Is Brad Paisley The Next American Idol Judge?

Brad Paisley Idol

One rumor down, a thousand more to go. Now that American Idol 2013 has signed Mariah Carey as a new judge, there’s been endless speculation on who the other judge or judges might be. And if you’ve read any of my past posts, you know how much I hate writing about speculation. But this is sounding a little more likely than the others, so I thought I’d fill you in.

Country singer Brad Paisley is apparently in serious talks to be a judge in the 12th season of American Idol. According to The Country Vibe, Paisley is actually be in Los Angeles this week meeting with American Idol producers for the potential gig.

There were rumors last week that Brad Paisley  was in talks to possibly become a judge on the next season of American Idol, and sources have confirmed to The Country Vibe that Brad and his people will indeed be in Los Angeles this week meeting with top Idol executives about having him join the show.

Whether or not the next judge will be Paisley is anyone’s guess. But the rumors are strong that Idol execs are looking hard for a country judge. It works out pretty well for The Voice since they have Blake Shelton, so why not? American Idol  has never had a country judge. Is Paisley the right choice though? What do you think?




    • They could go a lot farther and do a lot worse than Brad .  He’s clever, witty, successful and country.  Since Nashville is one of the few places where real songwriters are writing for real singers, he’s about perfect.

      • but they could do a lot BETTER with Adam.   And since when has American Idol been about real songwriters?  That whole ‘wgwg real moosishuns’ thing is what is killing the show in the first place.   How many cowrites does country singer Carrie Underwood have on her albums? 1 on her first, 4 on her second. Kelly’s successful singles this era were written by others.

      • @twitter-48038323:disqus I disagree on several of your points.  Idol isn’t about real songwriters, it’s about music and the pop scene is mostly auto tune and rap isn’t music at all.  That’s why so many singers are looking to Nashville.  Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson etc. are crossing over to where the real music is happening.
          What is killing Idol is the unlimited voting policy.  Limiting that would put a stop to WGWG.
          As for Adam, he is my favorite Idol contestant ever, but Idol’s voters are conservatives in the  midwest and south.  Adam is too old to draw in teens and too progressive to draw in families.  City people on either coast don’t watch Idol.  So Adam would not be an asset to the show as a judge.  As a mentor or guest star, yes, but not as a judge. JMO

      • You’re talking about one specific genre of music.  Although sometimes it seems like it, not all of the contestants have dreams of going to the Grand Ole Opry.

    • adam would be a brilliant addition to an already dying show.  he’s talented, current, and knows the ropes of idol.  randy is played out and to me, having mariah carey is like having jennifer lopez back.  unless the voting system is drastically changed, the same type of contestant will probably win again.  auditions are crucial and hopefully the judges will look for someone different than the same plaid shirt guitar guy with minimal talent.  at least if adam is a judge the show will be more bearable.  GO ADAM!!!!

      • I will be totally disappointed if its Brad Paisley…..I’ve had enough country music on this show to last me a life time……Time to go with something more younger and   youthful.  Adam would be so good especially since he’s been there and done it……Between Brad, Mariah and Randy, this could be the finally season of AI…..especially if they don’t change the voting system!!!!!

      • @Pjg162…totally agree.  They are playing to their audience right now, which is middle aged ladies, middle of the country…love their cowboys and crazy Mimi!  I’m only coming back if Adam does.  He would add that flair the show needs, and he knows the process…but don’t think this will happen for reasons stated above.

      • @Vanessa…..unfortunately your right!!!!!  I will be totally disappointed but what else is new!!!!!!

  1. I think he’d be a dynamite choice.  He’s one of the top performers in music’s biggest market.   I’m not a huge country fan, but for whatever reason I seem to enjoy the Country award shows better than the others.   He’s one of the reasons.

    From the bit I know of him, he’s bright, funny, can think quick on his feet.  Also, he doesn’t really need American Idol. 

    Also, I’m not sure if Scott had met the guy before he came back (season 11) or not.  Scott was a LOT better upon his return than he was when he was a contestant.  So was Lauren.  So while Brad may not have been the one to help those 2, someone in the country industry is helping these kids improve.  I’d think Brad would be along that same ilk of people who actually help the contestants. 

    So yea, I’m all for him signing on.

  2. I agree AI needs some country flavor to the judge panel…but my guy would be Randy Travis…

    (Click like) if you would LOVE to have Randy Travis as an AI judge!!!

