance or just completely forgotten by the millions who voted for them. The sad fate of these “Idols” can be attributed to  the immaturity and lack of talent appreciation of the voters.  It’s so disheartening that after they’ve been placed on the pedestal, their supposed fans and supporters dropped them instantly like  hot potatoes.  There are stand outs in the current American Idol, notably, Jessica Sanchez.  But she’s not going to win because she is Asian and the American public would never vote for  an Asian to be an American Idol.  The reason is obvious.

      • Really !!  She does not sing only ballads. She is the most versatile contestant .

    • You seem to have overlooked Scotty McCreery.   His certified platinum CD is over a million, he’s had several top 40 hits and is on tour through October.  And he hasn’t been off of Idol a year yet.  And he isn’t going to fade away like Taylor and Lee.  Country fans aren’t fickle.

  13. these comments make me Laugh..last year everybody was saying Pia was a lock to win how that work out..this Jessica is just like Pia just a ballad singer she done two in a be honest don’t see her winning it will be a guy…

    • It’s Hollie who did two ballads in a row.. where all she did is stand behind the microphone. 

      • ” Love u I do ” is a ballad !!! Oh , I forgot ,There’s no use of debating with him .

  14. that s y there r judges, to guide viewers to go for the talented one not the cute one. based on their performances on standing Ovatn. jessica 2. joshua 1. let s see hu will catch up on nxt performance.

  15. jessica sanchez,,,,,is the winner on all angles,,,,you don’t have to think….the other contestants are all mediocre…..

  16. I just hope the judges learned their lesson last year when Pia was booted out. They should use theie saving slot for the best and deserving. That’s is of course Jessica Sanchez 

    •  If you say she is the best and deserving then there is no need to be concerned, she does not need to be saved, right?

      I am not a fan of that option because it only opens a lot of questions like, why save so and so it should be so and so, and a whole lot of  crapo will come out again as a result.    Just my opinion 😀

      • Okay Ed you two have a deal. I will pick this week. After the performances. And I will stick with my pick. It’s a little different on AI because they like surprises. But I will do my best. Last year I said Scotty would win because he wasn’t the best vocalist but he had the most appeal among young girls and grandmothers who either wanted a boy toy or wanted to pinch his cheeks….uhhhh face cheeks….LOL or wanted a grandson-in-law just like him, but this year who is the most wholesome all American guy? I might have to go with Philip on that. But I’ll wait until after the performances. I still like Colton as a front runner too and Jessica and DeAndre. But the hair is a big turn off for most grandmothers watching. Seriously I do think that is who decides. Young girls and grandmothers and maybe even middle aged mothers. Whatcha think? Would a middle aged mother or a grandmother appreciate DeAndre’s hair?

      • Hi Taymaro,
        Welcome back, I thought you have given up on us!!.  Ali has been asking us a while back for our picks.  I am glad you have not lost that good humour of yours 😀

        The only way the grand mamas will appreciate Deandre’s hair is if he donate it to them.  Come to think about it , if he does….. he may have
        a smidgen of a chance in winning, naaahhh, bad thought!!!

        Hey Ali , we will huddle up on Wednesday, right my friend 😀

      • At last ” not the song ”

        I have this feeling that all of us will pick a different favorite .. just to tease each other … It will be extra , wait for it , ordinary .
        I expect from u two a good debate .. Me, not that much !
         Deandre’s hair +  EYES  =  Severe Torment

  17. IM SUPER DISAPPOINTED WITH LAUREN! I was her fan but not so much now! I mean! What happen to her singing? And last year when she was on Idol, Carrie didnt mentioned who was her favorite as she felt that it isnt fair to judge that way and make people go WOHHOO over her pick and just kept quiet (till now!). Lauren should have done the same! Man, Scotty is now the best!

  18. Colton all the way! I mean come on he writes his own songs,plays the piano, he loves God. I mean his songs shelter,fallout, and wherever I am are amazing. If he don’t at least get 2nd place I will be really mad. He is the total package.

  19. I go for Colton Dixon.  He has a magical personality & captivating voice. Im not watching AI but this boy caught my attention.  I wish him luck .

  20. I could care less what LA thinks, but it is pathetically obvious that she avoids mention of Skylar….LA knows Skylar would knock her out of her dwindling media attention.

    • why the hate?  She’s just stating what she feels and thinks–she has the same right as you.

  21. I admire Lauren for naming names on her favorites.  I agree with her that the most popular female singer will win this season. Jessica Sanchez is the next AI.

  22. jessica sanchez what an amazing singer at a young age….Surely a winner!! hope people in america will see her talent and vote for her to win….Her voice is amazing and she is beautiful too!! Hope she will win the IDOL 2012!!

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