Hollie Cavanagh Talks About Her American Idol 2012 Experience

American Idol 2012 Hollie Cavanagh

She had nine lives on American Idol 2012 and Hollie Cavanagh doesn’t take her luck for granted.

Her American Idol journey started in season 10 when she made it to the Green Mile but was cut just before Top 24. She came back in season 11 and made it all the way to the Top 4, but only after week after week of near eliminations.

Hollie talks about the roller coaster ride she was on during this past season of American Idol with TV Line’s “Idology.”  She also touches on the harsh feedback she often got from the judges. Find out what Hollie had to say about all that during the two-part interview after the jump.




  1. Good for you Hollie! Calling the judges out for their ridiculous comments. You did a great job and fought the good fight!

    Now go out into the world and show them what you have really got. When you have no constraints and you have people telling you things that are in your own best interest instead of trying to trip you up. 

    Congratulations on top 4 and making it to the tour! 

    •  I think the harsh critics frome the jugdes helped her to get votes, because many people felt sorry for her.

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  2. Wow..good for her. She seems to know who she is and where she wants to go with her music. Pretty mature for an 18 year old.

  3. Love and miss Hollie- too bad those judges were so prejudiced against her except for Stephen that is I miss Hollie I hope she goes far

  4. Ok guys I know this is not related to this post but have u bought Haley’s album?I just did It’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  5. HAHA I LOVE IDOLOGY! The actual weekly episodes w/ Michael Slezak (the interviewer here) & Melinda Doolitle are so funny!!

  6. I could never understand the judges. My opinion Hollie …. had a way stronger,,,, truly more beautiful voice ,,,than Jessica by a long shot. Just really irked me when Hollie did an amazing job then the judges did what they did. I know darn well because they wanted Jessica. I’ll never forgive the judges for that never ever.
    No I did not buy Haley’s music. She still Suxs.

    • true, she does have a stronger or more “solid” voice, but she gets throaty and pitchy at times and it’s hard for her to reach high notes. if she sings “the climb” all the time, then i guess we can give the crown to her. well, btw, i have a stronger voice than jessica’s too, only that i can’t hold my breath when singing and my vocal resonance doesn’t sound good at all.

      • UGH. Not every singer can reach high notes. That’s why we have sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. 

      • Hollie had many many great performances. She outdid her competition on the trio with the other two girls and on her duet with JS. Some have said those don’t count toward the competition but if that is the case why did they go to the judges for comments?

        I think any performance they do on the show should be used by the viewers to decide how to vote. Of course that is just my opinion but the judges did comment on those performances so you make the decision for yourself. 

        I actually didn’t like “The Climb” as much but “Bleeding Love”, “Power of Love”, “Perfect”, “Faithfully”, “Save Me” , “Son of a Preacher Man”, River Deep Mountain High”. All of those were great performances where she was not given fair critique by the judges and I didn’t feel sorry for her. I voted because she did a great job. 

        I forgot “Rolling In The Deep”, while not my favorite performance of hers, it was very very good.

    • I pretty much agree.  I don’t understand why they chose JS over Hollie.  Maybe it made for a more interesting show.   Just imagine if there hadn’t been the save, things could have been a lot better for Hollie.  But we will never know, hope they get rid of that damn save….but Hollie did well at #4.

      • I felt JS was well ahead of Hollie when the competition kicked off, but Hollie was one of the few artists that really improved as the competition progressed. To be honest I can’t complain too much about the judges critisizing her, the problem was that they didn’t criticize other contestants when they gave subpar performances. Joshua, Jessica, Philip and DeAndre were all beneficiaries of this. For example Joshua was poor in the Queen no., Jessica forgot every skill she had when she failed miserrably at Tina Turner’s version of Proud Mary, P2 woke up the undead when sinking his teeth into the Zombies, and DeAndre simply butchered everything he tackled. I think out of those examples the heaviest criticism was that P2 was coasting, and Jessica couldn’t dance very well. If Hollie, or Elize had done such a poor job they would have been cricified by the judges.

  7. Holly could never relax enough to enjoy singing a song, she has the voice and talent but she kept trying to please the judges and it didnt pay off. She sure sang her heart out on the final and she was awesome.

    • The judges were horrible to her. I never did understand why. The girl CAN sing. When she sang Perfect by Pink, I thought it was great and they just slammed her. Its like they had a pact to get rid of her.

      • pally45, but u got my point right? “strong” voice doesn’t necessarily make a singer become a good singer, in the same way that a strong personality doesn’t necessarily make one a good person. singers who have a hard time reaching high notes are called “average singers” like you and me. in short, hollie is not a better singer than jessica, if you would pardon me. hollie’s hair looks better for sure though.

      • @Carlos5118, No..I completely disagree. That’s like saying Jessica is a better singer than Josh Turner.  There is NO way he could hit those high notes but on the other hand..there is NO way she could hit his low notes.  Just because you can hit a high note does not in way, shape or form make you a better singer than someone who cannot.

      • I agree with you, as usual.   I didn’t care for her much in beginning, but she had the tenacity to keep fighting back after getting tongue lashed week after week.   I think the judges decided one tiny, big voiced girl would be enough, and it obviously wasn’t Hollie they chose.  In my opinion, they should have.

      • pally45 ok, we can agree to disagree. in school we were taught that in order to avoid animosity amongst people one could say “i guess you’re right,” even if he or she isn’t to the other person to end the conversation happily. yeah, i hear yah and i GUESS you’re right girl.

  8. I loved Hollie and thought she got a rotten deal from those judges. This is exactly why the judges should just keep their comments on a mentoring level….Love you Hollie.

  9. Hollie was always my favorite, never understoodwhy the judges were so hard on her.  She will certainly do very well with her career and in life.  She is such a pretty girl and seems very grounded.

  10.  Hollie,you have the power , the sole ,and the grit..I voted for you all the way..I wanted to see you and Jessica  face off in the finale,but not to be..You’re still great and I want to see more of you..I still love Jessica but you two are the best..Please keep it up Hollie ,We love you!!!!

  11. Hollie, i wish luck in your music carrere sweetie,  u have a amazing voice  and u r gorgeous and beautiful ,wish u would of won i was cheering for u in Canada  ♥ u  you  will sell more CD ‘s  then Phillip i know , hope someone will sign you a contract soon i will be buying your music anytime lol take care Hollie

  12. Hollie has an amazing personality way better than Jessica. I wish her the best and I can’t wait for her first album

  13. Hollie will do great.  She has an amazing personality and I can’t wait to buy her first album.  Hollie to me was the American Idol winner. 

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