Jessica Sanchez Singing National Anthem at Pacquiao-Bradley fight

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is set to sing the National Anthem before the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley Jr. World Welterweight Championship fight on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

So this is what happens to American Idol runners up. I’m only kidding! Apparently this is kind of a big deal. Especially for Jessica herself. She even said so on her Facebook page.

“Singing the national anthem this saturday in Vegas for the Pacquiao fight¬†so excited!!!!” she posted.

Jessica will sing the National Anthem before a 16,000-person crowd. The fight also airs on pay-per-view, meaning the 16-year-old Idol contestant’s platform will be much grander.

That’s probably a good way to stay rehearsed as Jessica prepares for the kickoff of the American Idol Live! tour in July.




  1. I’m kinda looking forward for your post about this~ ūüôā¬†
    Yeah, a great exposure for her~ ūüôā
    Awesome~ ūüôā¬†

  2. win or lose, idol is the platform that launches a lot of new talent.¬† jesss will get the exposure she needs.¬† and as we have seen the past, second place works a helluva lot better than coming in first.¬† just ask one of jessica’s biggest fans, the one with the initials ADAM LAMBERT!!

    • Hi Pr63,

      It seems that is the trend of runner ups.  Good for Jessica.

      I heard Manny Pacquiao is fan of Jessica Sanchez and was rooting for her to win.  Still whether she won American Idol or not she will have a wonderful career ahead of her, just like Adam Lambert.

      This fight is a much anticipated  fight and will generate a lot of viewers all over the world. It is a perfect place for her to give tribute to a world
      class boxer.

    • I wouldn’t agree with “a lot” but there are the exceptions that make it in spite of being on American Idol. I get what you mean though. AI introduced us to these people for the first time and that is at least one good thing that comes out of it.¬†

      Jessica may just be one of those exceptions and I hope De Andre, Hollie, Skylar, Elise and Joshua make it as well. We will just have to wait and see.

      • would like to see them make it as well.¬† but we all know how fickle the public is.¬† and just think, this is all coming back in january!!

  3. Jessica is having a tour already! And singing in front of 16,000 spectators for the fight and will be watched millions WORLDWIDE. Jessica doesn’t need American Idol tours…:)

  4. she sang the national anthem so beautifully on memorial day.maybe that’s why she was chosen again to sing…good luck jessica!!!!

      • TRUE.. i saw pacman went to see her but he couldnt make it coz pacman came late… how sad

      • Yes, she will sing ‘Star spangled banner’ but pretty sure it’s Pacman who ask or insist her to sing before the fight~:)

      • It’s the promoter who asked Jessica to sing the Star Spangled Banner. #FACT

  5. Jessica Sanchez to sing US National Anthem… many people worlwide will watch the fight. Keep it up girl… Many people like to see you singing.

  6. You’re kind of rude. There are some runner ups who did better than the one who got the title.

      • yeah meow meow, seems like vinnie above is trippin balls. idk either what v is talkin abt… lol

    • ¬†I supposed the winners are always given the chance to sing the national anthem. So sarcastic to say “this is what happens to runner ups”! What did Branden mean? Is singing the national anthem a humbling experience????

      • So, she will become the official national anthem singer. ¬†No one buys someone’s version of that on ITunes. ¬†But, I guess she could make a living flying all over singing it. ¬†LOL

      • It just shows that¬†Branden is¬†a PP fan……………so insulting, shame on you now you’re showing your true color……SHAME!

    • timbuktu, you’re kinda vague. to whom are you referring the comment. if it is to branden, i think branden is just kidding but he’s happy and excited about it as well. he says jess, although she’ll only be singing before a crowd of 16,000 people, she’ll have a grander platform because of the number of viewers at home. i supposed branden knew that “grander” would mean not just a million people but so much more… ¬†maybe good to research on this as to how many people will watch this boxing match.

  7. WOWWWWWWWWW”….. GOOD LUCK ¬†its agreat exposure for our WORLD IDOL…. JESSICA ¬† … millions will be watching u… so keep it up

  8. Million of people around the world watching the fight. Its a big exposure to her..

  9. well atleast she gets more exposure. i¬†don’t¬†see Phillips having though

  10. Jessica Sanchez you are truly our World Idol. You deserve all this attention and nobody can stop you from being so famous right now. Make us all proud BB Chez. #PinoyPride

    • Please stop with the BB Chez stuff. I was even embarrassed for her at that point in the competition. Now ya gone and done it again!¬†

      BB Chez is NOT a good thing….I repeat NOT a good thing!

      Jessica Sanchez will do just fine. No need for alter-egos.

      • You mean there isn’t Pinoy Pride for a possessed 16 year old with multiple personalities?

      • Sorry, Taymaro … I know you’re not a Pinoy that’s why you’re embarrassed ¬†that a Pinay made herself a “good thing” when you least expected it, hah?… and “embarrassed at the point of competition”! That’s what happens when you are racially biased, okay?

  11. I guess that’s what happens to runner-ups. They become more famous than the winner–like Adam Lambert over Kris Allen, or K. McPhee in Smash over Taylor Hicks, or Clay Aiken over R. Stoddard. If that’s what it means to be a runner-up, thank your lucky star!
    Just the pay-per-view exposure on HBO. Wow, the whole world will be watching! Yes, it’s a big deal! Eat your heart out.

    • just like many salutatorians in school, many of whom become more famous and successful than the valedictorian. or some first ladies for that matter, they become more famous than their more powerful husbands. well # 2 is not a bad spot to be. susan boyle was only # 2. barbra streissand never won in a singing competition. no big deal.

    • Tell that to Justin Guarini, Diana DiGarmo, Bo Bice, Blake Lewis, and Crystal Bowersox.

      • Read somewhere that Bo Bice became sickly during the tours. He decided to take a break and that’s when he faded out. Crystal Bowersox is like a female version of P2. Need I say more?

    • You’re right, Carlos! Usually, salutatorians ¬†are well-rounded social beings, that’s why they are better likely to succeed than a valedictorian who got most of his/her “nerd-ly” talents by being bookish. Well, let’s see this time if: Jess go over PP, just like Clay Aiken over R. Stoddard. Ummm… probably!

  12. Singing the national anthem isn’t a disgrace. Branden makes it sound like an insult.¬†

    She should be honored to get so many personal requests to sing it. She’s only 16. You shouldn’t be so mean to children Branden. I know you are just trying to stir the pot though so I’m not gonna be too hard on you.

    • he says he’s only kidding bud. by the way, is branden for jess or for phil or is he neutral? (branden is a man’s or woman’s name?)

      • Pretty sure Branden is a guy’s name. Not 100% sure though…LOL I know he says he’s only kidding. That’s why I didn’t blast him. I’m pretty sure he said he was a Phillip Phillips fan earlier in the season.¬†

    • yeah branden what’s up with that?¬†¬†¬† being chosen to sing on memorial day is already a redemption… so cool it branden.¬†

  13. well good for jessica. this time win or lose for either boxer, you are but the sure winner girl. kudos and more power to you very young and pretty lady! just imagine for a moment: think that josh and phil are the ones box-matching in the ring and jessica sings the anthem and ryan seacrest the referee. and the judges? and the winner is…. ¬†i leave that further to your imagination. lol

  14. Super – Like …!!
       $54.95 on PPV on HBO, you can see Jessica perform the
    US national anthem .. Magnificently !! AGAIN !! ¬† and sure … there’s also the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.We’re pooling the PPV cost and partying on Saturday… cheering for Manny and most esp .. seeing Jessica sing the Star Spangled Banner in front of that wild raucous MGM audience PLUS millions on HBO ..!!

