MK Nobilette Proud She ‘Saved Lives’ on American Idol [Interview]

Another week on American Idol 2014 and soon another finalist will be headed home. Meanwhile, the most recent eliminated contestant, MK Nobilette, is proud of how far she made it on the show and the impact she had with viewers.


In an interview with Fox Audio Central after her elimination, MK Nobilette said the experience of being on American Idol season 13 has given her so much, it’s hard to be “upset” about being eliminated last week.

Did you achieve your goal?

This is my goal. Top ten was my goal. I’m proud of myself. That’s like, I’m happy. Like I don’t know, I think I should be upset, but I’m not at all. I mean this is already a huge deal, and like what’s the point in being upset about something amazing, you know?

On gaining a fan base

I think one of the points of AMERICAN IDOL for me is that you do this show to make fans and to represent you and your music, and I think some people it’s to win AMERICAN IDOL and be the next American Idol. For me, I’m a musician and I want to make music, and that’s what this whole thing was all about. Now I have a fan base and I hope they stick with me because I’m going to stick with them and I’m going to continue to make music for them and I hope that’s, you know, I hope I get good feedback from that.

Do you feel proud that you made an impact on people?

I’m so proud of myself for making it this far and like touching people and saving lives. People have told me I’ve saved lives. Like that is huge and I’m so proud about that.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Best piece of advice that I’ve ever gotten is that I look like I don’t want to be here. Because it made me want it even more and made me try harder. And that’s always going to be in the back, I’m always going to keep telling myself – like not that I look like that, but to say, like, ‘make sure you want to be here,’ you know and like prove to yourself that you want to be here. That’s the best piece of advice that I got through AMERICAN IDOL.

How did it feel to hear the audience yelling out to save you at the end of the show?

I mean it’s, you know, I mean that’s a good feeling. I mean they say that every week, so it’s like, of course. But I don’t know, it’s good. It’s a good feeling to have people, you know, who love you and who want to hear more of you, and like, and they will. So just because the judges didn’t save me doesn’t mean, you know, they’re never going to hear me again.

*Interview courtesy of Fox Audio Central




  1. MK, you will be missed. I wish your goal was win rather than top 10 though because I missed you tonight on the show and wondered what you would have sung. I think you would’ve been a versatile artist moving forward with a huge capacity to connect with others that is not generic or manufactured. Sky is the limit. Miss you!

  2. your so amazing and i completely agree with the last comment ! tweet MORE on twitter & pix, were watching for more of you daily and miss you even more !

  3. We Want More M.K. Nobilette she is PURE Talent .. World Lets Make it happen ! peace N Love Bitchez!

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