    • @Daniel Boyer, sorry Daniel. But American Idol will not put someone in the judges chair who has been arrested 2 times in the last month for driving DRUNK,  I could not believe it either. But in todays paper there was a picture of  Randy Travis with a black eye. And it was an arrest picture from the police station.  I am still a fan of Randy Travis. But I fear for him. He divorced his first wife Liv. She should have been ashamed to bring him in to her house with her HUSBAND living in the hose and putting Randy in her bed. I think he was 17, or 18 years old at the time!  Anyway he was drinking, smoking pot. And was just wild. So after the husband moved out and Liv divorced him she and Randy got married. I was sad because he was too young to marry her! He is now 51 years old and she is like 18 years older than her. He might not have had a career if not for her. However he might have eventually wanted children????  You know what they say about a recovering acholic.  If they take one drink they are right back in the acholics chair. SAD!! 

      • I also heard he was naked at the time of his arrest. Then, he threatened to shoot the cops. Not sure where he was hiding his gun. Ahem.

      • To Pally45. Yes he was naked at the time of his arrest. And he did threaten to shoot the cops. He had pretty much become a cristian singer. It’s a shame. I mean to go all these years not drinking. and then to start again. who knows though what was going on in his marriage. Or his head? But this is not good news for him.  SAD 

  3. Please Brad….don’t do it!  You are too successful to be attached to AI.  You don’t need this show. 

  4. Brad Paisley is ok, and a fine singer, but I would still love to see Adam Lambert there instead.

    • Adam Lambert would be my personal pick just because I like his talent and his personality – but if they want a Country judge – I would pull for Winona!  Her music base is further reaching than C/W – or what about Stevie Nicks?  Her schedule may not be as busy and she is certainly current.  I’m just sooooo dreading the pairing of Mariah & Randy Dawg – it may have me avoiding Idol altogether.

      • Winona has the personality of barbed wire.  She was unlikable on Nashville Star.

      • I love Stevie Nicks. I have actually met her! And she is just adorable. Such a nice person. I don’t think Stevie would take the job. She is about my age and she doesn’t need the notoriety, or the money. I really love ADAM though. And would really watch if he took the job. Or if Stevie took the job. That’s the only way I will watch it at all. By the way anyone check out Brit yet? She makes awful comments to the contestants. I am not going to watch the X/Factor either.

  5. I absolutely love Brad Paisley! He would be a wonderful addition and I think you could bring in some new viewers with him behind the judges’ table.

  6. I guess Brad is okay, but is Alan Jackson too old? He can write and sing and understands the music business. A “country” judge would be good.

  7. I am not a huge country music fan but some of it I really like.  Brad Paisley is one guy I definately like.  I  enjoy his music and by all accounts, he is one hell of a good man, helping any number of charity organizations. He has a great personality and would be a fantastic addition to the show.

  8.  Anybody but Adam Lambert. I walked away from my TV to do something else when he performed on A I.

  9. The Voice has Blake Shelton…why not Brad Paisley for Idol. He has a likable personna about him and I am pretty sure you will not hear “goosies and/or beautiful” from him. Plus in the Country world he has been named Entertainer of the year several times…may be a good thing.

    • I know nothing of Blake Shelton except that he is married to the woman who sings songs about woman destroying men’s homes, cars and lives bc they cheated.  Sound like a beautiful couple…of….chose whatever name you deem appropriate!

      •’re talking about Miranda Lambert and her choice of songs is kind of funny because she and Blake started out under less than pure ways. However, honestly..listen to most of the songs on the radio! They’re either about someone doing someone wrong or falling in love or whatever. At least, unlike rap artists, they don’t have to mention their name in their songs every other verse!

      • @Pally..hello again!  I was aware Miranda Lambert pursed a married man in her current husband.  When she finds things appropriate about other artists, she goes on twitter rampages against then.  She is definitely the pot calling the kettle black.  I gotta say I’d take Brad Paisley over those two any day!!!

    • Rose, Isn’t Blake Shelton just a doll. WOW! He is nice, cute, sexy and as you said very likable. Hundreds of women would like to take Blake home with them. Miranda better keep an eye on him. I did not know he had a wife when he met Miranda. I know  he was wild. Heee Haw. Having some fun Blake!!  I think he has setteled down a bit now though. I know Adam Levein  used to take his model girl friend out to Blakes ranch.  They are actually good buds.( PS the model dumped him.)   Blake seems crazy about Miranda so maybe he will be good now. I hope so. I hate it when they are married and fool around!!! If it was good enough to marry him then it should be be good enough period!!! I hope I didn’t embarrass you Rose. But as I said I didn’t even know Blake had been married before Miranda. someone else posted it. Good night sweet lady! Sherry K 

    • To Vanessa. Are you sure Blake Shelton was married before?  I know he was way wild before he married Miranda Lambert. But I didn’t know he was married?  I guess I will have to google that one.

