Jennifer Lopez Says Anyone Could Win American Idol 13 [Interview]

The American Idol judges are often not shy in picking favorites at this point in the season. In previous years, they have sometimes been quite open in the press about which finalists they think are most likely to make it to the finale.

Jennifer Lopez in "I Luv Ya Papi" - 09

The American Idol 2014 judges, however, have been reluctant to place their bets very heavily on any of the contestants being potential winners.

This season, American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. seem to be mostly in agreement that pretty much anyone could take home the win at this point.

As J-Lo said in an interview with FOX Audio Central after last week’s results show, there just really doesn’t appear to be a “front-runner this year.”

“I think anybody can win, and I think it’s very performance based, and that’s what we’re seeing in the bottom three,” Jennifer Lopez said. “The bottom three is different every single time, whereas in past seasons you knew.”

“Certain people were never in the bottom three,” J-Lo continued, explaining why it’s hard to call out any front-runners this year.

“Certain people just skated all the way through to the win or at least make the top four or five, and that’s not what this year’s like. It’s like a different person’s in the bottom three every single time.”

*Interview courtesy of Fox Audio Central




  1. Are you kidding me..there is a front runner, in sign of weakness and brings it every time…get with it …he may a little on the geekish side…but that guy can flat play a guitar..and sing the songs he brings every week…

    • i totally agree, just wish they would stop trying to make him look cool and let him be who he is.

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