American Idol Alert: Phillip Phillips Rushed To Hospital

Phillip Phillips

Update: Phillip just told Ryan Seacrest that he didn’t go to the hospital today. He went to the doctor. Not sure why his father didn’t mention that, but okay, Idol PR spin doctors. Most “stories” out of TMZ seem bogus anyway.

Heads up, Phillip Phillips fans. The guitar swinging American Idol 2012 Top 13 singer was rushed to the hospital earlier today, but has pulled through his medical emergency. Zap2It reports on Phillips’ health scare:

“American Idol” frontrunner Phillip Phillips is back in the studio after being rushed to the hospital earlier today (March 8th) for an unknown ailment.

Sources close to production tell Zap2it that Phillips did go to the hospital earlier, but is now back in the studio and will participate in tonight’s results show.

TMZ reports that the singer sought medical treatment after experiencing intense abdominal pain, and that friends think gallstones are to blame. There’s no official word on what Phillips was suffering from.

Phillip’s father released a comment that there was surgery to kidney stones. Yikes! This guy is a trooper if he was having surgery this morning and rocking the group lip synch disaster-a-thon this evening for the American Idol results show.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.




  1. Great, another way he can gain millions of uncalled for fans,, “Omg phillip went to the hospital and came back to perform!?!?!? He’s my idol!”

  2. Kidney stones are the worst…lets hope he gets through them.  Coolkid, dont be so “superstitious” lol

  3. gallstones or kidney stones…big difference…hope he is ok…and  not so Coolkid he does not need sympathy…he has talent…

    he seems a bit young for gallstones…kidney stones can hit anyone…hydrate phil…maybe some bicarbonate..

    • Have a friend who went to surgery yesterday. She’s 23. Can happen at any age.

    • Gary!!!!
      You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth!
      Best wishes tho….he is quit the performer !

  4. I can’t believe that the judges would let Jeramy go!   Jennifer even said that Jeramy has a “gift from God kind of voice.”   So he was given a song to sing that didn’t fit him and he’s let go?!   He was treated so UNFAIR.  He was really trashed on the show and he deserved so much better.  We love you Jeramy! 

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