  10. Yes!! A country star as a judge.  I think that this year may be the first year that American Idol will begin to come back from the slump they were on.  MC and BP, and RJ, what a panel this will be.  Each year there is always a few country singers that try to make it on American Idol, but no one really can give advice because, no offense JLO or Steven Taylor, but what do they know about country singing.  American Idol is in trouble with the rating, I personally been watching since season 1 and last year was somewhat boring.  I think American Idol is on the right track here with this judges panel.  Way to go!!!!!1

    • To Leah and Pally45. Which is it?  Was Blake separated? Or was he still married? I do not like it when married folks mess around. Period. If married they can wait to fool around after a divorce. Or like Brad Pitt they can LIE like the dog he is!!  I hope Blake was not still married. But I  Have a feeling he was still married. If that’s true Miranda better keep a close eye on him. I have seen it many, many times when a gal marrys a guy like that and then later the guy fools around with another hot mama.

      • Shelton added in a separate recent interview: ‘I’ve never had that kind of experience with anybody… I was a married guy, you know? Standing up there and singing with somebody and going, “Man, this shouldn’t be happening.” Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”
        ‘It was just like this draw to each other. It was just sort of this inevitable chemistry.’
        Shelton added in a separate recent interview: ‘I’ve never had that kind of experience with anybody… I was a married guy, you know? Standing up there and singing with somebody and going, “Man, this shouldn’t be happening.” Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”’It was just like this draw to each other. It was just sort of this inevitable chemistry.’Sorry!  ALL OF YOU THAT SAID BLAKE WS MARRIED IS RIGHT. THERE GOES MY OPINION OF MIRANDA TOO. Only a slut goe with a married man.

      • Here is what Miranda said…
        “I knew he was married,” said the 27-year-old singer during the interview. “I had seen their wedding picture in Country Weekly. I knew better, like, this is off limits. My parents are private investigators for God’s sake. I’ve seen this my whole life – affairs. Of all people to know better, I know better than this.”

      • Pally:  That’s ONE of the reasons I can’t stand this hypocrite.  She sings those horrible songs about destroying anyone who cheats…plus she hits up twitter when she deems things inappropriate, one example blasting Chris Brown, who was great, for having too much air time at an award show.  Admitting your sins doesn’t always forgive them.  Can’t hide all secrets.  Look at Kristen Stewart.  Shame!

      • Vanessa, I’m with you on Miranda Lambert. She IS a hypocrite.  However…how can you defend Chris Brown then?

      • Pally:  I’m not defending CB.  He went to court, did his community service and has made peace with Rihanna.  That’s their issue to deal with.  M. Lambert tho didn’t think he was deserving to perform three times at an award show (which one I can’t remember) and took her big mouth to twitter.  She annoys me.  CB does too but at least I find him talented.  He and RiRi played with fire and she got burned…and still wants to hang with him. 

      • I agree..he does have talent. As for RiRi…ugh. She is tone deaf. I’m not sure why she is so popular.  It must be the whole selling her soul to the Illuminati thing. lol

      • @Pally:  I don’t like CB songs, but it’s fun to watch him dance.  MJ2.  IMO she is a bad example for woman who are abused…but they live in another world.  The only song of hers I like is Umbrella bc my girls like to sing with me Umbrella ella ella, and keep singing and giggling.  Other than that, it’s not really my taste in music.  Have a good weekend cyper girlfriend!

      • I liked Rihanna when she first came out. She seemed sweet and cute. Of course she went the way a lot of them do and turned sleazy. You have a great weekend yourself.

  11. Sounds like they’re imitating the Voice, diva, country guy…WTH.  Since so many of the contestants in the past were country singers or wannabes, it makes sense to have Paisley.  With that being said, it takes me away from the show with Mariah Carey and the country guy..hope he takes off his ten gallon hat!  AI barely resembles what it once was.  Good luck to them.

  12. If you read the posts here, it seems like the men are all justing loving Paisley.  Maybe this is another reason AI is considering him, bring in the boys, wasn’t that what Mariah was for?  As an aside, just read sportscasters are not happy having Seacrest invade their territory at the Olympics, gotta agree…whose going to watch over the Kardashians if he isn’t in LA!

    • Who is Brad Paisley?   I love American Idol, but I don’t like country music.  Therefore it is hard for me to picture a “country” idol other than Kerri Underwood—who had other assets.  Like Adam Lambert, but can’t imagine him as a judge.  He’s so full of himself.  As for Phillip, I fell in love with him the first time he sang.   

      • @Tomato..luv your name.  I’m not a fan of country either, except old time like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash.  I took a look up there at Brad and couldn’t get past the cowboy hat, really Brad? Where’s Trigger?  If this is the direction they’re going in, they will get some new fans and lose others.

      • Okay, I don’t follow rap music but I do know who TPain or  Lil Wayne are. You seriously don’t know who Brad Paisley is?