  15. So this is what happens to American Idol runners up. I’m only kidding! 
    -> like singing the star spangled banner is not a good gig? hello! she’ll be paid probably $10,000 – $50,000 for that appearance. better than nothing branden!!!

  16. Jessica is going places!!! and her performance will definitely be a knock out.. pun intended.. ūüôā

  17. Jessica will sing the National Anthem before a 16,000-person crowd, and millions worldwide.

  18. Jess how great you are,  following in the footsteps of the great ones like Rosanne Barr, maybe in time and with lots of practice you might someday sing as well as her.

    • Shame on you, KnowEverything, comparing Jessica to Roseanne Barr? Roseanne Barr is a famous persona non grata in any sports spot to sing the national anthem, the way she did the hymn on national tv on baseball field? Roseanne Barr is a disgrace to America… and I’m serious!!!!

      • ¬†yup .. Hawayana…. seems like KnowEverything can’t quite get over Jessica being in a big…big…big Venue… rendering another splendid performance… yup.. that Roseanne Barr comment was really so undisguised bitterness .

    • knoweverything with the untamed tongue, how jealous, how envious you are with a young girl! what a pity, sordidly pitiful.

    • ¬†i wonder how it would sound like if the one who would sing the national anthem would be your idol Know Everything…It would be a big disgrace to America…right on!!!!

    • roseanne barr, yeah, and she ran for president under the green party banner and she lost, of course. you should follow her political footsteps dude. perhaps you’d win. you could be the best last option in people’s choosing between romney & obama.

    • ¬†Rosanne Barr was and is still is a disgrace to America singing the star spangled banner in that manner.JESSICA IS A PRIDE TO AMERICA when she sang it beautifully miss or mr. KnowEverything whatever you are.

  19. While PP won AI fair-and-square, Jessica’s compilation of Idol songs is now No. 1 on the prestigious Billboard’s Heatseekers album chart – another good portent of things to come for the budding FilMex-Am star !

    • Not exactly fair and square unless you call playing up the “oh my kidney hurts and they are preventing me from singing very well” thing to gain support and sympathy votes. Now all of a sudden he has a miraculous recovery and doesn’t need the infamous surgery that was going to save his life?

      Yes, they told everyone that Jessica’s father was being deployed over seas but at least that was true and can’t be disputed.¬†

      • hey taymaro, in animals having kidney stones is a fatal disease called “water belly.” the animal dies instantly due to this. in humans, this kind of a urological problem is treatable, very treatable and is not really a big deal. even if it were true that phil had this kind of kidney problem, still it wouldn’t have prevented him from singing. barring kidney stones and what have you, however, still phil cannot sing anyway as well as the rest like colton or josh or jess or skylar and so on and so forth.

        we just have to accept the fact that he has won fairly and squarely in the field of looks and appearances, lest we become the grave-full ire of knoweverything, bellen and the bashers incorporated. just experimenting on the art of ironic writing, hahaha… ¬†

      • No I don’t have to accept that. He didn’t win fair and square because I don’t even trust the voting process or the integrity of the show. The fix was in for him to win from the start is what I believe.¬†

        So if I believe that, how can I ever consider it fair and square.

      • Tay, it is really beneath you to bring up conspiracy theories. A win is a win. (Don’t you remember that from Melanie Amaro’s win on X Factor?) P2 has had his kidney surgery and hopefully recovers quickly.

      • I was one of the conspiracy theorists about Melanie Amaro. I wanted her to win but I do think the whole “sending her home and asking her back” thing was staged. That wasn’t fair and square either but I picked her to win and she did. I also picked Phil to win and he did win. Still doesn’t mean they were both fair and square wins. It just proves how predictable these contests are and how transparent the conspiracies that surround the winners are.

        I thought the announcement had been made that he didn’t need the surgery after all and that the doctors had given him the “all clear” to go ahead on tour. That’s what Branden posted in the last article before this one.

      • Per Branden’s article:
        ‚ÄúSurgery went well, he‚Äôs resting and will be ready for the¬†Idol¬†tour kick off in July,‚ÄĚ an¬†American Idol¬†rep told The Hollywood Reporter.According to TMZ, the 21-year-0ld Idol champ had the six-and-a-half-hour surgery Wednesday and is expected to be fully recovered before the American Idols Live! summer tour starts next month.

      • Yeah, I read that. I wonder which is the truth. I guess we’ll never know. Phillip is just a victim of the lack of integrity that has followed American Idol for the past few seasons.¬†

        If he indeed did have surgery I wish him the best and a speedy and complete recovery.

    • she’s also in Jango music charts where phil is nowhere to be found. now she’s # 2 in wal mart pre-order sales chart where not even justin bieber can outshine her, much less phil.

  20. Disappointed since everyone knows that she had a lot of support in the Philippines (including Pacquiao) during her AI stint. ¬†But at the same time I do understand that she is American . ¬†But maybe she should have just passed this opportunity. ¬†Maybe the kid from New York who will be singing the Philippine National Anthem will give her a run for her money….maybe…hope so…¬†

    • ¬†what….???
      you want her to sing the Philippine National Anthem … WHY…???
      Even the Philippine Transplants in the US are so PROUD of Jessica singing the SSB during the Washington DC Memorial …!!
      Pass the opportunity..?? Again… whatever for …?? What’s your point..??
      And you’re wanting the kid from New York to outshine her..?? Again.. was there supposed to be a competition of Anthems..???

      • Who is the kid from New York? ¬†P2 is from Georgia. ¬†Scotty is from NC. ¬†Lee is from Chicago. ¬†I’m confused.

      • ¬†@7bbd96129a0d745b42378bae0b0ab4eb:disqus …. this Bellen person is obviously familiar with the 14 yr old from New York ..also a young singer ( Bellen may be related to her, for all we know)… this 14 yr old will sing the Philippine Nat’l Anthem vs Jessica singing the US Nat’l anthem… w/c Bellen is griping about.. that’s why my question.. ” a competition of anthems? ”
        Sorry… no it’s already taken a whole different road from Amer Idol …this Bellen doesn’t sound like she/he has watched AI at all… just griping…

    • Not everything need to be a race-related issue. I have a 15-yr old daughter, born and raised here, tho’ the blood flowing in her veins is 100% Filipino. I tried to teach her Tagalog and at 1st she wanted & tried to, but as soon as she started school…. Anyway, some of our kababayans, as soon as they landed here,¬†speak Tagalog in some tongue-twisting Americanized manner it sets my teeth on edge¬†when i hear it. I wouldn’t like “Lupang Hinirang” to be sung in such an awkward manner, would you? I am not saying Jessica can’t learn to, but she needs more time to master it. Meanwhile let’s enjoy the music.

      • your poor daughter,,has she run away yet? Leave her alone, she wants to be an American…not Pinoy.

  21. Disappointed . ¬†But at the same time I do understand that she is American. ¬†However it cannot be discounted that she had a lot of support from the Philippines during her AI stint (including Pacquiao himself). ¬†Maybe she should just have passed this opportunity. ¬†But then, the kid needs to earn money. ¬†AI has been less supportive of runner ups this year. ¬†Maybe the kid from New York who will be singing the Philippine National Anthem will give her a run for her money….maybe…hope so.

