Phillip Phillips Undergoes Kidney Surgery

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Phillip Phillips. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips has undergone surgery to remove the kidney stones that plagued the singer-songwriter throughout the past season.

That news is despite what MTV claimed earlier this week. So this just seals the deal that I’m no longer blogging on “maybe” and “possibly” stories. I’m going to wait until after something happens. OK, back to the post at hand.

“Surgery went well, he’s resting and will be ready for the Idol tour kick off in July!,” an American Idol rep told The Hollywood Reporter.

According to TMZ, the 21-year-0ld Idol champ had the six-and-a-half-hour surgery Wednesday and is expected to be fully recovered before the American Idols Live! summer tour starts next month.




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      • Pretty funny to make light of a young man’s unfortunate health situation.  Was happy to see most of the posts were more mature and caring towards Phillip’s recovery.

      • @Vanessa. Nothing wrong with a little joke. Wouldn’t be surprised if Philip has made a few himself already. Better to make a joke than spend days agonizing over  some silly conspiracy. I’ve had plenty jokes made of my ailments over the years, and I remember them all with great fondness. 

      • Ed & Pr63,
        You will burn in hell for your ill wishes and jokes on poor sick Phillip…shameful that you kick a fellow human being when they already down. Now confess your sins and beg forgivness before I stike you down with a cheap wardrobe from walmart.

      • Hi Vanessa,
        You got to be in love with P2 the way you protect him.  Lighten up will you?  I know that passing stones in the you know what is not pleasant at all, believe me when I tell you, I have been there and then some.  Anybody who had experience this can agree with me.  This is not a unique decease okay?  What they have done is a very simple incision although it does require a 2 day stay and for sure they use general
        anesthetics and put him out completely. Please don’t make it sound like he was in any danger.

        But if you were offended then please accept my sincere apologies because I rather throw in some humor now and then since this blog have gone from fun to dreadfully serious this season.

        To make it up to you please here is an excerpt from one of my favorite Dylan songs: Dedicated to Philip.

        Take it from the last line please ( If only I can sing this to you,  LOL)

        “You are invisible now , you’ve got no secrets to conceal
        “How does it feel?  “How does it feel”
        “To be on your own , with no direction home”
        “like a complete unknown, like a KIDNEY stone”

        Get well Philip and rock on!!!

        Just having fun…………………………………………….

      • Thanks Ed..guess what song I will have going though my head for the rest of the day! lol. Can you imagine me bursting out into song at work..Like a Kidney stone!

      • Ed…….you make me laugh…..I so enjoy reading your comments.  I love your sense of humor.  I also totally agree with  you about this blog this season.  It has been so serious and sometimes downright nasty.
        It wasn’t this bad in Season 8 when Adam lost.   ……….Just saying!!!!! LOL

      • to lord calvin or whoever you are…reading your comments is like burning in hell.  it’s terrible to go through life without a sense of humor.  get a grip!!

      • @Ed…no I’m in love with my husband and daughters.   I am a protector though and unfortunately when I read some of these quirkly little comments, I can’t resist responding.  One day I will learn to ignore what I cannot change.

  1. I wish we had an address where we could send a card. He would be deluged!!! 🙂

  2. I wish Phillip a quick recovery, back up on his feet again , singing , playing, and writing <3

  3. For sure: Better than peeing in a bag the rest of your life! This guy is going places. A stylist and a few great songs and he is set. Still want to hear him do Smooth!

  4. Had a feeling the press was pulling a fast one by saying he wasn’t having surgery to keep the paps away.  The poor guy really had problems to have a 6 plus hour surgery.  He is in the fortunate financial position now to have the procedure done with quality.   Get well quick P2!

  5. Where are all of the conspiracy theorists now?? lol!  Looks like Phillip and his family just wanted a little privacy….that doesn’t seem too much to ask…in my humble opinion.  Based on the length of the procedure…I’m sure they did more than remove the ‘stones’–but that is his business.  Hope he heals fast & that his troubles are in the past.  Looking forward to hearing some of his own stuff.  One last thing…do you think him performing ‘The Stone’ had more meaning than we knew! Ha!