      • @Tomato:  I know nothing of this guy other than he does a lot of country music shows.  He will attract a lot of viewers, Scotty, Carrie, Lauren, Kelly Pickler, Bucky, but how fair will he be to non-country singers since that seems to be all that he knows.  He’s sweet, he’s wonderful but please don’t be an AI judge.   Simon must be laughing his butt off, all the predictions about what would happen after he left are true.  Musical chairs no, musical judges is the new name of the show.   People who live in the year 2012, don’t count on Adam, AI is still about 1999.   Yay Mariah was popular then.

      • Vanessa, that’s not fair saying all Brad Paisley knows is country music. What else did Steve know? Or Jlo? Or Paula? I think it will be good to have a more diverse group of judges. Blake Shelton is doing fine on the Voice and he doesn’t just pick country singers. As for Simon, his show sucks and the ratings are awful.

      • @Pally…sorry, just call it as I see it.  Judges are important, I looked forward to hearing Simon and he was usually right.  I’m such a NY person, couldn’t listen to a Paisley or Shelton every week.  Yet with the current AI audience, I’m sure they will be fine.  When January arrives, I will be so busy in domestic activity, I probably won’t have time to watch anyway!  I hope you enjoy whomever they choose 🙂

    • I think Brad Paisley reaches a huge audience. Guys and gals seem to like him in equal numbers. My daughter absolutely loves him. Maybe they could get some of the 18-25 year olds back that stopped watching.

  13. I don’t know him well since I’m not a huge “country” fan, but he might be OK as long as he doesn’t play favorites.

  14. Snore.   Come on American Idol.  Don’t try to be a copycat of the Voice, it looks sad and pathetic.  Be new and fresh.  Pick Adam Lambert–he had impeccable song choice and knew how to “make it his own.”   He’s really the only one that has been in their shoes and knows exactly what they are experiencing and what is helpful and not.  Plus he’s articulate, gorgeous, witty, confident but humble, and is simply an interesting person.  If Brad Paisly sits in that chair I’m gone.  Adam is the only one that would keep me watching.

    • I agree with you so much.   Idol brought back the singing competition and ten yrs later people are still on their tails.  To copycat as you say IS pathethic,  diva for diva, cowboy for cowboy.  Stop the madness!  Truth be told the show will still have an audience but won’t last much longer.  I’m glad I’m not alone in my thoughts and won’t settle for change AI thinks it needs for more bucks.  Screw em

      • Reply to Pr63!!  Sorry couldn’t get in any closer. You are so right about ADAM. I just love him. That is so nice your niece got to meet ADAM. And that is something he would do. Play with the kids! ADAM is a real sweet heart. I am so glad for him. That he is making money and doing great. Just goe’s to show you number 1 on American Idol doesn’t tell the whole story! Look at Chris Daughtry!  He should have won too. The voting system is messed up. And I am not sure how they could fix it??? Have a great week end to all.  Sherry K

    • JBTinn; I totally agree with you!  I am not watching unless ADAM LAMBERT is one of the judges!! However would ADAM even consider being a judge???  He does not need the money!  He has made lots of money already! And he knows the homophobes kept him from winning that season. Of course ADAM is so nice and polite!! His parents brought him up right. If you ever see him coming out of a concert, or a show any where he signs things for fans. And talks real nice to them. And as far as the way he dress’s it would just be kind of like the adorable Stephen Tyler!!

      • adam, as all the glamberts know, is a mensch.  my niece met him last year at jingleball in miami and he not only graciously took a picture with her, but played with all the kids who were backstage and signed autographs for whoever wanted them.  my niece said he’s just the nicest guy, warm, polite, and REAL.  it’s so sad that so many people just don’t get it.  he would be a fantastic addition to the show that brought him to the attention of the country and the world.

  15. I  agree with Julia! We want ADAM LAMBERT.  Oh well Brad Paisley is a nice guy! He’s sweet and funny.  What I really think   is American idol needs to go out with all good memories!  I mean there is so much competition now. A lot of us have fond memories of American Idol. But it has been on 11 years now. And is a bit stale. Maybe it’s time to retire it?  I will really miss Steven Tyler! He so funny. and I couldn’t wait until next week to see what he wore!         Hi Branden!  Have a nice season with American Idol. Sherry         

  16. Nothing against Brad Paisley. He’s a nice guy and cute. But TOO country! What he knows about rock, soul, R&B and pop would probably fit in a thimble. Besides, after BOTH the number 1 & 2 spots last year were country even WITHOUT a country judge….it seems like AI would be TRYING to pander to the country audience unnecessarily (as well as blatantly attempting to copy the “Voice” format)
     Enough with the bland and boring judges who merely mouth inane platitudes  (“Beautiful” “but you look good” “who cares about pitch, good job” etc.)
     Adam Lambert is young, fresh, exciting, articulate and extremely knowledgeable about all genres except country! He’s a fantastic performer who would bring the constructive criticisms of say, a  Simon Cowell but delivered with the humor and sweet sincerity of Paula Abdul.  He would be a very welcome addition and a valuable judge/mentor on Idol, indeed.