      • good for you bellen, you don’t need any money. just make wise use of your money man, enjoy the weather outside, chill, take it easy and you will be a happier person.

    • Disappointed, meaning ENVIOUS. get a life dude, lady, or whatever you are!

    • What do you mean, Bellen? A NY kid singing the Bayang Magiliw, where? In the Philippines, where there are millions of super-talented local singers? or in NY where the lyrics won’t be understood by the locales? Unless the Philippine National Anthem is sung in its original English version, in its legitimate tempo (per gov’t ¬†RX) no one will dare sing it in America before a pure Fil-Am or non-Fil. audience, because it will be unappreciated. In other words, the Bayang Magiliw ¬†and /or the Star Spangled Banner is/are meant for its/their own people. In the Phil. the anthem singer may not be paid. In America, the anthem singer may be paid highly depending upon the occasion at which it is sung.

      • …Lupang Hinirang is the Philippine National Anthem … not “bayang magiliw”…….anyway Jessica Good Luck…whatever national anthem it is…we’re proud of you……:))

      • yo4life

        Everyone knows the Philippine National Anthem is Yakety Sax  aka The Benny Hill Show Theme Song. 

    • ¬†whatever national anthem she sings Belen let’s just be happy and proud of her…ok?

    • Jessica Sanchez will never be for the Philippines because she grew up and raised in America. Legally, she’s an American so it does make sense that she will sing “Star-Spangled Banner”.¬†

    • She gets no money for doing, AI gets the money, she is their slave for the next few yeasrs.

      • That isn’t¬†right, but from what I read about the AI contracts it sounds true.

  22. Im happy for you again Jessica, cant wait to watch you again on tv Im not a big fan of boxing but I will surely watch it because of you take good care always…

  23. In any way, a singer becomes very famous, starting from school glee clubs, church choirs, low-key amateur singing contests and community programs. ¬†Eventually, will bloom and flourish to be a topnotch vocalist. But singing the Star Spangled Banner in well-publicized occasions is soooo great a start! Jessica will be one of the GREATEST products of AI… and she’s not going to fade away like many other greats before her. Good luck JS!

    • she has already sung even before she was 16 at the san diego stadium, and she just sang national anthem at the memorial day celebration 2 weeks ago in DC. she’s definitely going places and her “haters” like knoweverything and bellen and the rest with a nastily uncouth fouled mouth/tongue are going gaga and crazily envious of the Idol runner up.

      • ¬†Hahahaha
        Carloser see you tried to change tour name, but it will always be “Carloser” to those who know you. Yes I’m envious of some on who still hasn’t sold anything close to the sales of William Hung, let alone P2. P2 is just resting and collected all those royalties on his sales.
        Hahaha..Jess fans are way too cheap to ever buy any of her music, they just listen to her on free streaming services…how pathetic..poor girl she deserves real fans.¬†

      • good for him, but it doesn’t change the view that jessica is world’s # 1. itunes is nothing in the world’s market. itunes is 14 % in the u.s. music market. haven’t you heard of japan? not to mention uk, germany, france? phil is not even in jango music charts, jango which is popular in japan and china and other parts of europe. besides, phillips is no longer # 1 in itunes; he never was. i think you confuse phil for justin bieber, but yeah justin bieber can really sing and he looks good as well.

      • Carlos5118
        Since when do Americans care about anything outside of the US? They don’t and why should they?
        lol ask “knowseverything”

      • well, america used to be known as the world’s policeman. is it no longer the case then? well, for sure i’m getting older. in fairness though (in fairness, aha, where did you get that expression, carlos5118?), america is still # 1 in the world’s music market, followed by japan, germany, britain, and france. but itunes? it’s a drop in the market’s bucket, a drop… a big drop, as titanic was to the vast ocean and hard icebergs…lol. now i will leave knoweverything (no “s,” as in she/he know (no “s”) everything. yeah oh yeah she know everything… lol

    • I am not sure if you all know it or not. But the “Star Spangled Banner” is not an easy song to sing from a technical standpoint. You should be able to realize that from the many times you have heard it sang poorly. I have even heard some people actually say it is impossible to sing note perfect. You have to be a vocal acrobat to sing it the way it is supposed to be sang and Jessica is an outstanding vocalist. She sings it perfectly every time and she hits the lows and she hits the extreme highs and power notes and it’s just beautiful every time. A lot of people can do it justice but Jessica perfects the song and that is quite a feat if you ask me.

      Great job Jessica!! Keep making your fellow citizens proud.

      • Well Taymaro, ¬†which is more difficult to sing the US Natl Anthem or the Dreamgirls’ And I’m telling you? Just curious of your take on this.¬†

      • They are two different things I’m afraid. “And I Am Telling You” was never meant to be a “pretty” song. Jennifer Holliday isn’t trying to sing it beautifully. You need to study up on the song and the meaning behind it because it’s something totally different from what the National Anthem is. Jessica does an awesome job on both IMO. The duet between her and Holliday was “classic”. I enjoyed it very much.

      • Growling doesn’t equal hitting the low notes. Jess sucks in the lower register of her voice and uses the growl as a gimmick to cover it up….really she has a very limited range to a few octaves, no 5 octave wonder in her.

      • wondering
        IDK that KnowEverything knows how to sing, but they right about Jessic’s limitations and gimmicks, even Randy Jackson and Jimmy said so.

  24. If it happens that Pacquiao will be fighting a Mexican boxer, and if Jessica’s fluent in Spanish & Tagalog…heck she can sing 3 National Anthem in one night. Lol!

  25. A lot of famous singers had been asked to sing the national anthem like Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Kristin Chenowyth (not sure if I spelled that right), etc. It is quite an honor to be invited to sing the national anthem in a huge sports event…just sayin

    • Scotty McCreery sang the national anthem at The World Series. ¬†That’s a bit more impressive.

      • Scotty was the Idol; he was not a runner up or was he? It would have been really impressive if Laina the runner up was the one invited instead of Scotty. But hold on, baseball is only being watched in the US. Boxing is watched all over the world. Am I right members of the Jury?

      • The world series hasn’t rolled around for 2012 yet. Give the girl a chance man! She can’t do it all at one time. Phillip will probably be passing another kidney stone by then and have to pass up the request if it’s offered to him. That leaves Jessica to do it. She’ll be awesome!

      • Speaking of Scotty, he just picked up a CMT award. ¬†Go Scotty! ¬† Sorry I interrupted, back to the subject at hand.

      • I wanted Scotty to win during his season. I thought he has quite a distinct voice. Even without looking, I can tell it’s Scotty singing.