    •  Yes, Taymaro,  where are you? Shame on you for putting down Phillip all the time after his win!

      • He still doesn’t sing very well and didn’t deserve to win. I haven’t changed my opinion on that whatsoever. If he deserved the win just because he had kidney issues then Crystal Bowersox deserved to win because she was diagnosed with diabetes during the show and she fought through that and went to the finals. Of course she wasn’t a white guy with a guitar so no way she was going to win if she had collapsed right on stage into a diabetic coma!

      • Taymaro
        Your “blasphemy”  was not about what you thought about his winning, but your charges that his illness was not real, that it was an AI conspiracy.

        Crystal Bowersox deserved to win because she was great and the best, but she didn’t and I don’t think AI manipulated it so she wouldn’t, she just didn’t get the votes. Phillip is the same except that he did get the votes.

        I would suggest that maybe the illnesses these two sufferred with contributed to their abilities to reach the audiences…in gave them more life experience and helped them in connecting to the audience…something they both did very well.

      • @jaydidrocks….on many occasions, when the chosen poster’s winner sucks…ah doesn’t win, they use the WGWG analogy.  It’s as if a white man can’t sing according to some of these people.  Jealous much, or is this just the only excuse that pops into your mind.  Bowersox had diabetes, not something that could be operated on Ms. or Mr. Taymaro.  In fairness to you, you did state you were on meds.   One pill makes me larger, one pill makes me small, the one that mother gives……………..

    • Yes Taymaro is just one of many sinners who must confess their blasphemy and seek forgiveness of their peers

      • I feel sorry for you in light of your ignorance and misunderstanding of the definition of the word “blasphemy”. Phillip is not God!! There was no “blasphemy” in my remarks. I was responding to the lies that were being told. When you lie once people start to doubt everything you say. Phillip is just a victim of the lack of integrity that American Idol as a whole has displayed over the past few seasons. He still didn’t deserve to win just because he had a health issue if this is indeed the truth now. How do we know that they aren’t lying to us once again. Crystal Bowersox was diagnosed with diabetes during her stint on American Idol. Why didn’t she win? I guess the health issues of a WGWG are considered worse than that of female singers. The results are still unfairly skewed in the favor of male singers who play the guitar no matter how you look at it.

        Look up the definition of “blasphemy” and then you go ask forgiveness for accusing me of having said something against God himself.

      • Oh for Pete’s sake! Taymaro does not need to confess anything! This is American Idol we are talking about..not a deadly sin!

    • Okay not to get too religious with this but I think we are all sinners. Having a health issue doesn’t make you automatically worthy of the American Idol title. There are a lot of people in this world who have had to deal with a lot more adversity than him in their lives and they never receive national attention much less does anyone ever claim that they deserve to win a talent contest because of their illnesses. 

      I have been asleep all day because I am trying to recover from my accident that I talked about above so this is the first I am reading this. I do wish Phillip a speedy recovery and I hope that when he is fully recovered he proves that this was holding him back and that he indeed does deserve the title for other reasons. He is not the only one on American Idol to ever have health issues. Crystal Bowersox was diagnosed with diabetes during her stint on the show and still did not win. She lost to another WGWG that season. 

      The voting system still needs to be changed and the show needs to stop manipulating the votes and sabotaging other performers in favor of one or two that they have picked out from the beginning. It needs to be a legitimate talent competition and that is not what it has been. 

      • First of all…how is this a reply to my comment earlier??  Or…were you one of the conspiracy theorists? lol!
        I said nothing remotely religious in my comments…I think you must have meant to respond to ‘Lord What’s His Name’….clearly I had no agenda other than to say that people should mind their own business and not pass judgement on anybody’s situation..whether it be medical or something else…unless you have first hand knowledge…even then I don’t think it is right.  I have watched both of my parents die from cancer & then had to listen to people tell me or others how we should handle it….as if they would know.  I myself suffer from a medical condition and am often judged.  It is hurtful when people ‘pop off’ when they do not have all of the facts…but for some reason people these days feel compelled to offer their opinion and criticize.  And, no Taymaro I am not just talking about you…Lord What’s His Name should not be passing judgement either.
        In regard to Phillip and his condition…can’t we all just agree to wish him well without criticizing him and his family.  Surely you don’t believe that over the last few months they have become that media saavy to set this all up??  That seems like a stretch.  They seem like nice people trying to do the right thing for their family….unfortunately they got overrun by the media & the need to be the first one to report a story mentality and the AI machine.  Are they guilty of being a little naive–probably…will they be smarter going forward…absolutely…it seems they have already started to learn that lesson.
        Well, gotta go..there is work tomorrow….here is hoping that he has a speedy recovery…I am looking forward to hearing more from Phillip…I myself enjoy his makes me feel good.  I wish him well because that is what people should do….wish the best for others regardless of which side you side you come down on…the world would be a much better place for it.