    • well said.  they’ve got to do something to revitalize the show.  adam is the real deal.  we need him!!

    • Not even close.  The reason Adam didn’t win, is the reason why the ratings would plummet if he became a judge.  Southern and mid-western viewers would bail on Idol in record numbers.   Those same viewers would flock to Idol for Brad Paisley.

      • Sadly, I would agree. Middle America is not ready for an Adam Lambert as a judge…he definitely would be good as someone who would offer constructive critisism…but to boost Idol Ratings..I don’t think so. I wouild not mind having Pink as a judge…I think she would be awesome.

      • During Adam’s season, everyone who is anyone ears perked up.  He had a cover for EW b4 the season even ended saying how refreshingly different he was than the average ladeda contestant.  Then after the win, it was he, not the winner on the cover of Rolling Stone.  He may not have been crowned, but he definitely was the winner that season.  Maybe the sleepy South and tired Midwest needs to be awakened by the voice of ADAM!  He got the show tons of attention then and would do it again now.

      • You don’t speak for the sleepy south or the tired midwest, nor do I.  But TPTB at Idol are smart enough to know that is where their bread is buttered and Adam would not improve that.

      • @Templar..wasn’t trying to insult regions of the country…just shake everyone up a little bit…do agree with ur comment on AI…in business money is always the answer to the question.

  17. Hi guys….busy, lots of Olympic parties !!
    Well…if you look back in comments, right after Phillip’s win..I predicted “Home” would be a gold record. Guess what?

    Last week, Season 11 “American Idol” champion Phillip Phillips was presented with his first gold record plaque, for his coronation single “Home”–and now the song is going gold in a whole other way, now that it has become a coronation song of sorts for another popular televised competition, the London Olympics. Since NBC started using the triumphant, Mumford-&-Sons-reminiscent, marching-band-assisted homecoming ballad during its U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team coverage, in multiple prominent prime-time promos this week, the tune has vaulted more than 70 spots on the iTunes singles chart, all the way back to number 6.

  18. I don’t listen to current country very much…he’s cute in a cowboy way…but got a feeling, he would have a hard time giving negative critiques…too nice.

  19. Good grief, still so much Adam Lambert hate being posted. Adam is perfect for Idol and he’s still in the running.

  20. Well, Paisley’s not my fave or who I was pulling for, so if it’s not going to be Adam Lambert it doesn’t even matter.  Never been a country fan in spite of growing up in Texas, but Paisley wouldn’t be there to perform.  I’m sure he’ll do as well as a lot of people they could choose, and they could probably do a lot worse.  

  21. What a dreadful idea! A country music judge would push me away from Idol. They need current pop judges, and they need to get far away from the disastrous WGWG who have won the last few years and subsequently tanked. My choice would be Adam Lambert.

  22. Brad Paisley would make a much more suitable choice than Adam Lambert. Adam was not even a winner of the competition and has too little experience. Idol contestants would not respect the opinion of a person whose greatest accomplishment was simply to come back and sit at the AI judge’s table. That wouldn’t exactly lend to the idea that the show is a stepping stone to success in the music industry would it? I think you would turn off great singers who wish to use the exposure to gain recording contracts and make it in music. I don’t think that contestants come onto the show with the aspiration to simply be an Idol judge some day. And after only a few years to end up back on AI as just another judge is just absolutely humiliating in my opinion. LOL

    If they are going to bring back an Idol alum to fill the position, they should make it Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Anyone that has had some success and knows how to give advice to further the contestant’s careers would be a good choice. 

  23. If Adam is not a judge, I will no longer watch Idol.  Singing country music doesn’t take years and years of voice training, and I thought Idol wanted a true American Idol with a great voice and an exceptional talent.  So with Brad this will just be another country music program.  Bye, bye.

    • Perhaps, you could look at it this way.  Idol is about making money.  Ratings and eventually music sales are the point.  Country music fans still buy entire CDs, not just one song.  Country artists make loads of money on tour without having to leave the USA.  Idol’s main demographic is the midwest and the south.  Only one Idol winner came from the northern half of the U.S..  So, the most successful Idol alumni are from the southern states.  Do the math, it’s just good business.  Changing the voting policy would go a long way toward ending the WGWG trend and give a girl a chance.  It’s not really about the judges.

      • Disagree, I wouldn’t tune in wk after wk if the judges were people I didn’t want to spend two hours with.  They can hire all the cowboys in the country and it won’t change the voting.  Girls like to vote for boys.  Question is which one, Phillip wasn’t the “cute” boy, he was the best singer.  Did Carrie win because she was a country singer??  Probably, but I voted for Beau.  For me it’s about good music, and country music, IMO has nothing to do with good music.  (I make exception in some Johnny Cash, Kris K, Willie, most of the good are going or gone).   IMO only!!!!