      • ¬†she should have been put behind bars and got arrested for making fun of the national anthem

      • you mean roseanne cherrie barr, the comedian? oh yeah that one, hahaha. hey dude don’t reveal your age dawg. roseanne barr and the 1990 world series nat’l anthem fiasco? ¬†but, in fairness dawg, barr set the bar in singing the star (spangled manner, errr, banner). after her, organizers make sure that they have nobody to sing it but the best of the best, and hence, jessica sanchez, the best choice of all the best buddy.¬†

    • Billboard magazine’s “10 worst national anthem performances ever” (as of June 2012):

      01. Phillip Phillips, 2012
      02. Roseanne Barr, 1990
      03. Michael Bolton, 2003
      04. Jessica Sanchez, 2012
      05. Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin and Dr. John, 2006
      06. Jesse McCartney, 2009
      07. Steven Tyler, 2001
      08. R. Kelly, 2005
      09. Keri Hilson, 2010
      10. Josh Groban and Flea, 2010

      • Typcal Pinoy….just trying anyway possible to try and make Jess better than she is…pathetic

  26. Branden states,” That‚Äôs probably a good way to stay rehearsed as Jessica prepares for the kickoff of the American Idol Live! tour in July.” Oh why do I have the feeling there’s a putdown there somewhere? Now, dont knock off this event, it is an international event!

    It is always an honor for a singer/idol to be asked to sing the National Anthem. This transcends just entertaining since the singer is representing a country, the USA.

    Go Jessica, the world is your stage now! We’re right with you.

    • Branden says “probably.” Leave him alone; perhaps he has nothing else to say. I think what Branden can do now is to collate all the comments here and fit them together as I have attempted to do last night which I might do again tomorrow as to the analysis of the comments of the arcticles. But, isn’t it interesting to note that here in Jessica’s story site there are a few bashers from the Phillips’ camp, but you can’t find a Phil basher there in Phil’s blog before this one.

      • ¬†now, I dont think anyone anybody can instruct anybody else here “to leave him alone.” We are all making comments here from our observations so unless somebody owns this site or something…I think it’s rude¬† to make such commands.¬† Well perhaps if you are a senior citizen, maybe okay…Anybody can say they do not agreewith somebody else point of view but nobody can command or instruct…unless there are obscene words, which there arent, okay.

    • ok helene13 i got your point. i thought my satirical attempt to criticize branden was as bright as the full moon. you overlooked the 2nd part of the compound sentence with a clause. anyway, i hear yah. only the judge can tell us what to do, actually. apologies…

  27. I’ve been reading here for a long time now and sometimes I am sad that personal biases by the writer get in the way of what are otherwise very interesting and much appreciated information being given.¬†

    So now I concluide “B” doesnt much stand for Branden as it does for BITTERNESS.

    Lighten up kid and let’s all try to be happy for others too.

    • I think Branden is trying his best to stay neutral. In fact I thought he has done a good job in reporting to us what is supposed to be reported. I’d hope though that he’d look into the Itunes brouhaha regarding the frozen Itunes site of Jessica wherein people can’y buy his songs even until now.

      • ¬†@8825ee67d04b1d89d8e4f4333038d0c1:disqus¬† …. can you please update us on this ITunes brouhaha adventure…..??¬† Personally … I’ve not bothered to give ITunes any money … and instead I am waiting for good ol’ WM to have the CD on their shelves… although reading from Jess’ FB page.. that pre-orders for her album is already topping the charts… again people there questioning if ITunes intervened in the availability of her album so as to inflate AI’s winner…

        Now that this Site also talks about it … maybe THERE is something to this all along.. Thanks for checking…

      • ¬†Yes chrissy, tell us more about your iTunes lies. Apparently none of you use iTunes because the problem you hasve described is not even how you purchase with iTunes.


      • @knoweverything.. tell us how to buy in iTunes, hurrryyyyy PP is still #1 there…har har har!!

    • Philip can compose and sing the WGWG artistic anthem. Or better Phil can sing that anthem in the Idol tours that begin next month. ¬†I already got a ticket and a bunch of us will be watching Jessica, of course, in the Idol tour in Chicago (Rosemont’s Allstate arena) come Jul 7th.

    • As far as music goes…the national anthem sucks.
      Phillip doesn’t need to resort to gimmicks like singing national anthems to evoke emotions from his fans. His “Volcanoes” is all that is needed to cause eruption of emotional enjoyment for his fans and haters alike. Poor Jess so inferior to Phillip’s greatness. Maybe she can get by making a living by singing national anthems and jingles in commercials.

      • @knoweverything.. careful there, it’s the national anthem that you are talking here…. ahhh I wonder if your idol can reach the high tone… naahhhhhh!!!

      • ¬†in other countries if you say something bad about the national anthem they would CUT YOU TONGUE AND HEAD OFF… careful

      • I generally disagree with everything you say, but on the subject of the national anthem, I have to say “You’re right”. ¬†All of my life I’ve wished they would change it to “America The Beautiful”. ¬†The Star Spangled Banner is not melodic, difficult to sing and glorifies war. ¬†Not the best image.

      • how much do you get paid buddy to disparage jess and do it to the hilt?¬†

      • phillips’ greatness or philip’s greatness? hey dude know the spelling first of the name of the person you call “great.” if the name or noun ends with an “s,” put the apostrophe of the possessive genitive after the noun, e.g., phillips’ (last name with a double L). but hey, who the hell cares, nobody’s perfect as no one knows every thing. how i love your name dawg…

        phillips’ greatness… ¬†aha… what does that mean? and jess doesn’t have it? must be something you’re obsessed about. que es eso, amigo, huh, qual es la esa cosa, mama mia por dios espiritu santo!¬†

      • Wished nation anthem was “America the Beautiful”, much more about who we are..the beautiful ones like Phillip and good thing for Jess that she American too and ¬†not Asian.

  28. Branden… a certified JS hater. Are you sad nobody asked your idol P2 to sing in an event with milions of viewers?

    • Maybe Phil can compete with Pacman too in a boxing bout being judged by Randy, JLo, Steve and watched by a bunch of girls and some guys. I’m sure Phil will win, not to mention, handily.

  29. Hahahahah,,,love it reading the comments…US and Pinoy Jess fans now fighting with each other…proves what everyone have said all along….Jess fans are very evil and just love to be haters; when other fans aren’t around, they turn into the Jess Fans Cannibals

  30. Finally someone speaks the honest truth
    “Sanchez can wrangle a pleasant melody, particularly when she‚Äôs favoring high notes, but she can‚Äôt resist sabotaging her slight
    charms with a studied hamminess, adopting a gravelly growl whenever she
    wants to appear soulful and leaning so hard in her phrasing that she
    stumbles instead of shuffles.”

    hahaha, they must heard her sing¬† “Stutter”

    • the most AI contestant i didn’t like was PHILLIPS. HE murdered the song of usher and that song was one of my favorite…argggggh. He sang monotone and all that i could hear from him was as if had only one note…

      • you mean asher? yeah, very true, not to mention damien rice, dave matthews, greg holden. but dude, here in america, the word “murdered” in reference to covering a song means that one has “killed” it, meaning he or she did an excellent “cover” of the song, which means that he or she sang it very well. but i hear yeah man, phil can’t sing, period.¬†

    • i like it when you quote someone, knoweverything. at least you “sound” like a real human person. keep it up like that. we can disagree but we need not be disagreeable. and now, for the quote, it’s only one opinion among millions that are in jessica’s favor. but hey, ours is a free country and we live in a world which is becoming like a small village. it would be boring it we were all the same, right kid? and for jess, negativities are a part of a celebrity’s life.

    • I saw this on metracritic too under the professional reviews, do you know who it was? Beyonce or Mariah? Wish they would have been on Idol as a judge.

  31. “Philippines risks joining money-laundering blacklist”
    Why you Pinoys can’t use iTunes, you going to be barred from US banking because your country is too corrupt.