      • I replied to the wrong one. Still a little groggy from the pain meds….sorry.

        But I have been a conspiracy theorist from the beginning of this AI season. Always knew Phil was gonna win with or without kidney stones. For a while there I was thinking that Jessica was the chosen one but I was right from the start, it was Phil.

      • Mmcrell
        ‘Lord What’s His Name’….
        I am not Lord Voldemort,  but LordCalvinReKlein, Lord of all things re-done that are cool and fasionable.

  6. Glad he did the surgery now he can recuperate and get on with his life and his music……

  7. That six and a half hours maybe included the reconstruction surgery that was spoken of being needed in addition to getting rid of the stones?  I hope so.  Hate to think Phillip is looking at another long surgery!  Hopefully they were able to do it all at once.  You’re in our thoughts and prayers Phillip.  Take care.  🙂

  8. I’ve had that surgery, but I had one big stone that didn’t take 6 hours… I wish him well kidney stones are not nice… How do they reconstruct a kidney?

    • I’ve had the surgery to remove the stones  with the basket and it took a while, there was also this lady who had a stone almost the size of her kidney and she was in there for a long ,long time. I remember the doctor telling me about it because they flown the pro that wrote the book in to do the operation and he, Thank God did mine too.

      • And so is self-righteousness a sin, Reverend. I’d rather be in hell with the insincere than in heaven with a self-righteous priest or preacher like you LordCalvinReKlein. 

  9. God please
    watch over Phillip and heal him. Bless him and his humble family. Compel those
    who have spoke evil and ill of Phillip to recognize their sin and we pray they
    confess their sins to their peers they have forced their blasphemy upon and
    hope they seek our forgiveness.

    • I do need your prayers but not for speaking evil of Phillip. I had a bad fall a couple of days ago and had to have oral surgery. It seems I was tripped up by my dogs (I have two miniature schnauzers) and I ended up face first down a flight of stairs onto a concrete sidewalk. Yes, I landed on my face….LOL Yes, go ahead and laugh. A lot of good jokes can be made out of this one. It wasn’t a life or death situation and the pain meds are AWESOME!!!! A lot of pain but never life threatening so it’s okay to laugh. I have other injuries too but no broken bones and no deep lacerations so I will heal and so will Phil. This accident did adversely affect my singing voice but I hope that is temporary and when I get better I can prove to everyone that I can still hold my own behind the microphone.

      Yes, I am pretty banged up but I still don’t deserve the American Idol title because of it. LOL

      I wish him a speedy recovery but they really do need to stop with the lies. Lies are what feeds the conspiracy theories. So if he indeed did have the surgery I wish him well but that still doesn’t make it a life or death situation and even though there are risk factors associated with any surgery, it’s a pretty routine thing. I hope he gets better fast and there are no complications.

      I hope he can sing better after this and proves that he is indeed worthy of the title. I am not going to apologize for anything offensive I might have said. I would be apologizing to a lot of people all day long if I really tried to make things right so I will just say one thing in closing. I sincerely wish him a speedy recovery and hope to get to see him on the tour in August.

      • I am sorry about your fall…if I were close by, I’d bring you many fashion presents to speed your recovery. I pray God heals you and you have a speedy recovery.

        Now those bad little doggies of they have some Calvin Schnauzer clothing? Maybe some Calvin shirts will slow down their bad boy antics.

        I curse the evil stairs of death, may they be forced to wear fruit of the loom underwear the rest of their lives.

