Jason Mraz Wants to Write With American Idol Finalist Alex Preston

There is no doubt American Idol finalist Alex Preston considered singer-songwriter Jason Mraz as one of his musical icons. Jason knew of Alex even before he was on American Idol and they bonded when the Grammy-Award winner appeared on the show as a guest mentor.

Jason said in a post-American Idol finale interview that it was a great experience mentoring the finalists on on the show.

“I would not want to be a judge,” but I was happy just visiting and lending some feedback” Jason said. “Personally, I felt like I wasn’t been filmed that day because the cameras were far enough away I could really spend some time hanging out and having a good time.”

American Idol Jason Mraz and Alex Preston

As far as working with American Idol finalist Alex Preston in the future, Jason Mraz is totally up for that. “We’ve been talking back and forth about having him come down, do some writing and jam,” Jason said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I think it will work out.”

Jason hopes Alex Preston will make it far, but said it is really all about getting to work, and working hard. “This show is obviously a great place to network and build some fans,” Jason said. “It is going to be up to him to stay connected to those fans and create a body of work that comes from his truth and whatever that looks like is up to him.”