    • @KnowEverything… its not only the Philippines who can’t buy music from iTunes, other countries too… please, do a little research before you write something…

      • forget itunes. it’s nothing in the world’s music market, yeah it’s apple and it’s big and so was Titanic on the immensely vast ocean.

      • Carlos5118

        Titanic was 100 years ago and everyone in the world still knows about it like they know Phillip is the AI winner.  In a 100 years from now, Phillip will still be remembered as the AI winner and as a major icon in music artistry.

        iTunes is nothing, THAT IS¬†if 57% of world music sales is nothing. In most developed countries, people own apple products and it is how they buy music…BUY music..not rip it off for free like jingoo radio.¬†

      • oh yeah, # 1 in the list of “those who CANNOT SING with tone deaf fans who buy their songs…”

    • ¬†go see a doctor because i feel that …you’re going out of you’re head and suffering from a nervous’re talking nonsense…….

    • the world’s greatest mafias came from the philippines? i thought they came from chicago and new york and the vatican. hahaha, knoweverything, how i like your name. ask your mom to help you read the world’s magazines. you’re not only uncouth, you’re un-bred. you should visit the queen of england and ask her to help you with the “social graces,” not to mention the “intellectual nuances” needed for one to be called “cultured.” but hey, on second thought, stay the way you are and phil still loves you. be sober though, okay?

  32. Know Everything, you are jealous because your idol wasn’t invited to sing the national anthem…right?

  33. Heard that PHILLIP¬† is gonna sing the national anthem but needs to practice for a year.harharhar….

    • Lucky for Jess all she has to do is watch a video of Whitney and she can do it perfectly. ¬†Parrots are like that, aren’t they?

      • Yeah, parrots are like that and they’re much better than the Idol winner and, needless to say, much, much better than you, Graham.

    • for a year? wow, i thought for a million years and he’ll never get it, ever.

  34. Go Jessica…we love you! You are an artist and you will reach greatness in your own time, on your merits. We love what you sing now and we’ll love you more as you further develop.

  35. Filipino fans and their “pride” are the worst. “Filipino pride!” “Go Philippines!” “Mabuhay!”. They are being proud of a single person who doesn’t even really care about his/her heritage before being so famous—ehem—like Jessica. She doesn’t even know how to speak Tagalog.

    Always being proud of something irrelevant. Why not let the¬†foreigners¬†compliment you instead of shoving your “pride” into their throats? No one actually benefits from your “Filipino pride”. Filipinos are still just another “people from a foreign country” in America, I’m telling you, even if the President’s head chef is a Filipina or that lead vocalist from the pussycat dolls is a Filipina or that girl from HSM is a Filipina or Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino.¬†

    Now, Filipinos are celebrating because “Survivor”‘s setting is their country (See YouTube *that’s their sweet haven*). You don’t see Malaysians, Australians, Kenyans , Thai, Chinese, Brazilians, Samoans, Nicaraguans going crazy when “Survivor” picked their country to be the location for their reality-game show.¬†¬†

    This “Filipino pride!” is a piece of crap. It’s not even a sign of patriotism anymore. This crap is annoying and I’m actually ashamed of how my countrymen ( Yes, I’m a Filipino too) act whenever a single person become famous overseas. ¬†Be proud if our state of living improves or our economy boosts. Philippines is still just another country in Asia who likes rice even if Jessica Sanchez was the one who won the AI title.

      • i’ve been to malaysia,thailand,china,samoa and nicaragua.i’ve travelled a lot and a lot of people from these counries don’t know how to speak english.if the post comments in you tube…who will understand them? 95% filipinos speak english and if even 5% don’t they could understand.

      • My problem is this:

        “Heard that PHILLIP¬† is gonna sing the national anthem but needs to practice for a year.harharhar….” – just me

        “Know Everything, you are jealous because your idol wasn’t invited to sing the national anthem…right?” – just me

        “Branden is just jealous cause Philip can’t sing the national anthem!” – Donne

        “Disappointed since everyone knows that she had a lot of support in the Philippines (including Pacquiao) during her AI stint. ¬†But at the same time I do understand that she is American . ¬†But maybe she should have just passed this opportunity. ¬†Maybe the kid from New York who will be singing the Philippine National Anthem will give her a run for her money….maybe…hope so… ” – Bellen

        “Go Philippines! Filipino pride! Filipinos are very proud of you” – each and every Filipino in this blog during AI season 11.

        If being a Filipino is being a bitter, proud, jealous and annoying, I rather be not one. But what can I do? I’m born this way, in this country. I guess I should just be a Filipino with good breeding and class unlike those who are claiming success for just one person’s effort and talent.

        And yes, I am 100% Filipino and I can prove it in many ways.  

      • You must be kidding. Thai and Chinese people know how to speak in English. Just a little trivia for you, China is one of the largest English-speaking countries and Thai is considered as one of the English-speaking countries in the world. Samoa has 49.86% of English speakers. Please get your facts straight first before hittin’ the “enter” key.

        Philippines has 78.53%, my friend.

      • Not as many Thai’s speak english (non elite) as you might think, but your point is taken. I was in Thailand during this period and must admit it was hardly a conversation piece. I would assume it was quite a big thing in Samoa, but then it is a very small remote group of Islands with a tiny population, so don’t blame them.

      • @250b45137f079a7ad95066c1939b7e61:disqus¬†Are you talking to me or “just me”? Because I’m not blaming Samoans for not being able to speak in English or understand at least. But now as I think of it, what does¬†@105349797bbb4d09661610c72a581677:disqus¬†is trying to prove by stating his opinion regarding the ability to speak in English? I mean, it does not justify anything and it absolutely does not connect to the point I’m making.
        The ability to speak English does not equate/relate to being so proud of your nationality to this* extent online (*I already covered this in my previous posts). It’s good to be patriotic sometimes and be proud of the blood flowing through your veins but not to the point of this* (I’m getting really tired of explaining the “Filipino pride!”).

      • Haha…whoever they are…have Pinoys pegged like¬†a pig that wears lipstick.

    • justbeingreal, it’s a shame that you’re not proud of your own people’s “pride.” the best you could have done was to respect their sense of pride and dignity. if you’re not one of them in their joy or pride over jessica, then you’re not one of them, but you don’t have to stoop low by betraying your true colors of being rude, uncouth, and “without some kind of breeding.” maybe you went to the low-class school/s in the philippines. but if you come from the dregs of philippine society, then i’m really sorry for you, but poor and pitiable people like you need not be bitter.

    • JustBeingReal, how dare you insinuate such diabolical insolence from a mere crap of humanity such as yourself. If you insist and persist upon my annoyance against your obnoxious behavior or cantankerous tongue, then I shall be compelled to call upon whatsoever it takes to literarily obliterate or pulverize your wickedly vicious and adulterated tongue. In other words, chill the hell out girl! Relax, take it easy.

      • Learn to spell, you ridiculous tool. ¬†If you must make yourself a fool, at least try to appear educated while you’re doing it. ¬†Your grammar and sentence structure are hilarious and not in a good way.