      • Not yet. I still may have to give one of them buggers up if the healing doesn’t go well. I’m on a soft food diet right now to try and save it though.

        Sigh I guess you’ll have that from time to time. Never blame my dogs though. They don’t know any better. I’m just glad I didn’t land on either one of them. That would not have been good. LOL

      • Oh I just saw the “n” on there and there are two “o’s” too wow! I tell you I can’t even see very well right now. The answer is, yes I did loosen a few but I didn’t lose any yet. Hopefully I won’t. LOL

      • Hopefully you won’t. I lost my front two way back in 5th grade and had to get caps.  It wasn’t fun. Thankfully, unless you’re a dentist, you would never know they weren’t my real teeth.

      • Taymaro……..I am so sorry to hear about your accident.  I wish you a speedy recovery.  You seem to be a tough girl so I’m hoping you have a quick and as painless as possible recovery.
        Speaking of Phillip, this kid seems ver y private so I’m sure he isn’t thrilled about all this talk and rambling about his surgery/medical condition.    I wish you both a Get Well wish!!!!!!

      • Tay. Hope you are feeling better soon. Now I will probably get bashed for this but I do find it a bit ironic that in the past couple hours you have revealed more about your accident than P2, his parents, Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy have about P2’s kidney problems during the entire length of the contest. Most of the news of the kidney story came out after the competition and even then very little has come direct from P2. Anyway still sorry to hear about your accident and wish you a speedy recovery. Hope you don’t get too riled up when you see P2 on the cover of the Rolling (kidney) Stone one day.

      • Actually they revealed quite a bit. Let’s see… He wasn’t in the Ford Music Video shoots and he told reporters that AI gave him those days to rest because of his health problems, His mom was asking for prayers on facebook, Jimmy said he gave a whole new meaning to having a sick day on American Idol after revealing he had been into the hospital for a procedure the previous Thursday, Ryan brought him some water after performing and then it was revealed that the meds he was on made your mouth dry, after his visit back home it was revealed that his doctors wanted him to leave the competition and receive immediate medical attention but of course the trooper that he is, he would never do that. It has been all over the news since the show ended that he would/would not be having surgery. Then after the surgery is complete we received another update.

        So that is a pretty good bit of information. When Crystal was diagnosed with diabetes I don’t think anybody ever knew the true nature of her illness until the show was over. In that case they didn’t use her condition to try and gain support as I recall. I could be wrong about that. It’s been a couple of years and I can’t remember what all happened.

      • No point arguing as its like talking to a stone wall. I personally doubt his illness had much to do with his winning. Most accounts put him in the lead from the onset, and while it might not be carved in stone, most likely that original fan base came from young girls. Now not wanting to leave any stone unturned he also had a lot of support from others but enough to win, that I do not know. As I said previously if he can’t write great music his career will probably sink like a stone. I realize that to change your mind though will be like getting blood from a stone, so will leave you in peace to recover. Now some might thnk I must have a heart of stone to write this crap, but sticks and stones may break my bones…..

      • Yes it is like talking to a stone wall I guess, I only have experience with concrete walkways so I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that from a vocal standpoint there were many more in this competition who were better. And yes, from a previous post of yours, I am including DeAndre Brackensick in that “better” group of singers. I would have liked to see the better singer win the competition of the two that were left but I have wished Phillip well and congratulated him. I have said that I don’t think that anyone deserved to win more than the others. They all deserve credit for what they did on the show and that includes Phillip. It is not meant as an insult to say that he doesn’t sing as well as the others. He has other assets that he was able to use to his advantage during the show and I say good for him. I don’t think he deserved to win if you base it on voice alone but we all know it’s not only about the voice.

        I guess we just have to agree to disagree. I knew he was going to win from the onset. Not because I thought he was better than the others. You just learn over the years what to look for as to who is going to win and I think we have enough evidence by the way most of them fall off the charts after the season is over and others that did not win rise up that most of the time the way people vote is not based on talent at all. It’s more of a personality contest. He has a great personality and I applaud him for that.