      • @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus Think about this, if Carrie auditioned now, she wouldn’t win.  She was on Idol before everyone had cell phones   If that had been the case in the early seasons the winners would be guys like Justin Guarini, Bo Bice, Michael johns and Jason Castro.  The voting needs to change.   As for country having nothing to do with good music, that is your personal opinion and not the majority’s.

      • @Templar..I had a cell in 05 but that’s beside the point.  Underwood was a contestant when Simon was on the show and still cared about it.  He made her a star. I’m quite sure no teens were power voting for Beau, but easily could have in that yr.  No matter how the voting is changed, the show will never be the same.  We’re in a different world now, we know who won each event in London b4 we watch bc of twitter and fcbk.  I don’t think AI is a world wide dilema, it’s a tv show that people either like or don’t.   I am admittedly a music snob having grown up in a city where my family took me to Broadway plays and operas later on.  So you are correct, it is all personal taste…just like all the folks who hate Adam Lambert who I admire.

      • @templar, I think the majority of people had cell phones in 2005. I wouldn’t have considered Bo Bice the cute guy anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I liked him but I hardly think teen girls would have.

      • Adults had cell phone 7 years ago, most young people didn’t.  Google the statistics.  Also, people didn’t vote by landline, cell and computer then.

      • Vanessa
        Can you imagine if a new young Johnny Cash showed up on AI today? How would he do? Yeah…I know people think Scotty is classic country…but not the same.

        I sure miss Cash…most the country music I liked has passed on..but Willy is still kicking and smoking.

      • @Lord Calvin and Vanessa…I love Johnny Cash but he probably wouldn’t make it past the auditons nowadays!

      • @Pally…ha…Johnny was an outlaw tough, cool guy.  The thought of him auditioning for a singing competition is hysterical.  He was more into entertaining inmates.  Come on, I killed a man just to watch him die!!!…Scotty McCreary would be too fearful of God to even utter those words in a song!!!

      • When I hear that whistle blowin’, I hang my head and cry. I love Johnny Cash and Walk the Line is one of my all time favorite movies. I’m just saying….the producers aren’t looking for the next Johnny Cash.

      • @Pally, so true.  The era of the outlaws like Johnny and Waylon Jennings is gone.  But, moving on I just watched Phillip’s video for Home and it is so sweet.   He was very fortunate to have his song used at the Olympics.  He went from unknown kid to very rich kid!  Simon loved to pick people out of obscurity and make them famous, and that’s what happened with P2.  Very cool.

  24. I think Brad Paisley would be a good addition it AI.  In a kind and comedic way he will be able to balance Mariah’s Diva. 

    • Brad Paisley would not even want to comment to the Diva Mariah. He is a nice guy and he would probably make his comment and ignore her. He wouldn’t know what else to do.

  25. I hope he is the next judge! He’s a great country artist and
    he has a lot to bring to American Idol. I think the duo of Mariah and Brad will
    bring the show back to what it once was. I watch AI all the time and now I do
    so using my Auto Hop feature to skip commercials. I know most of us already
    fast forward commercials, but now the Auto Hop does it for you. This feature
    works the day after my primetime shows air and offers me the option to skip
    them commercials. I’m glad my coworker from Dish told me about this great new
    feature I love. I’m going to be able to save some money on batteries since I no
    longer need to use the fast forward button every ten minutes.

  26. Steven Tyler confesses to Rolling Stone that “Idol” was “not [his] cup of tea.”

    Steven admitted that the show was basically just a way for him to pass the time while his publicly feuding band got its act together. Steven also admitted that, he didn’t enjoy having to harshly critique the young contestants on the show–which handily explains why, he rarely did any critiquing at all. “The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talent. They
    wanted me to take the piss out of the kids, and I don’t have that in
    me,” he said. “That’s not what I’m about. That’s more about that other
    guy. Not me.”

    This is why the judges really should be music industry people.
    Like say an unknown British-American who happens to be an initial level talent scout.

  27. Recently, Season 11 Contestants were asked about AI judges shake-up. When polled…all of them recommended:  Stevie Nicks. They talked about how she was by far the best mentor who really understood what was going on.

    And what about the possibility of straight-shooting “Idol” mentor
    Jimmy Iovine moving to a full-time judging role–how do the Idols feel
    about that? Skylar didn’t seem too keen on that concept (“I think he
    would make somebody cry!”), and Colton wasn’t sure either, although he
    saw value in what Jimmy has brought to the show as an advisor. “To me, I
    think Jimmy already served as a judge in his own way,” explained
    Colton. “He took over the business side of things–like, while this is
    pleasant to the ear, it might not sell. And that’s a good thing to hear
    as well, because we’re not experienced in that…I hope he’s still a
    part of the show, because the kids need that.”