      • hey christopher, trent doesn’t understand your language. and he’s got no dictionary at home, lol.¬†
        trent, i don’t see any word misspelt by christopher greene above. you’re the one who mistook “tool” for “fool?” in fairness to chrisopher greene, not everyone can write like that; can u trent?

        trent, regarding ur grammar, when you separate clauses with a subject and a predicate, separate them by a semi-colon not by a comma. it should have been: 
        Learn to spell; you ridiculous fool. If you must make a fool out of yourself, make it so, at least, by masking such foolishness by some educated flair that can hide the devious hilarity behind your senseless literary parody.

        just trying to correct, sorry christopher; i’m only paraphrasing trent’s comments in a manner that will matter to your literary taste. apparently, trent is an inferior writer compared to u. take it easy both of u.

    • And what exactly have you done to help improve the economy and the ¬†living conditions of the Filipinos? Every little bit helps, so instead of ranting against your fellow Filipinos here in this foreign forum, why don’t you sit down and think about what you can do from your end? If the Philippines is “just another Asian country” to you, perhaps it is best if you just look for another country to take you in. You’re no loss.

    • My comments weren’t directed so much at yourself. As for your post¬†I have mixed feelings. I’ve lived in several third world countries, and to be honest, survivor being excluded I’m not too sure if it would be that much different. In Thailand the country went gaga over Tiger Woods, but the ugly aspect¬†of the hysteria come out more through the politicians trying to capitalize than the people. As you know Tigers mother was Thai. Felt sorry for Tiger as he respected his mother and her roots but deep down he was, and wanted to just be American. Politicians though were throwing Thai passports at him etc etc. In Jessica’s case there seems to be a lot more ugliness and hatred spewed at anyone who isn’t a fan, but not sure¬† if that is a general trend or more or less limited to boards such as this. Sure you have the right to feel ashamed at the actions of some Filipinos but don’t think you should feel any less proud to be Filipino. As far as the Philippine economy don’t think this is the board for that although some of the reasons for the¬†endemic problems facing the country is shown in the reactions of the fans over the past few months. The Philippine problems are not just a result of their past, or present corruption by the elite, but permeates through the entire fabric of society. To solve this problem though requires Filipinos to stand up and be proud of what they are today. Only then can they look inside and try to change the negative aspects of their culture, and don’t take it personal all countries have negative aspects to their culture.

      • guesty, just to add to your enlightening comments: the philippine socio-economic problems are embedded as well in the “entire fabric” of a bigger society, called “The World.” 60% of the world’s resources now are being consumed only by this country (USA) and 30% by europe. 10% are being divided among the rest of the so-called 3rd world countries. the inequalities in the philippines as regards enormous wealth among the elite minority and the staggering poverty among the poor majority is a microcosm of the world’s macro-economic paradigm that pits the wealthy against the poor with the latter being further and further edged to the precipice as the rich become richer and the poor get poorer. the philippine economic problems–and those of poor countries and the 10% of the american population experiencing dire poverty–cannot be solved, unless world economies are also being resolved in favor of the poor. i dunno what the solution is, but it must be geared to some structures of an economic system that supports neither communism nor capitalism. something in between, i suppose.

      • Agreed. It will always be an uphill battle, but one must start with things one can change. I speak of the philippines as compared to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, more recently Vietnam, and in the coming years Burma than the pressures from the developed world. Changing the mindset of developed countries is a much tougher task and can’t be accomplished by any single nation. Communism has proved time and time again that is a great philosophy but failure in reality, whereas Capitalism as practised today, especially with so many mature economies, seems to need some¬†serious tweaking. Only hope your comment on my enlightening comments¬†wasn’t meant with sarcasm otherwise my face has gotten even redder.

      • guesty, no, i wasn’t being sarcastic. only brits in d likes of simon cowell are capable of that, lol. ur comment and my reply are among the few ones which can qualify for “serious journalism” in this era of vicious commercialism and materialism in a world so wealthy and yet so destitute.

    • I am not saying that I’m not proud to be a Filipino. I’m very proud of my heritage. I will always love the Philippines and it’s people. And to those who are accusing me of being this and that, I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t show who I am as a person but it does represent who you are. What am I saying is that it’s good to be “proud of Jessica Sanchez” and celebrate for “her success”. Her success in American Idol is not the success of the Philippines in general. As I have said, she doesn’t even know how to speak in Tagalog. She’s a “product” of U.S.A., not of the Philippines.

      It’s good that Filipinos show their love for their country whenever there’s an international competition with a Filipino contestant but it’s not good to shove it into the throat of every foreigner or in this case Americans. Don’t you think that this is one of the reasons why there’s much hate towards Jessica?

      Sorry for my poor grammar and diction. I may not be able to use such deep, and highfalutin words but at least everyone can understand me, I’m not a hypocrite—I’m not trying to prove anything. I’m a Filipino, how am I able to speak English with such grandiloquence?

      To those people who are belittling my education, I’m a student of the premiere state university of the Philippines, the University of the Philippines. I have my form5a and my student ID number to prove it.

      Look at how much you attacked me, “some” people—and you are wondering why Jessica Sanchez has so many haters? Thank you for those who are able to share their opinion in a very respectable manner unlike those few who are being so condescending.

    • If I may just add, being proud of someone’s success who doesn’t even know quite anything about her Filipino heritage does not do anything for the country. I’m studying really hard here in the Philippines even though my parents are always telling me that there’s no good university here in the Philippines in regards to the international standards. But what did I do? I insist to stay and study here in the Philippines because I still have faith with Filipino professors and students.¬†

      Do not accuse of something with just a little opinion. It’s either you take it or leave it. I’m just trying to open the minds of you people of what’s really is happening. I’M TRYING TO SUPPORT THE PHILIPPINES BY ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING FOR OUR COUNTRY. And yes, after all of what I had read, I’m still proud of being a Filipino.

    • Instead of defending themselves and giving proof that I am wrong, they choose to just belittle me and insult me like it can do anything to my stand.

  36. Branden doesn’t knew Boxing very well as far as Boxing fans are concerned. So how will you even ever think Brandon knows how big or relevant the event is. This is shown worldwide. Jessica invited for the event is an honor..

  37. God please watch over Phillip and heal him. Bless him and his humble family. Compel those who have spoke evil and ill of Phillip to recognize their sin and we pray they confess their sins to their peers they have forced their blasphemy upon and hope they seek our forgiveness.

    If not, then I shall curse them with wardrobes from Walmart.

      • That’s LordCalvinReKlein’s attention getting device. We shall give him the attention and the Lord will heal him and deliver from his devious psychological defect.

  38. Ano po ba kakantahin ni Jessica Sanchez sa laban ni pacquiao at bradley sa saturday. National anthem ba ng America na Star Spangled Banner or National anthemn ng Philippines na Lupang Hinirang? 

    • If you can’t speak English get your piece of forein rat crap off of site.
      Jess ay hindi pagpunta sa kantahin, ngunit sa halip siya ay pagpunta sa maghugas ng pinggan.

      • Just because the person who posted the comment did so in Filipino doesn’t mean he can’t express himself in English. ¬†He just doesn’t want pricks like you to understand. ¬†You on the other hand don’t know how to use his language properly, so don’t even try, even with the help of Google translator. ¬†Facility with the English language does not correlate positively with how much gray matter you have.

      • ¬†ikaw ang umalis sa site na ito punta ka sa idolo mo at doon ka magkalat ng lagim….sino ba ang translator mo…ang galing galing naman niya.

    • Sola una cancion, hijo, que Jessica cantare–sola la cancion Americana.