        Now before he reaches the bottom of the stairs and lands hopefully a little softer than I did I would like to say again. I wish him well in his recovery and all the best for the future despite me not rooting for him during the competition.

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        Sorry to hear what happened.  Get well soon.  I find small dogs do that.  I have a jackapug and she does the same thing.  She uses her body and slams your legs with it as if it was a game???? I almost tripped the same
        way.  And if I stand still she goes in between my legs and snorts, ha ha.
        What a funny dog.  She also bounces like a ping pong ball, one minute I’m sitting down and before I can react she already sprung up on top of my lap like jumpin jack flash, it’s a gas gas gas………………………

        Cheer up my friend………………………….

      • Ed, Thanks for your concern and good wishes. My dogs are pretty laid back until the front door opens or you rattle a bag of Beggin’ Strips. That’s when they go wild. I didn’t have the button pushed on the retractable leash of the male dog and he decided to take a different route than I was anticipating. I tried to catch myself but I made it worse and stumbled forward and as I grabbed both hand rails my arms bent backwards and I went over head first and did a Frosty the Snowman belly slide down the stairs and slammed my face on the concrete. It was pretty comical if it hadn’t hurt so bad and hadn’t cost me so much money. Now I have “road rash” on both arms, the backs of both hands and my knees along with bruised biceps, thighs and ribs. The pain meds are helping though and I went to work today so everything is getting better. I still have to eat soft food that I don’t have to chew. I’m trying to save the one tooth that was folded all the way back so I will probably not start eating real food until I go back for another check up. Everything will be just fine though. And I didn’t land on either dog and the neighbor put them back inside for me before she took me to the ER. I will be much more careful in the future and hopefully it wont happen again..LOL I got really tired at work today just because I had been laying around all week and I need to get my energy level back up and I’ll be good to go I think. I am keeping my chin up nevertheless. 🙂

    • Your prayers worked because I feel compelled to share the name Emmanuel Kelly with you.

      Look it up on Youtube. He was a contestant in “The X Factor Australia” this past year. If Phillip deserved to win for only having kidney stones then this guy surely deserved to win. 

      This video brings me to tears every time I watch it.

    • Dear God, please pardon the preacher for inflicting evil, albeit only literarily, into the lives of others by using religion to promote his vicious attack on people who spoke of Phil’s illness in the name of freedom of expression.

    •  Hi lordfartsalot,

      I like you, I see the humor in you.  I get it now, ha ha ha ha.

      You reminded me of  an incident when I was out with some of my  buddies  one night at a comedy club.  One of my friends was very quiet most of the time during the show.  I thought he was not enjoying the show at all until on our way home, we were having one of those brief loss for words moment when all of a sudden this guy started chuckling
      and laughing out loud and his face getting red.  Almost at the same time we shouted what?  He said never mind, I get it now. ha ha ha ha.

  10. Wishing yo9u a speedy recovery. Proud of you as you continued with the competition. You absolutely rock dude!!

  11. Hey look at this, Branden, so you will get an idea on what or about whom you’re gonna write an article next time in order for this blog to ignite with fire of excitement and enthusiasm among the readers. Number of COMMENTS on articles written from June 4th to 7th: 
    1. Jessica’s Singing the National Anthem: 187 2. Jessica’s Interview With Rolling Stones: 175 3. Philip’s Surgery: 37 (37, not 137), and counting still… to hopefully reach 50?4. Philip’s Availability for the AI Tour: 355. On Hollie: 236. On Colton and Skylar: 12
    FIVE people, six topics: Based on the number of comments elicited from the audience, who do you think is the Idol with the most number of fans in Branden’s site? Wondering why there are no follow-up articles on Joshua Ledet as there are articles on Hollie, Skylar, and Colton.

    • Correction/s: 
      1. Jessica and anthem: 187
      2. Jessica and Rolling Stones: 175
      3. Phil’s Surgery: 38
      4. Phil’s Idol Tour: 35
      5. On Hollie: 23
      6. On Colton and Skylar: 12

      • I noticed that too!!! Love her or hate her, you just can’t ignore Jessica. Oh! And the emotion she brings out on people.

      • Did you also notice that after they make an article on Jessica, almost
        immediately they’d post a newer one. But the comments will still be pouring on Jessica’s article. just sayin!