    However, Phillip was open to the idea, saying, “Jimmy would be an
    interesting judge. The show would need him. He was honest with people,
    and that’s good.”

    And what about other possible judges? Elise (presumably jokingly)
    suggested Chuck Norris, Skylar said either Reba McEntire or Shania
    Twain, and Heejun said, “Hey, maybe Lord Calvin ReKlein”

    • @LC:  Interesting.  It seems some of these kids don’t realize what a gift they were given.  If they had to audition, their little heads would spin.  My father-in-law has been a music producers for  a couple decades and my my the stories he can tell.  If Skylar is afraid someone might boo hoo, she’s definitely walking down the wrong path.  But…our P2 is in the right zone.  We picked a winner Calv!

      • For each talent that I have successfully sold their contract, there are 50 contracts I still hold.
        So over the last 25 years, my experience is that good performers who I have identified (I’m very picky and look for the rough gem that just needs a bit of polish), will have about a 1 in 50 chance of being signed to a major. I think that is around the norm, but I do it as a hobby, so I’m not sure about full time scouts. I specialize in crossovers from the Christian rock/alt/hardcore genres which obviously aren’t mainstream. I basically try to find new talent in those genres and try to move them to secular genres before the professional or corp scouts find them. Lol, why I move about the bible belt areas of the country.
        Colton would have been someone I would have signed immediately upon hearing.

      • That would be three R&B and pop African Americans. You know THAT isn’t going to happen!

      • What do you think about Diddy?  He is supposedly in the mix now too.  Mariah’s mother is white and her dad wasn’t around during her era of success.  I think Diddy would be cool, he always was as a mentor IMO.

  28. I have a question? What ever happenned to Adam Lambert being a judge are was that rumor…etc.?

    • He is still in the running supposedly. My last gossip chat with my AI friend is they are really trying to get some more big time celebs…and Adam is like a fallback choice.

      • LC:  In some circles, Adam is a bigger name than Brad Paisley..who is obviously  more popular with country people.  Truth be told tho, I bet they’re too afraid to hire Adam 🙁

  29. I think  Adam Lambert should be the new judge.  He is exciting and interesting and creative and would bring a fresh perspective to the show.  He would critique with intelligence and honesty and empathize with the contestants because he’s been in their shoes.

    • I love Adam just as much as the next guy but did anyone stop to think that maybe he just doesn’t want to do it?

      • In early July he said he was more than willing to have a “conversation” with AI producers regarding the gig.  I read that Kimberly Locke says she wants it…a lot of former idols are jumping on the get a job…Adam is the exception as he is not desperate for money or fame as he has both already.

      • Pally45, Hi! I am a big fan of ADAM. I have been since I first laid eyes on him. And heard his beautiful voice. I don’t think he needs to come and I know he doesn’t need the money. So I have doubts whether ADAM would even want the job. He doesn’t need the notoriety either. Keep rocking  ADAM. Love you dude!  ( ADAM )

  30.  Forgive me if I speak out of turn; however, Brad paisley is multi-platinum selling, award winning artist, who has been in the music business for over ten years. Adam Lambert has only been in the business for 3 or 4. He in my opinion doesn’t have enough experience.
    Also, you look at the most successful of the past winners, Carrie Underwood, Scotty, and even to some extent Kelly Clarkson, they have all done so much better than the pop singers. Country is big right now, and AI is being threatend, in the numbers, by th Voice. What does the Voice have that’s different then AI? A country artist and a voting limit. both of these things could do wonders for American Idol.

    • Leah, It sounds to me that you like country!  I love many country musicians. And have been to many of their concerts. A LOT of fun!  Brad Paisley is extremelt talented! He has won tons of trophys. He is sweet. And a very fine gentleman! I went to see George Strait in concert .And when it was over he walked right up to the front and shook hands with me and some other people. You are right about the voting system too!!!  They need to fix it somehow!!!   Have a great day! Sherry K

      •  first of all I LOVE GEORGE STRAIT!…next I don’t have anything against Adam other then I don’t think he has the experience to be helpful…not that Nick Jonas is any better (it is a stupid choice!).  Also I think playing to their numbers wouldn’t be a bad idea…their not the only reality singing show anymore and a lot of people have been disappointed in the judging and the winners.  If AI isn’t careful they will end up canceled, and there’s no coming back after that.