  39. Kung ang kakantahin ni Jessica Sanchez is Star Spangled Banner sino naman ang kakanta ng Lupang Hinirang ? Maraming Salamat Po!

    • If you can’t speak English get your piece of forein rat crap off of site.
      Jess ay hindi pagpunta sa kantahin, ngunit sa halip siya ay pagpunta sa maghugas ng pinggan.

      • LordCalvinReKlein, it’s good to see you here as well as there in Phil’s site. May God forgive you, Father, for your being mean-spirited and for insulting those who cannot express themselves well in the English language. Hey, stick to using English, Father (Reverend?) as your Tagalog limps as bad as your hypocritical preaching.

      • ¬†hindi naman maintindihan ang sinasabi mo.ikaw din wag ka magsalita ng tagalog pag di ka marunong.nakakatawa ka talaga.

    • Pienso que un nino de Nueva York va a cantar la cancion nacional de las Islas Filipinas. (I think a boy from NYC will sing the Philippines National Anthem). Sorry Edmantrix, how I wished I could write in Tagalog, but I understand it though not as much as I do Bisaya and Spanish.

      • ¬†it’s alright i do understand, sorry to say but i said it in tagalog so that i can practice my tagalog wording. sorry also but i can speak and write in english…. thanks for the info. highly appreciated…

    • Ko LordCalvinReKlein ay kantahin ang Pinoy awit na bihis sa ang pinakamahusay na fashion mundo ay kailanman makikita.

  40. Hey look at this, Branden, so you will get an idea on what or about whom you’re gonna write an article next time in order for this blog to ignite with fire of excitement and enthusiasm among the readers. Number of COMMENTS on articles written from June 4th to 7th:¬†

    1. Jessica’s Singing the National Anthem: 187¬†
    2. Jessica’s Interview With Rolling Stones: 175¬†
    3. Philip’s Surgery: 37 (37, not 137), and counting still… to hopefully reach 50?
    4. Philip’s Availability for the AI Tour: 35
    5. On Hollie: 23
    6. On Colton and Skylar: 12

    FIVE people, six topics: Based on the number of comments elicited from the audience, who do you think is the Idol with the most number of fans in Branden’s site? Wondering why there are no follow-up articles on Joshua Ledet as there are articles on Hollie, Skylar, and Colton.

  41. I declare, Adam of Lambert to be the greatest World Idiol of all time.
    I do disclose our close relationship…in fashion of course you naughty people.
    I don’t know why he keeps calling me “daddy” and I call him “son”..yes we are just that¬†close.

    • hey lordcalvinreklein, my dear lord, what is ur take on the closeness between pres obama and george clooney?

    • you dont know why Adam Lambert calling you daddy and you call him son, because both of you are FAGGOTS!!!

    • ¬†I declare JESSICA SANCHEZ to be the greatest “World Idol” of all time….. no one else…..

    • yeah i just googled what u just posted ryelq. randy is also there for the judge nominations being pitted against simon cowell, etc. i think jessica has been nominated for ai rather than phil because jessica is more well known worldwide and hence will have a better chance at winning the hearts of judges outside the US. the champ of The Voice is also nominated likewise. it’s a slap in the face of ai and phil’s fans. branden for sure will write an article about this jessica nomination? what do u think?

      • No…the nominations were done by anyone, world wide and based on the number of times a person was nominated/voted for. On another website forum a massive power vote effort was made by “BlueJays”. But considering the other ones nominated, I¬† would be embarrased…Randy, come on

      • it’s hard to accept defeat slimjim, isn’t it? you find it hard to accept that snooki is better than philip phillips and his kidney? but i commiserate with you, may i?

        i think “snooki” is spelt without an “e.” she’s an accomplished latina. i hope you don’t find nothing wrong with latinas in the limelight of mainstream america?

      • Carlos5118

        Only a true Snooki fan would even care or know if it was spelled correctly…I can believe you’re a Snooki stalker.

      • You’re the one who mentioned snoki’s name first. Carlos was only trying to correct your misinformed and tiny mind.

      • Zenny
        Apparently you are misinformed and have a tiny, tiny mind also.
        You spelled Snooki as snoki which is wrong.

  42. Jessica Sanchez’s father caught on tape beating one of his sons with a belt multiple yimes because the son couldn’t catch a baseball during a game of catch. Go Youtube and search Sanchez baseball beating

    • ¬†jessica’s father ‘s name is not Anthony Sanchez.I think you better do some researching first before posting man……you’re jealous again because she was nominated….hahahah……GOOD LUCK JESSICA!!!!!!

    • Try to get your facts right before falsley acusing someone. Her dad’s name is not anthony but gilbert. That is not her dad in the video

      • And a brother named Arnie..hhhhaahhhaaahha…Gilbert lets climb a water tower…Gilbert

    • no parent has not beaten his or her child, one way or the other. parents are not angels, but always their motive to discipline their children is love, wanting their children to be the best. but who cares, what you’ve written here is a lie anyway.

      • Yes…many parents have loved their children to death..beating them over and over until they expire. These parents are sick b*stards that should be put to death and you are too for supporting them

    • This is defamation of character and this blogger as well as this site can be liable for this post. Matthew should remove the Alberta post.

    • I hope they throw the book at him, no wonder Jessica acted so uncomfortable on AI, she was probably scared her father would beat her if she lost. Poor poor Jess.

    • Pinoys are like that….they push and push their kids to the point of beating because it all about them, they have no concern fdor their kids, just about how their kids’ performances reflect on them. That poor boy, I wonder if Jess will write a tell all book and include how her parents are such pushers.

    • So is child services going to do something about these terrible parents? I knew they were crap when they let a 16 year old teen dress like they did. I hope the cildren get protected.

      • calvin, i hear what you’re saying, but your intention to write here is devious, so why would you even matter except to say that you’re a hypocrite. two wrongs don’t make a right. you’re only here to discredit jessica’s father by spreading lies, and then now you appear to be a defender of children? don’t take me for a fool…

      • poor philip phillips, his fans are as bad as he sings: monotonous, out of sync, irritating to the ears…

  43. no, that’s not Jessica’s dad…Jessica’s really got some demented haters…they are sad people full of envy…that’s another proof JS is up for the big time!!!…’cause nobody will mind her or her family if she were a bore…
    Go Jessica!!!

  44. The American Idol  Tour is coming to Manila,Philippines on Sept. 21,2012!!!!!!!!

    • They should save money and only send Jessica…If I was Phillip, I would stay away from there, some Pinoy is likely to try and¬†assassinate him.

      • ¬†nooooo of course not. a lot of young pinoy musicians would want to watch him too aside from JS and colton….

      • ¬†on the contrary, they are excited to see and hear the whole top ten including Philip. Aside from Jess, of course, they have their faves among the other 9.

      • like what americans did to john f. kennedy? or like what some people are attempting at pres obama?

      • calvin, don’t say “if i was,” but say “if i were,” if you’re making a conditional statement. you only use “if i was,” if you’re stating something that has already happened…but then the second part of the clause would be … ¬†“then i would have or have had…” as in this example: if i was in that position 2 years ago, i would have chosen to remain passive and not active… ¬†or, if someone said this 2 years ago about philip, he or she would have said: if i was philip, dude, i would not have listened to my fans like calvin. it was so much fun traveling abroad especially to the philippines.¬†

        so, if i were philip, i would not listen to advisers like calvin. anyway it’s cool man; i know a lot of americans who talk like that…¬†

      • I am a higher Calvin than you…
        Phillip will be fine, Pinoys are easily bribed.
        $.06  should be enough to get them to sell out and abandond their assassinate dreams.
        Except for Carloser, he will be the man dressed in drag with a gun on the grass knoll.