      •  That has nothing to say, more than 50 percent on this side are Jessica fans. You could see this on the voting polls. Jessica always was leading with almost or over 50 percent but on the end she was one time voted off ( and had to be saved ) and the other time she became only second( in the final).

    • Next item:
      I declare Adam of Lambert, the greatest World Idol of all time!
      Such a lovely son he is!

    • Leave Joshie alone, the poor boi it still finding out who he is.
      If he stopped the screaming and just sang like he did on “This Love”…we would all love the lovely boi and he would be one of the greatest AI of all…so many have mis-directed him..there is still hope, but he must come out on his own time and way.

    • Maybe there is nothing to report? Is he supposed to write an article every time Jessica takes a crap? 

      • Carlos5118,  I don’t hate Jessica at all. She seems like a sweet girl. It’s people that are complaining that every article on here is written about her that drive me nuts.  She might have to get restraining orders on some of her fans.  Also..I’m a dudette..not a dude.

    • yeah, i hear yah christopher. and as shilly noted
      below, even if there are new articles coming up to “allegedly” dwarf
      jessica’s article, still more comments are poured out in jessica’s column.
      shilly affirms or confirms just how jessica evokes emotions among people–love
      her or hate her–thus making her a celebrity or megastar. as they say, bad
      publicity is still PUBLICITY. pally45 is an example of the “hate her”
      department, and yet she still continues to ride in the bandwagon of jessica’s
      stardom by making comments all over the place (look, who’s taking, lol, peace
      pally45, just sayin…)

      • REALLY? this is an article about Phillip and you people complain that it’s not about Jessica! That’s what makes me mad..not her! I have absolutely nothing against Jessica and do not hate her.

      • On any reality show, the winner is celebrated.   All the others are generally forgotten about.  Yes, this is AI, so we do recognize those who did not win and reach some degree of success.  This thread was written about P2, the American Idol for 2012, not Sanchez or anyone else.   Get over it already, start a fan club for this chick, but stop shoving her down our throats.  Swear to God her SOME of her fans are the reason I wouldn’t listen to her if she were the last singer on the globe.

  12. Get well soon P2~
    Hey there’s another news about JS, Branden. 🙂
    Being nominated in 
    “National Reality Television Awards USA 2012”
    under Reality TV Personality of the Year 🙂 
    I hope JS wins~! 🙂


  14. yeah, i hear yah christopher. and as shilly noted
    below, even if there are new articles coming up to “allegedly” dwarf
    jessica’s article, still more comments are poured out in jessica’s column.
    shilly affirms or confirms just how jessica evokes emotions among people–love
    her or hate her–thus making her a celebrity or megastar. as they say, bad
    publicity is still PUBLICITY. pally45 is an example of the “hate her”
    department, and yet she still continues to ride in the bandwagon of jessica’s
    stardom by making comments all over the place (look, who’s taking, lol, peace
    pally45, just sayin…)

  15. hey there, fans of Phil’s: is it also due to the kidney operation that ur pal hasn’t been nominated in the Reality Tv show awards this coming fall? i heard before that he was not invited to the memorial concert due to his kidney problem, which, in reality, is not really as big a problem as many people have thought. 

    pally45 and vanessa, is this then the way to recognize a “loser?” to give her a possible award? aha, i’m sure you’re gonna come up with something like, oh well, that’s nothing compared to itunes’ “award” to phil. and oh yeah, phil is still # 1 there, haha… bye justin bieber and carly, phil is d new idol now, ever… bieber… there’s no more beiber fever justin bieber. you 2 dudes or dudettes, instead of appearing as magnanimous winners, you end up now like stupendous losers beyond compare. and no, philip phillips is no longer in itunes charts.

  16. Feel better soon, Phillip!  I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.  Can’t wait to see you on tour and hear you sing again.  “Home” is on repeat on my daughter’s iphone and my husband and I enjoy listening to it whenever she is in the car.  Looking forward to your future releases.

  17. I’m glad surgery went well.  Take care, can’t to hear your great voice again soon.Have fun on the tour and God Bless…

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