      • I like country too, however the old country greats..Hank Jr., Merle H., Johnny C. just can’t be beat. But I really would like to see something other than country represented…that is why I liked Adam so much and James Durbin. Don’t know much about Nick Jonas…very young. The reason I wasn’t on here much last year Sherry was due to all the mean spirited bickering that went on. So childish…I have watched AI since the very beginning and am a die hard fan and will watch again this year. The one thing that I would like to see changed is the voting system…but doubt that will happen..too much money involved with AT&T. Take care. Hello Phyllis G. and congrats again on the grand baby…so very precious~!! 🙂

      • Reply to Rose. Sorry Rose I couldn’t get it under your post and I wanted to reply. I know what you mean Rose. I loved Johhny Cash. I like George Jones, I am crazy about George Strait. But I do like some of them that cross over too. Like lady A. they are very good. I like Rascal Flatts too. And Rose, You know that Phyllis and I LOVE ADAM. Always will. You know Rose I thought I had said something to make you mad last year. I ( was hurt that I thought I did something. But no as you said Rose there was a lot of mean spirited bickering going on)
        .I didn’t get on there near as much either. And I know Rose that you are so sweet you would not be able to read that junk!!  I am glad you told me though Rose. I feel much better now. Because I have really came to love both you and Phyllis G!  I have watched AI since the first too.Like you the voting system sucks. I am not sure how they could fix it? But Nigel knows how to fix things like that. I think this will be the last year Rose. There are so many singing shows on that I am getting a bit tired of them anyway. I like the VOICE. The judges on there are quite funny!  Take care Rose. I will miss you. But if I happen to look at this Chat board I will look for you. I have a great grand baby. She is a doll. Abby was born Jan 6th this year. she is getting ready to walk now. BYE sweet Rose! 

    • Leah,   ADAM THE GLAMB does’ t know anymore than the twitt Britney Spears doe’s about country. But he sure is a 100% smarter than she is!!! Plus he is a doll to look at!! Love you ADAM!  And I love both country and rock.All genres of music that is good!!
      Sherry K.

      •  I’m sorry but following in the footsteps of the x- factor which did LOUSY in the rating, rather then the voice which does very well in the ratings….smart!

      • Hello sweet Sherry K. If I had the choice of Adam over Brad and Nick J. I would most definitely choose Adam…way much smarter than Britney~!!  And Nick J….what is up with that. He just started bout bringing in the young tweenies…I though they were trying to get away from that. I would have liked to see Pink…for some reason I think she would have been good..but she wasn’t in the running. Ah well..have a feeling this will be the last of AI..especially if the voting doesn’t change. have a good one. 🙂

      • Hi sweet Rose A!  I lost track of you last season. You know I love you! You are a class act Rose. I have missed you! I am not sure who Nick J is. Is is Nick Jonas?  He is very young isn’t he? Of course Britney Spears is 30, or 31. She acts like she is 14. A teenager. LOL. Really I feel sorry for her Rose! She actually is bipolar.  Have you seen the commercials for the X/Factor where Simon tells a boy he sounds like a dog trying to lay an egg?  Also Britney says some very rude comments to the contestants. I don’t know about you Rose. But I am not watching something dumb like that!!!  I got enough of that when American Idol first started and Simon would tell the heavy set girls they looked like cows!!!!  Ugg!  Do you remember that Rose? I have not watched Pink much , or heard her records. I think Cristina Agulara (Spelling I can’t spell her name unless it is right in front of me) I think she is a good judge on the voice. And she does’t take any stuff from her co-hosts either. The three men.  I have a feeling this might be the last year for AI too. And I also think it could be the last year for the X/Factor. Simon needs to act his age. It made  my head dizzy last year!  What makes these people think that the judges they pick have to be real young? Insecurities??? And yes Rose the voting sucks. Please jump in anytime you see me Rose and let me know what you are thinking. You and Phyllis are two of the most level heads on this chat board.  See you later Rose.

  31. NO Brad is not.

    Remember back about 3 weeks ago, I said Nick Jonas was in the running
    for AI judge…my AI source has confirmed the final deal is done and
    they expect him to be sign next week or so. 

    So much for them getting big time celebs…

    • All of a sudden Brad looks good.  Jonas is 19 yrs old and AI says he will bring back the young audience.  WTH, isn’t that whose vote is said to be ruining the show.  Yipes 🙁

  32. Hi Pally, I don’t like Miranda Lambert. And quite frankly I do not see what Blake Shelton sees in her. But it takes two to tango! So he is just as responsible as she is. However, I do have a distaste for women that run after married men. Call me old fashioned. I don’t care who thinks that!  Look at Angelina Jolie. I mean yes she is beautiful. But Jen was so pretty too. Personally once they fool around with other people I do not care to see them much again! A yes  I agree Miranda is a hypocrite. I notice however on the VOICE she shows up quite frequently. She better keep an eye on her man. He might decide he wants to play around again!! Have a great day!  Sherry K

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