      • Jlo is coming to Manila too in NOV.Part of her world tour concert. It’s her first time to do a concert in Manila so evryone is excited as well.

    • ¬†I am sure Filipinos will be welcoming the AI top ten with open arms, ALL of them. As the group of Scotty, Lauren, Thia and their batch did before, Season 11’s Idols will also enjoy their Philippine tour.

  45. THE Pinoys don’t hate PP…. IT’S just between the fans..they would love to watch him here too…everyone is so excited to watch all top 10 perform.i’m sure it’s gonna be a jumpacked event….

    • Yeah pp is a lovely guy. I hope that his fans would project the same image as pp. His fans are the ones “destroying” pp’s image. and his fans come and go on this site with different names with comments so vicious, so devious, so dubious.

  46. BRANDEN YOUR AN A** !!!! and your jealous ! if it was Phillip singing you wouldn’t be ugly ! I say, ¬†look who’s winning now ! ¬†THIS IS HUGE FOR JESSICA¬† ! why dont you find your heart and be happy for this precious little 16 yr old !

  47. bradley is a sick freak same with bradley the enemy of pacquiao.. if i was jessica sanchez id rather sing the national anthem in an event like this not like the winner sitting his butt off the operation table. 

  48. bradley is a sick freak same with bradley the enemy of pacquiao.. if i was jessica sanchez id rather sing the national anthem in an event like this not like the winner sitting his butt off the operation table. 


    • So this is what happens to American Idol runners up.
      The majority of Americans detest boxing and consider it nothing but thugs in a ring….so you you have thugs in a ring plus a not winner AI contestant. Not much of a house to bring down.

      • ¬†Dude, the old saying of haters are going to hate, never rand so true with your idiotic comments. I actually have a better one for you though, silence is golden. Now go back to playing with yourself.

      • Americans must really detest boxing. There are only 16,000 spectators in Vegas paying $800-$1,000 per person. To watch it on TV, one has to pay $54.95 to HBO (nowhere near $1.29 itunes download). Millions pay to watch boxing at that price while they watch American Idol for free.
        You are a very astute observer.

      • Ohreally

        Just as astute as you are thinking that very small group of sickos is representative of America. Most Americans are Christian loving people who find boxing to be a mortal sin (Christian loving people and that doesn’t include child molesting , boxing loving Catholics)

      • ¬†yes, this is what happens to AI runner ups, gets more interesting than the idol winners themselves. beat that. and what news now with the AI winner? nada, just lame sympathy stories fof his illness. booo you.

      • ¬†i’m a devout christian and it’s not found in the Bible that singing the national anthem in a boxing bout is a mortal sin.

      • lovelyday

        The bible does have a problem with parents dressing their daughters up like a slutty Tina Turner and pimping her out. Ever hear of Lot and his daughters. It is a motal sin the pimp out a 16 year old girl.

      • ¬†@CalvinReCline go tell that to AMERICAN IDOL fashion consultant who dressed her up…….

  50. Jessica was gorgeous to look at and sang “Star Spangled Banner” in a great way, respectable but uniquely her own.
    To those who criticise her decision to sing at a boxing event, I disagree with you. As I mentioned before, it is an honor to sing the NA.
    Jessica, at this point, should have the biggest exposure after Idol to boost her career. I’m sure she’s won a huge numbers of fans out there who never watched AI.
    While there may be a lot of “thugs in the ring” as one has said, it would not be¬† a good way for anybody who aspires to be in show business to be¬† looking so snobbish.
    I guess Jessica haters will always find thing to nitpick on, no matter what she does. In contrast to what critics accused her of early in AI, sheis actually reaching out to lots more people.
    Up Jessica!

    • Next Month in Mexico, they have the chicken cock fighting championships of the world. So should Jessica sing the N.A. at¬†it?¬†Do you really want to see Jessica involved in cock fighting? She is a minor, I think not!! By singing at an event, Jessica is giving her nod of approval , condoning whatever to follow¬†as being OK.¬† This association with boxing has lost her many more fans than it gained her. It will ruin her career to do just “anything” as it seems she has decided to do. This is what Braden was saying between the lines in a more sarcastic way. Someone needs to help manager her career before it ends up in the sewer. They need to look at the disapproval ratings for the type of event and stay away from those with very high negatives like boxing. Making logical and wise decisions is not being snobbish. BTW I am a Jessica supported…but starting to think that was a big mistake.

      • ¬†youlostsupport, you are funny, though a bit dense…obviously a hater of JS. I doubt if you were supporter, probably a shallow fan to start with. And no one needs fans who totally gives up just when his Idol’s just starting.
        Give Jessica some credit. She is smart enough to know such obviously foolish suggestions as you mentioned. Though I fully agree that hopefully she has a caring team to back her up.
        Are you serious or exaggerating? If you had been an Idol runner-up, you would have been lost either accepting all offers or none at all.

      • hey Jess Losing MySupport. I THINK YOU BETTER MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.If JS was asked to sing any national anthem in any event is none of your business……

    • “Jessica was gorgeous to look at ”

      Haha..Pinoy propaganda alert…They always insist what is a lie. Jess is not much too look at, hopefully she will get some work on her teeth done and maybe some additional growth will help…but she is certainly not gorgeous, or not even pretty. This is why Brits & Yanks don’t like Pinoy because of how they push people. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and to try and push that onto someone is only bound to turn them off to what is being pushed!

      • ¬†lord (or lady?)…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your opinion, as is mine, counts for only ONE opinion out of millions. So unless you are in the beauty business or an expert, I wouldnt be swayed by you.
        Jessica is gorgeous, beauty comes not only on the outside but within…

      • ¬†I HOPE lady calvin will get out of this site and just go to her or his idol’s site and make comments there. All i read here from his comments are all BULLSHIT!!!!!!and nonsense……………..

      • ¬†my gosh old are you? THE GIRL IS ONLY 16.If you happen to have a daughter¬† they probably might be on the same criticize too much.are¬† you a man or a woman or a faggot.go pick on someone your age grandpa…..

      • helene100

        You fool, I am in the beauty business and an expert as I am very involved in the entertainment industry.

    • Yes, keep her singing at sporting events…where the real music fans are. She can become the world’s greatest professional national anthem singer. I’m sure Rosanne will give up the title for her.

  51. People are still talking about JS even though she is no longer the latest trend. Why nobody talks about PP about his surgery, he only has less a hundred comments.

    For Mr. LordCalvinKlein…..get a life. You are an attention seeker, bitter and jealous. If you do not like JS, then do not visit here. Go to PP’s page and praise him like he is your lord.

    • Lol…

      It’s too entertaining not to come here and see all the delusional Jess fans. It’s like watching Charley Manson, you know that you shouldn’t look, but it’s just so crazy.

  52. ¬†Okay Lord (or Lady?) CalvinRecline, reveal yourself, who you are NOW…give your curriculum vitae and have it published here.¬† Otherwise, you are just some foolish fool…otherwise ha, ha, ha, ha……
    Be more constructive with your life already, yes?

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