Is American Idol 2018 Already In Trouble? [Op-Ed]

American Idol 2018 Judges and Host

Rumors are already swirling that American Idol 2018 is in trouble amidst scandals involving Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry, and ratings that aren’t stacking up.

Some blogs and news outlets are already mentioning the c-word, as in cancellation. But it might be possible that there are ulterior motives. For starters, they could either be angry American Idol decided to move to ABC or they don’t want their shows losing to Idol in the ratings.

So in my opinion, American Idol is not already in trouble. You’re reading a lot of speculation and, sadly, wishful thinking on some people’s part.

ABC is actually pretty happy with the ratings. While the American Idol reboot isn’t some juggernaut like it was in it’s first few years at Fox, it’s actually doing wonders for ABC’s Sunday nights. The network has been notorious for low Sunday night ratings and Idol has brought them their highest Sunday ratings in five years.

And here’s something you won’t see reported very widely: This past Monday, March 26, American Idol actually beat The Voice in the coveted 18-34 demographic (and the 12-17 demographic), according to an ABC Press Release.

I do think the sexual harassment allegations Ryan Seacrest could be casting a shadow over the show during the #MeToo movement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Seacrest’s accuser has officially filed a police report. Seacrest continues to deny the allegations.

Perry has had her own scandals pop up since being added to the show’s judging panel. According to multiple reports, the pop star was battling in court with two elderly nuns over convent property that Perry purchased when one of them died in the courtroom. And then there was the whole contestant kiss thing, where many people accused Perry of sexual harassment.

I’m not sure Seacrest or Perry will cause the show to be canceled, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see on or both of them leave the show before a second season on ABC, possibly sooner.

Actually, I’m not a fan of Perry as a judge regardless of any scandal. I don’t like the her classless energy. I think someone with a little more class would be better suited sitting on the panel.

That being said, I think American Idol still has a lot of heart and soul, and this new season has a lot of really talented people who have a lot to give with their music. Idol still knows how to make the show about the singers and not the judges, as The Voice tends to do. I mean, I can name every American Idol winner in 10 seconds, but can only name two or three winners of The Voice period.

Of course I’m not here to start a Idol/Voice war, I’m just giving examples of why I think American Idol has potential to be special again. Nothing can ever be as special as it was in its heyday, but there’s a lot of possibility still. I think even a format change could freshen things up in the future, if everyone decides the show just isn’t taking off as it should.

So the bottom line is, no, American Idol isn’t the smash it once was, but is it in danger? No. ABC isn’t jumping for joy, but it’s pleased with the show so far.

What do you think of American Idol? Is it back to stay?